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  1. He was distinguished for his researches on the Tertiary floras of various parts of Europe, and on the fossil floras of Australia and New Zealand.

  2. Sir Joseph Hooker also doubts the generally greater richness of tropical over temperate floras which I have taken as almost an axiom.

  3. The Floras of South-eastern and South-western Australia.

  4. All these latter, except Ulmus and Planera, have been found also in the Eastern-Australian Tertiaries, and we may therefore consider that at this period the northern temperate element in both floras was identical.

  5. Everywhere we have abundant floras and faunas indicating warmer conditions than such as now prevail, but never in a single instance one which as clearly indicates colder conditions.

  6. The vegetation in the, neighbourhood of Lamteng is European and North American; that is to say, it unites the boreal and temperate floras of the east and west hemispheres; presenting also a few features peculiar to Asia.

  7. Ball draws attention to the imperfection of our plant records as regards the floras of mountain regions.

  8. Depend upon it, you will have started a new era in the floras of various countries.

  9. Oceanic islands, difference in floras and means of stocking.

  10. Oceanic islands have, as a rule, distinctive faunas and floras which resemble, but are not identical with, those of other islands in similar positions.

  11. The geographical distribution of existing faunas and floras is often made clear and intelligible by geological evidence; and in the same way light is thrown upon some of the remoter phases in the history of man himself.

  12. But even within the limits of the Lower Gondwana series there are great diversities of vegetation, three distinct floras occurring in the three great divisions of that formation.

  13. Although during the Gondwana period the flora of India differed greatly from that of Europe, it was strikingly similar to the contemporaneous floras of South America, South Africa and Australia.

  14. How did these three floras get each to its present place?

  15. Will any one tell me whether the healthy floras of the moors, or the thymy flora of the chalk downs, were the earlier inhabitants of these isles?

  16. The floras of the numerous scattered islands of the Pacific are related to each other and to all the surrounding continents; but it has been said, that they have more of an Indo-Asiatic than American character{361}.

  17. We will now turn to the floras of mountain-summits which are well known to differ from the floras of the neighbouring lowlands.

  18. Cause of the similarity in the floras of some distant mountains.

  19. If all Alpine floras had been characterised like that of the mountain of Caraccas, or of Van Dieman's Land, &c.

  20. Nevertheless, the faunas and floras continue to be indicative of much warmer climates for arctic and temperate latitudes than now obtain.

  21. The flora has evidently much less connection with the present flora of the Alps than the interglacial floras of Britain and northern Europe have with those that now occupy their place.

  22. This we gather from a general consideration of the floras and faunas, and their geographical distribution.

  23. And the testimony of these floras points to the same conclusion as that furnished by the marine faunas.

  24. Now the mean annual temperature on the west coast of Greenland, where the relics of these old floras occur, is about 15 deg.

  25. It is reasonable to infer, from the occurrence in Greenland of fossil floras which find their nearest representatives in southern Europe and north Africa, that the winters of the far north were formerly mild and clement.

  26. The movements of upheaval, which caused the Cretaceous seas to disappear from such broad areas of the continental plateau, induced many changes in the floras and faunas of the globe.

  27. The Pleistocene period was distinguished above all things by its great oscillations of climate--the successive changes being repeated and producing correlative migrations of floras and faunas.

  28. We know that arctic and temperate faunas and floras flourished during interglacial times, and a like succession of life-forms followed the final disappearance of glacial conditions.

  29. Floras of present day in connection with fossil plants, 19.

  30. Certain temporary and local floras seem to have given origin to peculiar layers of coal.

  31. The record is now in many important parts too complete, and the simultaneousness of the entrance of the faunas and floras too certainly established, and moving species from place to place only evades the difficulty.

  32. Carrying with us this twofold division of the vegetable kingdom and its subdivisions, we shall be prepared to understand the relation of the more ancient floras to that now living.

  33. But the Canadian reports containing these facts are comparatively little known in Europe, hence incorrect ideas as to the succession of these floras have been handed from one writer to another.

  34. The record is now in many important parts too complete, and the simultaneousness of the entrance of the faunas and floras too certainly established, while the moving of species from place to place only evades the difficulty.

  35. The separation of the coast and interior floras is almost complete; only along the mountain passes and river valleys, and rarely there, is there an exchange of species.

  36. This, at least, has been the case with such retreating floras as those of the Lower Carboniferous, the Permian, and the Jurassic, and possibly that of the Lower Eocene of Europe.

  37. Disco; and the estimate ordinarily formed of the requirements of its extinct floras is 50┬░,[EZ] which is probably above rather than below the actual temperature required.

  38. Hence, there has been throughout geological time a general movement of new floras from the Pal├Žarctic and Nearctic regions to the southward.

  39. Applying the above considerations to the Erian and Carboniferous floras of North America, we obtain some data which may guide us in arriving at general conclusions.

  40. In point of fact, as we shall see in the next chapter, it is the floras originating within the polar circle and coming down from the north that are rich and copious.

  41. In eastern Canada there is a very complete series of fossil plants, extending from the Silurian to the Permian, and intermediate in its species between the floras of interior America and of Europe.

  42. All the known facts that could be gathered were incorporated, so that they became systematically elaborated and complete Floras of the several countries.

  43. It is a wonderful tribute to his wisdom that his descriptions and arrangements should have so stood the test of 100 years, during which time vast strides in our knowledge of the Australian and other floras have been made.

  44. The production of the Floras of India, and of the Colonies, the publication of which was conducted under Government subvention, had to be organised and carried through.

  45. On the other hand, Northern Africa and South Europe, though separated by the Mediterranean Sea, have faunas and floras which do not differ from each other more than do the various countries of Europe.

  46. Hooker's Introduction to Floras of New Zealand and Australia, and a summary in my Island Life, chaps.

  47. As a step towards such hypothesis it has been noted that the Antarctic, the South African, and the Australian floras have many types in common.

  48. The floras of distant continents would not by such means become mingled; but would remain as distinct as they now are.

  49. Candolle has well remarked, in his great and admirable work, that floras gain by naturalisation, proportionally with the number of the native genera and species, far more in new genera than in new species.

  50. Without such splendid summaries of the relations of the Southern floras as are given in Sir J.

  51. Your study of these floras will no doubt enable you to answer a few questions on this point.

  52. Baker for Mauritius and other Mascarene islands; while there were floras by competent botanists of the Sandwich Islands, Bermuda and St. Helena.

  53. It has occurred to me that insular floras should afford a test of the correctness of this view, since in the absence of mammalia the protection of spines would be less needed.

  54. Greenland and Antarctica are both shrouded in ice sheets in latitudes where fossil floras prove that at other periods the climate was as mild as in England or even New Zealand.

  55. Knowlton is so strongly impressed by the widespread fossil floras that usually occur in the middle parts of the geological periods, that as Schuchert[3] puts it, he neglects the evidence of other kinds.

  56. Their floras were entirely wanting in graminae similar to the cereals, in leguminous plants with edible seeds, in Cruciferae with fleshy roots.

  57. Japanese floras make no mention of the almond.

  58. Collectors hardly ever indicate this; and for the study of the American continent (excepting the United States) we are unprovided with local floras, and especially with floras made by botanists residing in the country.

  59. In my manuscript dictionary of common names, drawn from the floras of thirty years ago.

  60. All the floras of the south of Europe, of Egypt, and of Western Asia as far as the Caucasus and India, give it as a cultivated species, or growing in fields and cultivated grounds.

  61. Many floras of the south of Europe speak of it as a "subspontaneous" or naturalized species.

  62. Even at the present day it is probably unknown in the north of Persia and in Turkey, since floras do not mention it.

  63. It is not mentioned in floras of the Amur valley, nor of Japan.

  64. We become aware on this occasion of the absence of floras of tropical America, similar to those of the Dutch and English colonies of Asia and Africa.

  65. Its cultivation is recent in China,[1272] and American floras rarely mention the species.

  66. I find no positive indication in the floras that it grows in like manner in Spain, Algeria, Greece, and the East.

  67. Some collectors and authors of floras are very careful in noting these facts.

  68. The floras of Japan[206] do not mention it, whence I gather that the species was not wild in Eastern Siberia and Dahuria, but that the Mongols brought it into China.

  69. All that can be now said is, that our knowledge of the floras of Permo-Carboniferous and Permian times is still incomplete, and that the difficulties will no doubt be cleared up as the result of further work.

  70. Footnote 105: The Eocene floras of Britain are described by Mr J.

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