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Example sentences for "fowl"

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  1. That roasted fowl was remarkably good, and as for the sauce----!

  2. Likewise a roasted fowl in a delicious sauce, and stuffed with chestnuts.

  3. The beds are clean, fish and fowl the neighbourhood supplies, and a few hours' notice will collect ample provisions for the carnivorous climber.

  4. The village knew that the cure was going to have a fowl for dinner; the good dame hurried off to the parsonage, and like David robbed the tables of the priest.

  5. The farm of his parents lay on the south or sea-shore side of Long Island, (they had early removed from Jericho,) one of the best regions in the world for wild fowl and for fishing.

  6. Then the South Bay and shores and the salt meadows, and the sedgy smell, and numberless little bayous and hummock-islands in the waters, the habitat of every sort of fish and aquatic fowl of North America.

  7. However, no harm happened--only a guinea-fowl suddenly ran across the farmyard, screaming in its usual harsh voice.

  8. The right tibia of each fowl was tested for strength by placing it across two parallel bars and suspending a wire on its center, on which were placed small weights until the bone gave way.

  9. Illustration] One-half of each fowl was tested by cooking for flavor, succulence, and tenderness.

  10. Each fowl was weighed, wrapped in a bag to prevent floundering, and killed by severing an artery in the roof of the mouth.

  11. The priests of that temple have all their writings under the date of the fowl that is clept Phoenix; and there is none but one in all the world.

  12. They made up to it, and found it bordered a broad and glittering lake, in the clear waters of which they distinguished multitudes of large fish, while on the banks the noisy water-fowl were building their nests.

  13. Edward Deverell held out one of them to Jenny, saying, "Now, my good woman, can you tell me what this fowl is?

  14. The wreaths already blew out far to leeward, flames already glittered in the cabin skylight, and the sea-fowl were scattered in surprise as wide as the lagoon.

  15. A flat beach surrounded it upon all sides; and the midst was occupied by a thicket of bushes, the highest of them scarcely five feet high, in which the sea-fowl lived.

  16. For the sea-fowl that harboured and lived there at the epoch of my visit were then scattered into the uttermost parts of the ocean, and had left no traces of their sojourn besides dropped feathers and addled eggs.

  17. Savage-looking fowl they were, savagely beaked, and some of the black ones great as eagles.

  18. About the wreck thus transformed into an overflowing granary, the sea-fowl swarmed in myriads and with surprising insolence.

  19. Wild geese, wild duck, and wild fowl of various kinds in the same way.

  20. Curlews and several of the common sea-fowl might also be taken, if found at a sufficient distance from the sea.

  21. The poultry of this country are the common domestic fowl, the turkey, the duck, and the goose; to which some writers add the guinea-fowl and the peacock.

  22. It may be varied by adding other spice or flavouring, and by the addition of eggs, or the substitution of chopped fowl or veal for beef, according to the state of the cuisinier.

  23. Elfride had known no more about the stings of evil report than the native wild-fowl knew of the effects of Crusoe's first shot.

  24. Haggard cliffs, of every ugly altitude, are as common as sea-fowl along the line of coast between Exmoor and Land's End; but this outflanked and encompassed specimen was the ugliest of them all.

  25. In the same way moorfowl means, not a moor that is connected with a fowl, but a fowl that is connected with a moor.

  26. What is still more extraordinary, custom has so hardened the Shetlanders against all sense of danger, that they will wander among the rocks at night, in order to surprise the old fowl upon the nest.

  27. This species feeds chiefly on young water fowl and eggs, and when very hungry, will eat any kind of shell or other fish.

  28. Instead of being forced to spend at least one charge of powder for each fowl killed, he proposed that we trap them, and showed how it might be done, according to his belief.

  29. When the captain was at home, he carved the bird with his hunting knife, and one such fowl would fill the largest trencher bowl we had among us.

  30. Then, with these poles laid one above the other, a square pen was made, and at the top was a thatching of branches, so that no fowl larger than a pigeon might go through.

  31. Without fear of the Indians they were able to shoot deer and wild fowl and build a fire on almost any part of the shore.

  32. When the war is over I can borrow a thousand pounds to keep a roof over our heads and a fowl in the pot and pudding in the twifflers while I am clearing the way to success.

  33. Frequented by every fowl which nature has taught to dip the wing in water.

  34. Frequented by every fowl whom nature has taught to dip the wing in water.

  35. And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

  36. And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

  37. Many species of water-fowl were upon the river, for it was now late in the spring, and the wild geese and ducks had all arrived, and were passing northward upon their annual migration.

  38. Near the border of this sedge, and in a part of it that was thin, a flock of wild fowl was diving and feeding.

  39. The boys wondered at the great marshes which now they saw, and Uncle Dick explained to them that here was one of the greatest wild-fowl breeding-grounds in all the world.

  40. When their discordant cries were left so far behind as to be softened by distance, the flapping of wings and swash of water, as the fowl plunged in, still made the air busy all around.

  41. A little scanty herbage was all their horses could find after their hard day's travel, and had they not brought a supply of fowl from the lake where they had camped the night before, they would have gone supperless to rest.

  42. Buffalo, antelope, elk, deer, and fowl now became quite numerous, giving indications that the forest was well watered and fertile.

  43. Innumerable fowl filled the branches of the trees in these isles, while countless numbers of them were sporting in the water, undisturbed by the intrusion of our wanderers.

  44. The fowl are winging their way to the shore, and the shelldrake seems, through the mist, as large as the scart.

  45. He could dish up a fowl so that it looked and tasted like anything but a fowl; an invaluable attribute in a cook in a country where a surfeit of fowls, as fowls, is so quickly and invariably produced.

  46. In the plantations are many small antelope and immense flocks of guinea-fowl and francolin, the latter a bird resembling a partridge.

  47. This may remind us of the Oeonæ of Mela and Pliny, who lived on the eggs of fen-fowl (see above, p.

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