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  1. Some cellular tissue, but not an excess, is desirable in a ration, as it exerts a favorable mechanical action upon the organs of digestion, encourages peristalsis, and is an absorbent and dilutant of the waste products formed during digestion.

  2. The low digestibility of the protein of the graham and entire wheat flours is supposed to be due to the coarser granulation; the proteins, being embedded and surrounded with cellular tissue, escape the action of the digestive fluids.

  3. In some the nutrients are so embedded in cellular tissue as to be protected from the solvent action of the digestive fluids, and in such cases the digestibility and availability are low.

  4. Coarsely granulated breakfast foods, whole wheat flour, and many vegetables contain sufficient cellular tissue to give special value from a mechanical rather than a chemical point of view.

  5. These appear first in the form of cellular rings at the base of the nucellus, which gradually spread over its surface (figs.

  6. The anatropous ovule arises from the placenta as a straight or only slightly curved cellular process, and as it grows, gradually becomes inverted, curving from the point of origin of the integuments (cf.

  7. They are often horizontal, as in Cathartocarpus Fistula, where they consist of transverse cellular prolongations from the walls of the ovary, only developed after fertilization, and therefore more properly noticed under fruit.

  8. It consists of loose cellular tissue, and secretes a viscid matter which detains the pollen, and causes it to germinate.

  9. According to the development of veins and the growth of cellular tissue, petals present varieties similar to those of leaves.

  10. The ovules are attached to the placenta, which consists of a mass of cellular tissue, through which the nourishing vessels pass to the ovule.

  11. It appears at first as a simple cellular papilla of meristem, upon which an indication of two lobes soon appears.

  12. In Gymnosperms it usually remains deep in the nucellus and surrounded by a thick mass of cellular tissue (fig.

  13. Vertical section of the ovule of the Austrian Pine (Pinus austriaca), showing the nucellus a, consisting of delicate cellular tissue containing deep in its substance an embryo-sac b.

  14. The ovule appears at first as a small cellular projection from the placenta.

  15. It has been already said that a vegetable may temporarily exist as a particle of bioplasm without any cell-wall, and such is the case with Protococcus, the cellular envelope of which occasionally disappears.

  16. The cellular double bottom, which extended the full width of the ship, was of unusual depth and strength.

  17. The doubling of the plating on the bridge and shelter decks served the same purpose as the cellular steel construction which, as mentioned in the previous chapter, was adopted for the upper deck of the Great Eastern.

  18. Above the lower deck the hull was built with a single skin, which terminated at a flush, continuous, cellular steel deck, corresponding to the shelter deck of modern steamships, which extended unbroken from stem to stern.

  19. Plants without distinct stem and leaves, consisting of a simple or branched mass of cellular tissue, or educed to a single cell.

  20. Turnips are an exception to the rule, a thick layer of cellular material covers them.

  21. In vegetables and cereals, the cellular framework separates the starch grains so that they are uniformly cooked.

  22. This will prevent the hardening of the cellular tissues which produces the decrepitude of old age, and help to bless and lengthen human life.

  23. The annexed plan of a Coptic monastery, from Lenoir, shows a church of three aisles, with cellular apses, and two ranges of cells on either side of an oblong gallery.

  24. Krukenberg from the myxomycete Fuligo (Flowers of Tan), which is the largest known naked mass of protoplasm without cellular differentiation.

  25. He then explains the distribution of the cellular membrane, the aponeurotic expansions, and the periosteum and perichondrium, by either of which, he shows, every bone of the skeleton is invested and connected.

  26. Next year he showed the continuity between nerve cells and nerve fibres in the Vertebrata; later, that the non-striped or smooth muscular tissue is composed of cellular elements.

  27. Let me draw attention now to another terrible thing that goes on in English prisons, indeed in prisons all over the world where the system of silence and cellular confinement is practised.

  28. This terror that seizes and dominates the child, as it seizes the grown man also, is of course intensified beyond power of expression by the solitary cellular system of our prisons.

  29. The structure and formation of all barks are essentially very similar, being composed of cellular and fibrous tissue.

  30. A layer or mass of cellular tissue, especially that part of the thallus of certain fungi which incloses the perithecia.

  31. It does not appear that this deck was designed to be watertight, so that it did not form the same security against accident as the inner skin of the cellular structure which Mr. Brunel afterwards adopted in the 'Great Eastern.

  32. Her structure resembles the tubes of the Britannia bridge; the cellular top flange being connected with the cellular bottom flange by plate-iron webs.

  33. The growth of the stem, and leaves of the young tomato plant is very rapid and, the cellular structure coarse, loose and open.

  34. In these the cellular tissue was empty, but they were more solid than fresh bones.

  35. Yet is there a much smaller proportion of cosmopolite species among the Algae than among the terrestrial cellular plants, such as lichens, mosses, and Hepaticae.

  36. In the one and the other method of division the nuclei are brought into relation with different regions of the protoplasmic mass, and are united with these regions to form cellular individuals.

  37. Lithodesmium is characterized by the envelopment of the frustules by a cellular membrane which does not appear, evidently, in Ditylum.

  38. In animals of higher structure the third body-layer, being now fully established, is cellular from its beginning in the embryo; in the Coelenterata its gradual formation is to be traced.

  39. In others, such as the jelly-fishes, there is an intermediate layer of jelly, which appears to acquire a cellular structure by the immigration of cells derived from the primary layers.

  40. The hypothesis put forward is that interior physiological modifications are responsible for the observed differences in growth rate, the cell processes being so affected as to bring about different results on cellular growth--i.

  41. All the veins in the body are connected with this grand artery, and flow together like so many cellular vessels into the cavity of the heart, where they rise and fall like rivers in the sea.

  42. When through the outer wall of the inguinal canal the needle point will have a considerable freedom in the loose cellular tissue and the injection should be diffused in a circle of an inch or an inch and a half in diameter.

  43. The cellular tissue in the canal is to receive the injection of the operator and it will be his object to facilitate the diffusion of the various materials injected so that an extensive formation of connective tissue will be promoted.

  44. The object of the operator is to secure a diffusion of the injection through the loose cellular tissues by the directing of the needle in all directions as it is withdrawn.

  45. As paraffin is flowing move the point of the needle about in the loose cellular tissue and continuing the injection slowly withdraw the needle.

  46. After the needle has passed through this firm layer it will enter the loose cellular tissue in the neighborhood of the internal ring.

  47. For this purpose, a small portion is moistened with a little water, a few drops of iodine solution added, and the mixture placed on the side of the microscope: the bluish grains contained in the polyhedral and cellular envelope (Fig.

  48. Polymorphonuclears were also found in the zone of cellular infiltration.

  49. There was no direct connection between the cellular infiltration and the follicles of the hair.

  50. The whole gland as seen in cross section had undergone necrosis, except a few foci which still showed cellular structure.

  51. The epithelium was missing in one place in the section, and cellular infiltration extended from that place into the subepithelial layer of the surrounding skin.

  52. The same kind of infiltration reached deep into the skin, stripes of cellular infiltration penetrating into the tissue along the muscle fibres.

  53. It is acute inflammation of the cellular substance of the legs, and that most sudden in its attack, and most violent n its degree, and therefore attended by the effusion of a considerable quantity of fluid into the cellular membrane.

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