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Example sentences for "flopping"

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floorings; floors; floorwalker; flop; flopped; floppy; flops; flor; floral; floras
  1. There were half a dozen or so of the Temple Camp boats with fellows in them, flopping around near the old cove.

  2. What do you mean by flopping yourself down and praying agin me?

  3. I don't know how scarce you mayn't make the wittles and drink here, by your flopping tricks and your unfeeling conduct.

  4. If you must go flopping yourself down, flop in favour of your husband and child, and not in opposition to 'em.

  5. In another second he had one flopping on the end of his tail and he kept going around after it until pretty soon it got stuck to one of his legs.

  6. Must be kind of nice flopping around the country with a lot of freaks.

  7. And at last he had hooked his fish and the emaciated young Belgian dropped his hoe and came over and released it from the hook where it lay flopping and quivering and glittering among the wild grasses on the river bank.

  8. Around his neck was a huge flopping wreath of ground-pine and arbutus.

  9. He had the first growth of a downy mustache, a feeble chin, a humorous eye, and wore a broad-brimmed straw hat and a faded black coat, loose and flopping to his knees.

  10. There began to be vultures in evidence, mostly half-gorged, flopping about from one orgy to the next.

  11. For days the latter had received no attention; but had been permitted to hang loosely from the mast,--flopping about in whatever way the breeze chanced to blow it.

  12. Not many of them, but they came flopping about the dead bodies, and the living, with hungry beaks.

  13. In that perilous moment, when flopping and surging near the top of the water, how many a fish effects his escape!

  14. A big rise of May fly is indeed a wonderful sight, the drakes flopping into your face, covering everything, seeming almost like a plague of locusts.

  15. Toward this familiar scene the mule made his way, squealing, braying, and kicking, the big white tent flopping on his back.

  16. Finally, the ropes that held it down gave way, and the mule, with the tent flapping and flopping on his back, turned and rushed through the camp.

  17. Let me take a keek," said Jean, flopping down beside them and craning her neck over the edge.

  18. Apparently Jock had stirred up a whole school of trout, for Sandy, following Jock's lead, also leaped into the stream, and in a few moments six fine trout were flopping about the grass.

  19. He threw down his rod and went into the house; Eleanor, in her flopping pink slippers, hurried after him.

  20. Edith said; "I remember it because of Maurice's gallantry in giving the flopping girl his coat--he was a perfect Sir Walter Raleigh!

  21. His long head, with one entirely limp and flopping ear, was grotesquely ugly, the carcass beneath the pack a bone rack, all sharp angles and dusty hide.

  22. And he was only a boy, about Callie’s age, his black hair flopping over eyes wide with shock and fright.

  23. Professor Snodgrass, the well-known scientist, was holding aloft his net, containing the flopping fish.

  24. He gazed at his empty net, and next at the flopping fish, which he had called a calico bass.

  25. At any rate, the net slipped, turned over, and, a moment later the fish was flopping about on the dock, doing its best to get back into the water.

  26. Jerry, toward whom the fish was flopping its way.

  27. I seem to remember flopping over by the step.

  28. The pigeons from the dove cote cooed over the old lane, The crow flocks from the oakwood went flopping oer the grain; Like lots of dear old neighbours whom I shall see no more They greeted me that morning I left the English shore.

  29. But Jig nodded her head in time to obscure her face with the flopping brim of her sombrero.

  30. The animal broke into a gallop that set Gaspar jolting in the seat, with wildly flopping elbows.

  31. So I slams the trap door shut over that there cistern without looking in, fur I hearn Hank flopping around down in there.

  32. I hearn some flopping and splashing and spluttering, like Hank's corpse is trying to jump up and is falling back into the water, and I hearn Hank's voice, and got scareder yet.

  33. For that flopping kep' up steady, and a lot of splashing too.

  34. Elmira says that cistern is mighty full of fish, and they is some great big ones in there, and it must be some of them a-flopping around.

  35. I kep' thinking mebby Hank's corpse is going to come flopping out of that cistern and whale me some unusual way.

  36. The next sentence we flashed said: A SCOUT IS QUICK and the picture showed Pee-wee flopping a wheat cake and catching it in the frying pan again.

  37. It takes about twenty wheat cakes to get a good picture of Scout Harris flopping one.

  38. Snub-nosed, round-headed with long silky flopping ears, soft curly coats and feathery tails.

  39. It was at that moment that he saw Freddy Farmer's plane flip-flopping and half spinning down out of the sky as though either it were completely out of control--or its pilot were dead.

  40. Freddy was but a couple of hundred feet from the water now, and still flip-flopping helplessly downward with the remaining German pecking away at him.

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