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  1. The bisexual or (female) spikelets are linear-oblong, obtuse, and the callus with reddish hairs.

  2. The fourth glume is rather small, oblong, obtuse, bisexual and palea shorter than the glume.

  3. Sessile spikelets are bisexual or sometimes female, 4-glumed and awned.

  4. The sessile spikelet contains a bisexual flower and consists of four glumes.

  5. The third glume bears a bisexual or female flower and the fourth bisexual or male.

  6. The fourth glume is hyaline, as long as the third, entire or 2-fid and awned in the pedicelled and not awned in sessile spikelets, paleate with female or bisexual flowers.

  7. Spikelets 2-flowered; upper flower bisexual and lower male or neuter; the first glume the smallest I.

  8. Upper series of one or more sessile bisexual or female spikelets with one terminal pedicelled male spikelet.

  9. The fourth glume is coriaceous, lanceolate, bisexual or female.

  10. Chenopodiaceae=--Herbs with jointed stems and small unisexual or bisexual flowers.

  11. They belong to the order Naiadaceae, and are characterised by cellular leaves with parallel veins, and inconspicuous unisexual or bisexual flowers.

  12. All the Cirripedes of the family we are now describing, are bisexual or hermaphrodite; and no instance has been observed of the presence of males or complemental males.

  13. Hence I have called these males Complemental Males, to show that they do not pair with a female, but with a bisexual individual.

  14. From each egg develops the solitary salpa and from her buds the chain of bisexual creatures.

  15. In the family Salpidae two kinds of individuals occur, the solitary salpa, or female, and the chain salpa, or bisexual males.

  16. Thus it is common to find one or more imperfect (usually male) flowers in the same spikelet with bisexual ones, and their relative position is important in classification.

  17. A few species, as we have seen, are monoecious or dioecious, while many are polygamous (having unisexual as well as bisexual flowers as in many members of the tribes Andropogoneae, fig.

  18. Of those with only bisexual flowers, many are strongly protogynous (the stigmas protruding before the anthers are ripe), such as Alopecurus and Anthoxanthum (fig.

  19. The unisexual male catkins are the first to start flowering and not until two to three weeks later will the male flowers of the bisexual catkins be in full bloom.

  20. The Effect of Emasculation on Nut Yield Emasculation involves the removal of the unisexual male catkins and the male part of the bisexual catkins.

  21. On these trees some flowering branches were bagged which had been emasculated normally, on other branches only the unisexual catkins were removed, while the bisexual catkins were left intact.

  22. In most plants the reproductive function inheres in a single bisexual flower, consisting of both male and female elements.

  23. If you can advance good evidence showing that bisexual plants are more variable than unisexual, it will be interesting.

  24. Here there is not, as in the Catasetum, any external change visible in the respective unisexual and bisexual flowers.

  25. The mature segments have no body-cavity, but are occupied with a complex bisexual generative apparatus, which is self-impregnating.

  26. The segments of the body are incessantly produced by gradual growth and successive division of the neck, and as they enlarge they become more distinct and develop within a bisexual generative apparatus for each.

  27. Only one testis originates, while the other remains behind as ovarium--Androgynous or Bisexual animals.

  28. The androgynous or bisexual animal is, as a general rule, asymmetrical.

  29. There are no more androgynous or bisexual beings in the present class.

  30. A spokesman of the masculine inverts stated the bisexual theory in its crudest form in the following words: "It is a female brain in a male body.

  31. Krafft-Ebing thinks that the bisexual predisposition gives to the individual male and female brain centers as well as somatic sexual organs.

  32. That is to say, there may have been, and there probably was, an organism which multiplied with enormous rapidity, without the bisexual method of reproduction.

  33. I fancy that it would be found extremely difficult to account for the bisexual division without reaching the conclusion that it required and was effected by a special interposition.

  34. I have examined Darwin's works pretty diligently, and I can not get from them any solution of the origin of the bisexual division.

  35. At all events, I should like to see it explained how the asexual and the unisexual construction passed into the bisexual by the mere operation of what you call natural causes.

  36. Turn now to some of the other animals among whom there prevail the same bisexual division and the same method of procreation and multiplication.

  37. An increase in the number of non-sectarian bisexual societies, clubs and similar organizations, and a diminution of the number of those limited to men or to women alone is greatly to be desired.

  38. The Greek Ninus is regarded as a male form of her name; like Atargatis, she may have become a bisexual deity, if she was not always accompanied by a shadowy male form.

  39. The moon was the parent of the sun or its spouse; and might be male, or female, or both as a bisexual deity.

  40. Like the "bearded Aphrodite", Atargatis may have been regarded as a bisexual deity.

  41. I have lately got a bisexual cirripede, the male being microscopically small and parasitic within the sack of the female.

  42. But the assertions of her bisexual character are distinct, even if the "beard" be discarded.

  43. Other Greek bisexual figures are forms of Priapos and Eros.

  44. In Semitic lands no artistic representations of a bisexual deity are now known, but evidence is adduced to show that this conception existed in early times.

  45. At a later period (early in the fifth century of our era) two authors, Servius and Macrobius, make definite statements concerning a bisexual cult, apparently Semitic.

  46. In India the bisexual form of Çiva, which seems to be late,[764] connects itself with the licentious character of his rites.

  47. The process of transformation of the species from a bisexual into a unisexual form, only composed of females, is obviously incomplete, and is still in process of development.

  48. As far as it is possible in the present condition of our knowledge to offer any opinion upon the origin of sex in bisexual animals, it may be suggested that this problem is also capable of an essentially similar solution.

  49. Study of the bisexual and parthenogenetic strains of Pycnoscelus surinamensis (Blattaria: Epilamprinae).

  50. The androgyne Brahma, or the bisexual Sephira-Adam Kadmon.

  51. As the word plainly indicates, this sign is intended to represent the first androgyne, the Ardhanareeswara, the bisexual Sephira--Adam Kadmon.

  52. Almost sexless, in its early beginnings, it became bisexual or androgynous; very gradually, of course.

  53. A symptom of this temperament is that romantic attachments are formed towards either sex, because, before puberty, the child is bisexual or sexless.

  54. Exclusively lesbian characters are rare in French literature (although bisexual women are relatively common), and this was one of the best known; it follows the heroine from childhood to old age.

  55. Pistillate flowers in 2--5-flowered clusters below the staminate, in bisexual aments.

  56. Extreme femininity, in my observation, is much more likely to be found in bisexual than in homosexual women, just as extreme masculinity is much more likely to be found in bisexual than in homosexual men.

  57. We find this well illustrated in the poet Heinrich von Kleist who seems to have been of bisexual temperament, and his feelings for the girl he wished to marry were, indeed, much cooler than those for his friend.

  58. Everyone of Hirschfeld's three classes may well contain a majority of genuinely homosexual or bisexual persons.

  59. As is found more often in bisexual than in homosexual persons, he is of predominantly masculine type, possesses great vitality, and desires to exert all his faculties.

  60. At the same time bisexual women are at least as common as bisexual men.

  61. In the case of bisexual individuals, or of youthful subjects whose homosexuality is not fully developed, it is probable that this method is beneficial.

  62. As, however, he was married and had children, it may be that he was, as we should now say, of bisexual temperament.

  63. In one case a bisexual son seems to have had a bisexual father.

  64. This would seem to indicate that the bisexual may really be inverts.

  65. In the majority of adult bisexual persons it would seem that the homosexual tendency is stronger and more organic than the heterosexual tendency.

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