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Example sentences for "celluloid"

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  1. A light, hollow celluloid ball, supported on a stream of air projected upwards from a jet, rotates in one direction or the other as the jet is inclined to the left or to the right.

  2. Ditto ditto in celluloid case net 1 6 =Optical Tables and Data=, for the use of Opticians.

  3. I met Evie returning with her towel and celluloid box of soap.

  4. Your celluloid collar and cuffs will wash beautifully in your basin, and will require no making-up, beyond a light wiping with the towel on which you dry your hands.

  5. If you ride much in winter time, when wet days are of frequent occurrence, you will find a couple of pairs of celluloid cuffs, with collars to match, extremely useful.

  6. But Fiddle was not sailing celluloid fish.

  7. So she had picked up her three celluloid fish and had trotted down the path.

  8. The gentleman of the celluloid cuffs and collars, when informed about nine o'clock of this same Sunday morning that his building had been almost completely removed, was naturally greatly perturbed.

  9. The celluloid eye-patch, once flesh-colored, was now so dirty and smeared that its original color was discernible only in spots, and the once white elastic cord that circled his head and kept the patch in place was in equal disrepute.

  10. That dangling thing on an elastic cord was a smeared and dirty celluloid eye-patch that had once been flesh-colored!

  11. The tips of broken deer antlers make very good canine teeth and blocks of celluloid which are much easier to shape than bone, are sold by supply dealers.

  12. Missing teeth may have to be supplied and carved from bone, celluloid or antlers.

  13. In this connection however it must be remembered that celluloid gives off traces of acid for a long time.

  14. His astrachan coat of yellow dogskin, his celluloid collar, and boots which reached no higher than the ankle, contrasted with the rude surroundings of the little room.

  15. Frenzied with rage, he tore off his celluloid collar and set fire to it.

  16. The front of the box is provided with a handle and a celluloid label for the name of the contained medium.

  17. Tie-on celluloid labels, to affix to the cages.

  18. I picked up the baby's celluloid duck, which was on a chair beside the table, and gave it to her to keep her entertained.

  19. There, with her celluloid duck in one hand, stood Donna, as naked as the spokesman's head, beaming graciously and impartially upon the three men.

  20. It is cold," said a Celluloid Doll, who was lying on the work bench next to the wax toy.

  21. She leaned over and put her cigarette on the back of my celluloid mirror, and then suddenly she threw back her head and laughed.

  22. The celluloid mirror blazed up at that minute, and she poured the contents of my water-pitcher over the dresser.

  23. But when an attempt was made to exhibit them our friends heard about it and secured the valuable celluloid strips.

  24. In a very short time after Eastman had announced the discovery of a celluloid substance that was transparent, strong and flexible, light, and compressible into a small space, Edison announced a machine for showing motion pictures.

  25. The holes are made along the two edges of the celluloid strips, just as shown in the picture opposite page 176.

  26. His feet danced behind the bar as he filled schooners of beer and scraped off their foam with a celluloid ruler.

  27. Instantly a straggly man with a celluloid collar left the group by the door, whisked over to the Greek professor, and fawned upon him.

  28. With a triumphing heart he retrieved the wallet, took out the pencil and entered upon the celluloid tablet the final and victorious eight cents--that is, he thought he had entered it.

  29. To get the right hand free you place the paper under the base of the glass and therefore under the celluloid disc while you fill up the glass with water.

  30. A disc of thick celluloid of the same size of the top of the bowl is also required.

  31. The left thumb then pushes the piece of celluloid over the edge of the pack for about half an inch--the right little finger preventing it from going too far--and the left thumb then pushes the top card forward in the same way.

  32. The glass has a detachable lining of transparent celluloid which will hold water.

  33. While he does this he puts the cover down on his table for a moment and lets the celluloid lining sink gently down into a "well" in the table.

  34. To prepare for the trick dip a finger into the water and run it round the edge of the bowl; dampen the "lip" of the celluloid disc in the same way.

  35. Great care must be taken to nip the piece of celluloid and the card closely together, and when the card is in the left hand the thumb should be behind it, the fingers in front and the tips of the thumb and fingers should point upwards.

  36. The rice naturally falls on to the top of the celluloid disc, and when the top bowl is lifted the rice seems to have increased in quantity.

  37. Directly the card is hidden by the handkerchief the conjurer pushes up the piece of celluloid with his thumb, while with his fingers he slides the card down a little way towards his wrist.

  38. Thus the piece of celluloid is now directly over the top card, and the two can be lifted off the pack together and exhibited as one card.

  39. We now return, for a moment, to our wineglass which was left at the conclusion of the trick, with a celluloid disc adhering to its base.

  40. Press down on the paper and shape the paper round the glass and you need not worry about the rest; the celluloid disc will adhere tightly and you can wave the glass about after you have taken the paper away.

  41. You also need a disc of celluloid with the edge slightly sunk so that when the disc is placed on the glass it fits there and cannot easily slip off sideways.

  42. The pictures are taken in succession on a narrow strip of celluloid film, of the same nature as those in any camera.

  43. If any figure came between the scene and the camera with the pictures it was imprinting on the sensitive celluloid film (at the rate of sixteen per second) part of the elaborate work would have to be done over again.

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