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Example sentences for "clearances"

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cleanseth; cleansing; cleanup; clear; clearance; cleare; cleared; clearely; clearer; clearest
  1. People here say that the reason why there are Fenians in America and people inclined to Fenianism at home is owing to these large evictions-- clearances that make farmers into day laborers at the will of the lord of the land.

  2. The driver, a weather-beaten man in a weather-worn drab coat, entertained me with tales of the clearances made in the famine time that left the country side so empty.

  3. The clearances allowed can be gaged by a feeler placed between a ring and the groove wall.

  4. With pure so-called impulse turbines, where the blade clearances are comparatively large, the preliminary blade inspection should be devoted to the mechanical condition of the blade edges and passages.

  5. The blade clearances also should be gaged all around the circumference, to insure this clearance being an average working minimum.

  6. The clearances in each stage are nearly as follows: First stage, 0.

  7. Of his statements on the Highland clearances he withdrew none; of course mountains were unsuitable for agriculture, but the glens were capable of tillage and the hillsides of afforestation.

  8. Thus, the foreign imports and exports abroad, of Massachusetts, were much more than triple those of Maryland, and the entries and clearances very largely more than quadruple.

  9. How considerable the clearances were in some districts may be inferred from the figures given by the Medical Officer of Health for St. Giles' in 1871.

  10. The clearances in the City of London for the purposes of erecting a new market, and a viaduct, and in the Strand district to form a site for the proposed Law Courts, have aggravated the evil of overcrowding.

  11. M83 General clearances of evils take the form of expulsions of demons.

  12. M83) We can now understand why those general clearances of evil, to which from time to time the savage resorts, should commonly take the form of a forcible expulsion of devils.

  13. Clearances for interior navigation at the port of Buenos Aires are far more numerous than entries.

  14. At Rosario, San Nicolas and San Pedro, on the other hand, the tonnage of clearances for Argentine ports is much less than the tonnage of entries.

  15. The difference between the entries and the clearances represents ships starting straight for Europe.

  16. The Pioneer was not only wider and higher than other passenger cars, it was also wider and higher than the clearances of station platforms and overhead bridges.

  17. This involved cutting wider clearances all the way from Washington by the way of Philadelphia, New York, and Albany to Springfield, Ill.

  18. Haddon and all the officers belonging to the said privateer to discover whether there were any regular ships papers or Clearances on board the said schooner at the time of her being taken, and in particular the Capn.

  19. Mr. Sage, shows to such advantage during the infamous clearances in that county, already described at length.

  20. The Highlander loves his past and his native land with a passionate attachment, and the story of the great wrongs of the days of the clearances is still deeply embedded in his mind.

  21. This district was formerly thickly peopled; but one of those clearances many years ago nearly swept away the population, and now the whole number of its inhabitants amounts, I am told, to only 370 souls.

  22. To give a proper account of the Sutherland Clearances would take a bulky volume.

  23. The Sutherland clearances were commenced in a comparatively mild way in 1807, by the ejection of ninety families from Farr and Lairg.

  24. Rick guessed that JANIG clearances were not common.

  25. It will take anywhere from a few days to two weeks to get your clearances verified and your files transferred.

  26. Granting security clearances to certain State and local personnel is one way to facilitate the sharing of information regarding specific terrorist threats among Federal, State, and local levels of government.

  27. Analysts under this subsection shall possess security clearances appropriate for their work under this section.

  28. The procurement and evaluation of character investigations and clearances for some categories of employees, these are the employees that passes are issued to and these are the clearances that we require.

  29. Even the diminution in the statistics of outward clearances indicated no diminution in the number of merchant ships or their crews.

  30. Presidents and consuls earnestly recommended legislation to restrict the clearances of vessels bound on slave-trading voyages, and to hinder the facility with which slavers obtained fraudulent papers.

  31. Such general clearances of evil influences may be divided into two classes, according as the expelled evils are immaterial and invisible or are embodied in a material vehicle or scapegoat.

  32. The frame of mind which prompts such wholesale clearances of evil may be described in the language of Mr. Im Thurn, for though he wrote of the Indians of Guiana in particular, his description is capable of a much wider application.

  33. When the fever and famine had done their work, the clearances began.

  34. The Celtic population which survived the clearances and the plantings has exercised upon planters and settlers the ancient charm of the Celtic stock and made them, in spite of themselves, ipsis Hibernis Hiberniores.

  35. Ordered, That no clearances for the exportation of hay from the United States be granted until further orders, unless the same shall have been placed on shipboard before the publication hereof.

  36. I might add that we briefed only groups who were engaged in government work and who had the proper security clearances solely because we could discuss any government project that might be of help to us in pinning down the UFO.

  37. I always go to ATIC with the proper security clearances so I'm sure I get a straight answer to my question.

  38. All of us on Project Blue Book had Top Secret security clearances so that security was no block in our investigations.

  39. Entries and Clearances together, in Millions of Tons.

  40. Many references to piston seizure or incipient seizure, indicated by a loss of power, occur, and this trouble may have been aggravated by the very small piston clearances utilized.

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