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Example sentences for "cleansed"

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cleanliness; cleanly; cleanness; cleans; cleanse; cleanser; cleanses; cleanseth; cleansing; cleanup
  1. Remove the cloth from the solution and acidify the latter with hydrochloric acid and another piece of the cleansed cloth is immersed and again boiled.

  2. Remove the cloth from the solution and acidify the latter with hydrochloric acid, a slight excess is better, and another piece of the cleansed cloth is immersed and again boiled.

  3. Strips of the cleansed cloth are boiled in this filtrate for 5 or 10 minutes, then removed, washed in water and boiled with very dilute hydrochloric acid solution.

  4. Some time afterwards a servant came and cleansed the place, and the wonderful stone was cast aside upon a heap.

  5. Then, first removing some of the earth, he drew forth the stone, and cleansed it.

  6. Even though thou art of the sect of the Aissawa and of the tribe of the Ennitra--eh?

  7. Could it be possible that beneath those fair features was a heart so brutal and depraved as to plot murder, robbery, and horrible atrocities?

  8. Then emulous the royal robes they lave, And plunge the vestures in the cleansing wave; (The vestures cleansed o'erspread the shelly sand, Their snowy lustre whitens all the strand.

  9. Then Shehrzad entered, she and her sister Dinarzad, and they cleansed their heads and clipped their hair.

  10. Now the sponge is being squeezed and cleansed of its impurities in a natural manner.

  11. And what else do these godly men ask now than that the Christian Church shall be purified and cleansed of merchandise and barter, and become again a holy house of prayer, undisturbed by any such things?

  12. Encaustic tiles make very good flooring for a hall, and are very easily cleansed with a mop or a damp cloth wrapped round a broom.

  13. What profit shall I have, if I be cleansed from my sin?

  14. The people who walk in the light; the people who are cleansed from all sin in the Blood of Jesus.

  15. Eight o'clock was striking, and he walked at random under the glorious morning sun, now shining forth in a spotless sky, which the storm seemed to have cleansed of all the Sunday dust.

  16. The storm must have burst forth there; the sky was now of an admirable nocturnal purity, as though cleansed by the masses of fallen water.

  17. It seemed as if the blue of the atmosphere, cleansed by the storm of the previous night, were quite new, fresh with youth.

  18. During the night the friends of the prophet removed the tar and cleansed his body, and the next day (Sunday), scarred and bruised as he was, he preached to the people and baptized three persons.

  19. It was the noise of the town below us, but a noise which had been purified and cleansed by the distance.

  20. These cars had been used for the transportation of beef cattle and had not been cleansed in the least since thus used.

  21. They mean to petition Congress year after year, until the seat of our government is cleansed from the sinful traffic of "slaves and the souls of men.

  22. Our sinful flesh hung upon His cross; it has risen, cleansed and sanctified, from His grave.

  23. But natural relationship to the stock of Abraham has in itself no spiritual virtue; "circumcision of the flesh" is worthless, except as the symbol of a cleansed and consecrated heart.

  24. Most of them stayed, nerving themselves to the endurance of those tragedies, finding in the weakness of their womanhood a strange new courage, strong as steel, infinitely patient, full of pity cleansed of all false sentiment.

  25. For a little while the air in all that region between Furnes and Nieuport, Dixmude and Pervyse, was cleansed of the odour and fume of battle.

  26. The only chance of being misled by this reaction lies in using an imperfectly cleansed test-tube which may have contained Fehling's solution or the alkaline picric solution.

  27. Properly managed, the ulcers become cleansed of their detritus, and within a few days heal by granulation, their position long remaining marked by delicate red cicatrices upon a hard and thickened substratum.

  28. It follows that such articles of food should be minutely inspected and cleansed before being placed on the table.

  29. Israel will be cleansed and forgiven and become the messenger of Jehovah.

  30. And as the prophet was cleansed and his iniquity taken away and became the messenger of the Lord (Is.

  31. Thus saith the Lord God: In the day that I shall have cleansed you from all your iniquities I will also cause you to dwell in the cities, and the wastes shall be builded.

  32. The whole land will be cleansed of the defilement.

  33. Through the long hours of the day, the disciples stood in the crowd, while the pitiable train of sick and demon-possessed passed before the Saviour, coming in every stage of need, and going away cleansed and saved.

  34. Consider the meeting between the Sun and the star, and take it as indicating an experience which must always supervene on the cleansed and holy soul, which desires and prepares for it.

  35. The leaden plates thus cleansed may be employed again for the same purpose, till they be wholly converted into Ceruse by repeated distillations.

  36. But most experiments require the Spirit of Nitre to be absolutely pure; and if it be intended for such, it must be perfectly cleansed from the Vitriolic taint.

  37. The books removed, the shelf should be lifted quite out of its bearings, cleansed and wiped, and then each volume should be taken separately, and gently rubbed on back and sides with a soft cloth.

  38. In a quarter of an hour he had finished, when he cleansed his bill from the feathers.

  39. The eggs are then cleansed from the grains of sand adhering to them, and emptied into the canoes, when they are trodden on by the children, much in the same way as grapes are mashed for wine-making.

  40. When a chief died, his bones, after burial for some time, were cleansed by the women, and carefully preserved in their houses.

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