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Example sentences for "fawned"

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favouritism; favours; favus; fawn; fawne; fawning; fawns; fawther; fayence; fayer
  1. There his daughter welcomed me and kissed my hand, and forthwith the calf came and fawned upon me as before.

  2. When the calf saw me, he brake his tether and ran to me, and fawned upon me and wailed and shed tears; so that I took pity on him and said to the herdsman, "Bring me a heifer and let this calf go!

  3. The animals became gentle at once and fawned on the saint.

  4. As all such animals always do with me, he checked, cowered, fawned and then exhibited every symptom of recognition, delight and affection.

  5. He fawned on me, of course, and I made friends with him, fondled him, pulled his ears and played with him a while.

  6. I do not love my nephews and cousins and have bequeathed to them more than they deserve; as to the toadies who have hung about me and fawned on me in the hope of legacies, I despise them all.

  7. Mary leaned forward, fawned upon his breast, and gazed into his face.

  8. In the suburbs of Sidon the jackals had fawned at his feet.

  9. The politicians fawned at his feet, and Anne of Austria rose effusively to do honour to Monsieur le Prince d'Orléans.

  10. They only took the Judas-gold from Fenians out of jail, They only fawned for dollars on the blood-dyed Clanna-Gael.

  11. She was hated by the flatterers who fawned on the tyrant because she dared to defy him.

  12. They crawled at the feet of a hostile government, says the latter, fawned on their Protestant neighbors, and felt honored by being even noticed by persons of that creed, even though in every respect their inferiors.

  13. He fawned like a badly bred dog, and she liked his fawnings so little that she began to wonder at last whether this fool was in any way serious.

  14. It was like a yellow dog that fawned round and round her chair, but seemed a little afraid of coming too near.

  15. The lot fell to Eurylochus, who, with twenty-two brave men, went forward to the fair palace of Circe, around which fawned tamed mountain lions and wolves.

  16. The dean looked for a moment as though he could have fawned and supplicated for a reversion of the decree; but pride or anger had the mastery.

  17. But the sagacious animal suddenly fawned upon him, and with a low whine ascended the stairs, looking back wistfully, as though inviting him to follow.

  18. Thou hast been angered with baiting until thou wouldst run at every dog that comes into the paddock, though he fawned on thee, and were never so trusty and well-behaved.

  19. When they came nigh they fawned on him, and he supposed they belonged to some of the neighbours.

  20. As if understanding every word spoken to him by the lad, the dog fawned about for a moment and then uttered a short, sharp bark.

  21. Captain Joe fawned about him as he advanced, but when he approached the thicket where the boys had been preparing their rough beds, he saw that they were not there.

  22. The effort succeeded, for an instant he unconsciously relapsed into his old servile manner, bent low before me, and actually fawned upon me as he replied.

  23. And as he spoke, he fawned on me like a dog.

  24. Therewith he laughed joyously and turned about to the three maidens and took them by the hands and kissed their lips, while they fawned upon him lovingly.

  25. And she put forth her hand to him, and caressed him smiling, and fawned upon him, and he heeded it little, but hung not aback from them since they were ready for the road: so they set forth all three together.

  26. Bargained for by one, snatched at by another, fawned on by a third, a prize for the boldest!

  27. She deserved a better husband; for the King had been fawned and flattered into a treacherous, wasteful, dissolute, bad young man.

  28. They'd all fawned over Kristen, starstruck by her celebrity, and they'd spill the beans in a heartbeat if any of them found out.

  29. He wolfed down ginkgo and ginseng capsules by the handful but was finding it harder and harder to remember people's names, particularly the new wave of donation-hungry politicians who fawned over him.

  30. He was gibbering and mouthing as he fawned upon Tode and pressed his hand to his hairy face.

  31. He's practically fawned upon by a bunch of important officials and several high ranking army officers.

  32. He forced Merriwell to fight, but fawned about Merriwell's feet like a cur when whipped.

  33. The dog still fawned and ran round her, and then flew towards the carriage, with a short quick bark.

  34. Instead of jumping upon him it fawned upon him and stroked him with its paw and made no attempt to do him any harm.

  35. With an oath, Hal swung the suit-case; the Airedale, yelping with pain, fawned and slunk away.

  36. The Airedale, hearing Hal’s step, got up and fawned against him.

  37. It was Vaillant, his wounds entirely healed; he fawned upon the baron, then ran to Alfred and Edouard and licked their hands as if to thank them for assisting him and dressing his wounds when he lay dying in the yard of the cottage.

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