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Example sentences for "chicanery"

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  1. If we will not tolerate chicanery [calumniae] against men, much less will we against the Divinity Himself.

  2. The whole affair seemed to Victor a piece of chicanery on the part of this intruder, and he bluntly said: "I wish you'd go.

  3. There are dupes so purblind, so infatuated that nothing, not even the boldest chicanery can shake their faith; nevertheless, a few will take this article for what it is, a full and clear expose of a shrewd and conscienceless trickster.

  4. To be so suddenly introduced to the mystery and the chicanery of the world would bewilder an older and less emotional man.

  5. Yet even a flock of sheep would resist the chicanery of the State, if it were not for the corruptive, tyrannical, and oppressive methods it employs to serve its purposes.

  6. The continual chicanery of the Court provoked the Parliament of Paris to write to all the Parliaments of France to issue decrees against Cardinal Mazarin, which they did accordingly.

  7. I had confidence in Andy's chicanery in financial affairs, so I left the whole thing in his hands.

  8. Andy didn't have any especial prospectus of chicanery and violence drawn up, but he always had plenty of confidence that his immoral nature would rise to any occasion that presented itself.

  9. I don't suppose there's another community in the whole world into which sin and chicanery has less extensively permeated than this.

  10. A plan of adjustment had been arranged between his envoys and Alexander; and to defeat the chicanery of his advisers, it was accompanied with the threat of an interdict if it were not executed within the space of forty days.

  11. Should the nations of Western Europe rouse their hatred by chicanery and mean treatment the result might be fatal.

  12. The reason suggested for the deaf ear which had been given them by the British Parliament were stated to be "the chicanery of the Hudson's Bay Company, and its false representations.

  13. He is not entitled either by chicanery and trickery, or by taking advantage of the needs of others and his own control of markets, to become a "profiteer.

  14. Goats and buffaloes were flung into the flaming crater long after the offering of human victims was discontinued, but, alas for the chicanery of a degenerate age!

  15. This detail threw the Squire into a train of rumination, on the tricks and chicanery of metropolitan adventurers; while Dashall amused himself with the breakfast-table concomitant, the newspaper.

  16. With what becoming severity does the bold Caricature lay open to public censure the intrigues of subtle Politicians, the ~243~~chicanery of corrupted Courts, and the flattery of cringing Parasites!

  17. Count Bindo, the nonchalant, audacious cosmopolitan, who spent money so freely, was a veritable marvel of cleverness and cunning in all matters of chicanery and fraud.

  18. That Bindo was using the name of Bellingham showed some chicanery to be in progress.

  19. Chicanery in the blood, one might imagine, has to be worked out.

  20. In truth, only with the sword of Chicanery and the stout buckler of Unscrupulousness shall you be certain of victory over him.

  21. In this class of illustration, there was quite as much deceit and chicanery practised, commonly, as in any part of the general system of the humbug.

  22. Before his fears came true, this wretched little world of petty chicanery and official corruption which surrounded and sickened him would be wiped out of existence.

  23. Once a newspaper reporter, he had somehow obtained control of the Rockets by chicanery and fraud.

  24. I don't know what chicanery means, but it seems to fit the offense.

  25. As one of the first effects of the duke's coming, some of the leading oppressors of the country were driven to a course of chicanery instead of violence.

  26. And almost by the very nature of the case, wherever a trust was instituted like that of Sir John Fastolf, all the pettifogging devices of legal chicanery were necessarily brought into play, either to establish a title or to contest it.

  27. From the profession of law, after a short trial, he recoiled in disgust, complaining bitterly of the amount of chicanery which passed under the name of law and justice.

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