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  1. These apples grew on ten trees, which altogether occupy less than one quarter of an acre of ground.

  2. An acre twice stripped will yield several tons of leaves.

  3. An acre will contain 30 trees, and a tree will be fit for use in 15 years, and will probably continue so for two centuries.

  4. In this way, Mr. Cobbett thinks, a thousand bushels of Ruta Baga may be raised on an acre that will yield 50 bushels of Indian corn.

  5. But the regions that are barren only because they get no rain, can be redeemed and very certainly will be when this country becomes so crowded with population that every acre of arable land will be needed.

  6. Our slide ends in a spreading sort of flat down there in the valley that embraces an acre or so of level ground.

  7. It was no uncommon thing to find a man owning hundreds of acres, with less than one acre under cultivation.

  8. Year by year they saw acre after acre of the broad lands depart, and yet Marmaduke Buckley lived in the home of his ancestors, and the avenue was untouched by axe or saw.

  9. You will see a greater variety of vegetation on one acre of your sandy heath than on two square miles of the thickly-grassed country we have been passing over.

  10. Improvements will also be made between Long acre and St Giles's; and in Upper St Martin's lane the whole of the houses on the west side will be removed, the greater part of which are already taken down.

  11. The line has been cleared from Castle street to Long Acre on the east.

  12. There was a plot of about a quarter of an acre connected with it.

  13. You remember the ten-acre lot to the east of us, belonging to the heirs of Reuben Todd.

  14. In the whole upper half of the valley of Fressinière there is not, I suppose, an acre of land capable of cultivation.

  15. On this side of the place, the grounds ran down a slight slope for perhaps half a block to the five-acre hollow of shallow water and lush growth which the agent called a lake.

  16. From fish raising, he went on to discuss each acre of the farm; its best use in view of its situation, condition, and our needs.

  17. It is not worth, to me, more than fifteen shillings an acre at the bare outside.

  18. By Holy Katherine,' exclaimed Walter, 'ere you named Acre and Jerusalem, my imagination had carried me to the palace of the caliph at Bagdad.

  19. But Acre had the advantage of being strongly fortified.

  20. And Acre was not without busy life and striking ceremonies to give variety to the scene.

  21. Acre had, in fact, come to be regarded as the capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and by far the finest of the cities in Syria.

  22. Even the greatest kings in Europe could boast of nothing to compare with the pictures and marbles and rich furniture which the mansions of the magnates of Acre presented to the eyes of the weary and desponding Crusaders.

  23. Mayhap at Acre or Jerusalem,' suggested Guy, after a pause.

  24. In Jeypore I saw the half-acre of trunks and chests which the Maharaja of that province used for transporting his goods and chattels when he went to attend the coronation of the King of England.

  25. That is to say, here will be a half-acre or an acre from eighteen inches to six feet higher (all as level as a threshing-floor) than a similar level piece adjoining.

  26. While the lower plot is flooded for rice, upland crops may be growing on the adjacent elevated acre or half-acre.

  27. In ten years he may buy one third of an acre of land ($150 per acre) and necessary implements.

  28. In Kwang-tung there is a saying that one sixth of an acre "will support one mouth.

  29. But can't they put resavers on every acre of the land, and wouldn't that be all one as selling it?

  30. He had half an acre of whate; he parted that on the ground to ould Tierney; he owed Tierney money.

  31. The latter was naturally indignant at the capture of his brother, who, in fact, at the time was living in his cabin, though he did hold an acre or two of ground in the same town-land as Joe Smith and the widow Byrne.

  32. There was only a small part of his estate that Sir Walter could dispose of; but had every acre been alienable, it would have made no difference.

  33. Here I saw a three-hundred-acre field of wheat, as fine as wheat could be.

  34. Four tons per acre is not a surprising crop; and, from all I can hear, I judge that two and a half tons per acre may be considered a fair yield.

  35. I was told that an average tree would turn out about fifteen thousand feet of lumber, and thus even thirty such trees to the acre would yield nearly half a million feet.

  36. He thought he should get about forty-five bushels per acre this year.

  37. Near Lahaina every acre must be irrigated, and this work proceeds day and night in order that no water may run to waste.

  38. Every acre of land that was cleared and planted had to be securely fenced in, for cattle roamed in the woods, and ruined unprotected crops.

  39. As the gardens (the five acre lots) lay at some distance from Savannah, a hut was built there, to serve as a shelter against sun and rain, a heavy storm having chased them home one day soon after their arrival.

  40. On the 11th of April the five acre garden belonging to Spangenberg was surveyed, and work was immediately begun there, as it was just the season for planting corn.

  41. The land had been settled by Germans, Salzburgers and Wittenbergers, and Mr. Knox had bought up their fifty acre tracts, combining them into a large rice plantation.

  42. According to custom, the fifty acre grant embraced three lots,--Town Lot No.

  43. At this rate an acre of watercress under cultivation would represent almost a fortune.

  44. Another version says-- "And every time he shifted them, He covered an acre of land.

  45. This Ram had four legs to walk on, Sir, This Ram had four legs to stand, And every leg he had, Sir, Stood on an acre of land.

  46. There is nothing at all outside the walls except a few square patches, half an acre or so each, green with young corn.

  47. These, though varying in size from an acre to a couple of hundred acres, are all precisely alike in shape and direction.

  48. All day long we have been passing through a well-inhabited country, with plenty of villages and a rich red soil, already ploughed, every acre of it, and waiting only for rain.

  49. Altogether, it has an exceedingly flourishing look, not an acre of irrigable land left unplanted.

  50. The ground, above an acre in extent, had formerly been a burial-ground of the Society of Friends, some of the members of which had contributed towards its being laid out as a pleasure-garden.

  51. In London, I need not say, land is sold by the yard, and not by the acre, and a square yard in a good locality is often equal in value to a square acre in a remote district.

  52. I believe in the spade and an acre of good ground.

  53. A Bronson Alcott, who is a great man if he cannot write well, has come to Concord with his wife and three children and taken a cottage and an acre of ground to get his living by the help of God and his own spade.

  54. My client offered me one of the forty-acre tracts for my fee, but I declined, and accepted a twenty dollar gold piece for my services.

  55. At least this was encouraging, and it served to put fresh zeal in those who had begun to almost despair of ever getting across the acre of mud that lay between the spot where they had last shouted, and the Promised Land.

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