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Example sentences for "floppy"

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floors; floorwalker; flop; flopped; flopping; flops; flor; floral; floras; flore
  1. A floppy picturesque Paris student, lounging springlike in the Place Vendôme, is worth a fair lady's glance of curiosity.

  2. I noticed that he wore a floppy purple tie adorned with yellow spots, outside the lapels of his coat.

  3. Bob glanced up quickly at the tone of his voice, which somehow grated unusually on the young man's ear, but the mountaineer's face was placid under the brim of his floppy old hat.

  4. They wore blue jeans overalls, short jeans jumpers, hats floppy and all but disintegrated by age and exposure to the elements.

  5. He pulled his bleached moustache a moment; then removed his floppy old hat, and entered.

  6. The removal of the floppy and shady old sombrero exposed to the mingled rays of the fire and the moon the man's full features.

  7. Sheila, in a fluffy white dress with a floppy black satin hat framing her poignant little face, was omnipresent at the interview which succeeded the actual two hours of absorption when he put in the last telling strokes.

  8. Put on that floppy white hat with the yellow ribbon, and take your white coat.

  9. These floppy disks, which remain in police custody today, offer a gigantic, almost embarrassingly rich source of possible criminal indictments.

  10. They took all his floppy disks, though, interestingly, they left Knight Lightning in possession of both his computer and his modem.

  11. So you might have one filesystem on your hard disk, and another one on each floppy disk.

  12. This section describes how to mount a floppy or Zip disk, discusses the /dev directory, and addresses distributing the directory tree over multiple physical devices or partitions.

  13. There are also groups like dialout (users who are allowed to dial out on the modem) and floppy (users who can use the floppy drive).

  14. It's likely that only root can use the floppy or the modem right now.

  15. Instead, each physical device such as a hard disk or floppy disk has one or more filesystems on it.

  16. I want you to get some floppy hats with roses on 'em, and dresses with ruffles and sashes.

  17. Say, you go out to-morrow morning and buy yourself one of them floppy hats and a lace waist over flesh-colored chiffon and get married in it.

  18. I remember two awful bronze deer that always looked as if they were trying not to get their feet wet, and a floppy bronze dog we called Fido.

  19. Mrs. De Guenther doubtfully, as the tall lady in floppy charmeuse hovered haughtily about them, expecting orders.

  20. It was a dog with big floppy ears inside of a cage, and it was the best present he had ever gotten!

  21. So the gnarble swam around inside, trying very hard to think, And while he did, his floppy tail was tickling the plink.

  22. A doorway, hung with a frail, floppy art-curtain, connected her bedroom and her dressing-room.

  23. Ah, if only he hadn't worn that dreadful floppy hat of his, Mr. Sabre.

  24. In its place, making a small floppy double knot, was a length of black shoe-string!

  25. A very few overlooked our faded flannel shirts, our soiled trousers, our floppy old hats with their rattlesnake bands, the wear and tear of our equipment, to respond to us heartily.

  26. Eyes keen as sunlight twinkled far down beneath the shadows of the brows and a floppy old sombrero hat.

  27. After supper he talked to us most interestingly in the dry cowboy manner, looking at us keenly from under the floppy brim of his hat.

  28. I snatched off my floppy hat and tried hurriedly in the dark to ram it on my other self.

  29. I had remained in my sleeping-suit, with straw slippers and a soft floppy hat.

  30. Curly and Floppy clapped their feet in delight.

  31. Illustration] Curly and Floppy gave Uncle Wiggily a nice ride to their pen-house.

  32. Illustration] “Well, where are you going, Floppy and Curly?

  33. Mr. Twistytail gave Floppy and Curly each a taste of the pudding.

  34. On the first Sunday after my arrival at school, I arrayed myself with great satisfaction in a big, floppy collar, and my new velvet tunic, amidst the loud jeers of all the other boys in the dormitory.

  35. It was a floppy rise, probably caused by some small fish.

  36. You change, and whilst you are tying on the fly you hear a succession of floppy rises below you.

  37. Bob's" crisp white dress, the rose upon her bosom, the floppy hat that framed her face.

  38. Her hat was large and floppy and adorned with preposterous purple blooms; one of her hands was gloved, but upon the other she wore her splendid solitaire.

  39. His arms stood out stiff and straight from the shoulder, but he made queer floppy gestures with his wrists.

  40. And as she recited it she made gestures in all directions, first to one side, then to the other, just such floppy gestures as Ole Man Scarecrow would have made.

  41. I stooped to loose it, and rasped my hand against a brier clinging to the floppy ruffle (Lettie was much given to floppy things in dress), and behold, a sprig of little red blossoms was sticking to the prickles.

  42. As they came near, her black eyes sought mine as usual, but I saw only the floppy red ruffle--and Marjie.

  43. Of course I like pigs, and I'm very fond of my friends Curley and Floppy Twisty-tail, the little grunters.

  44. Peter was a large-minded person; he did not mind that Hilary wore no collar and a floppy tie.

  45. She puts it in her hair under the large, floppy hat.

  46. She peered at the floppy dolls on the tables and at the quaint hat stands and show-cases.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "floppy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.