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  1. Their poor dwellings are crowded round the castle of the lord; their patches of arable land lie nearest, and the pastures beyond; that, at least, the supply of human food may be secured from any enemy.

  2. Much depends on whether it is flat or mountainous, pasture or arable land.

  3. The arable land of the plains and valleys is well adapted for the cultivation of wheat, maize and other grain crops; and the produce of cereals is generally much more than is required for the local consumption.

  4. Of its total area nearly half is arable land; wheat, oats, meslin and rye are the chief cereals and potatoes are largely grown.

  5. Eighty acres of arable land, which in normal times had been let for two marks (13s.

  6. In another place 140 acres of arable land was lying waste.

  7. For the same reason the arable land had fallen in value, and a water-mill was idle, as there was no miller.

  8. Misfortune pursued the Shepherd--the unforeseen bankruptcy of his wife's father interrupted the stocking of the sheep-walk; and the arable part of the new possession was sadly mismanaged by himself.

  9. These had once formed the crofts or arable ground of a village, now reduced to a single hut, the abode of a fisherman, who also manages a ferry.

  10. But {100} the fact that frosts occur almost every month of the year, shows the extent to which the arable sections can be rendered available for such purposes.

  11. The entire region is rich in minerals, and there is also considerable arable land in Blue River valley.

  12. Not an acre of arable land appeared along the shores.

  13. It never occurred on my arable land, either among ewes or younger sheep, but whenever I bought sheep from the flint stones of Hampshire and grazed them on soft pasture, it soon made its appearance.

  14. He was very scornful of the condition of the farm when I came, and it was he, whose reply to the late tenant that his arable land would soon be all grass, I have already quoted.

  15. Confirmation of this alteration of their courses by streams is afforded when we cut a main drain through one of these meadows, to carry the water from the connected furrow drains of adjoining arable land.

  16. My predecessor had found that his arable land was approaching a condition in which it was difficult to continue the usual course of cropping, and had expressed his wish to one of the men that all the arable was grass.

  17. The alluvial soil can be found as deep as the depth of the present brook, free from the stones found in the arable land, and containing, to the same depth as the brook, fresh water shells similar to those in the brook to-day.

  18. I do not propose to enter upon the ordinary details of arable farming, as not of very general interest, except for those actually engaged thereon.

  19. On the Highwood alone, there are at least fifteen thousand acres of arable land.

  20. Out of such a colonization as that here described nothing but a democratic society could very well come, save perhaps in case of a scarcity of arable land.

  21. This was the case with the arable mark of our ancestors.

  22. But in India the occasional redistribution of lots survives only in a few localities, and as a mere tradition in others; the arable mark has become private property, as well as the homesteads.

  23. These open arable fields were originally divided off from the village by a stretch of Lammas land.

  24. Further round the village in open fields were about 1,000 acres of arable land mostly in the acre strips, lying no doubt in their shots or furlongs, and divided by green turf balks and field-ways.

  25. Indications were found that the agrarium, or tenth of the arable produce, may have been taken in actual acres like the Saxon tithes--i.

  26. The lammas meadows are divided into strips like the arable land for the purpose of the hay crop.

  27. The best husbandman is to be elected by the villata, or body of tenants, as præpositus, and he is to be responsible for the cultivation of the arable land.

  28. Another Roman cemetery, with very similar pottery and coins, has been found on Bury Mead, near the line where the arable part ceases and the [p431] Lammas meadow lands begin.

  29. In neither case, therefore, is there the three-field system, which implies fixed arable fields ploughed again and again in rotation.

  30. Large proportion of arable land of England held in yard-lands at date of survey, 101.

  31. The division of arable open fields into day-works was therefore ancient.

  32. The keepig of sheep in inclosures on arable land, etc.

  33. Further, the reservoir might be used to irrigate the arable land in the neighbourhood during the waterless months, when there was no inundation.

  34. Then Sesostris is said to have divided the arable land of Egypt into equal rectangular portions, and to have allotted to every man an equal portion.

  35. We have now seen a good deal of evidence which tends to prove that the hide has had for its model a tenement comprising 120 acres of arable land or thereabouts.

  36. If he does not keep beasts, he has no arable land.

  37. Reluctantly we have come to the opinion that this term 'the land of (or for) one team' does not in the first instance denote a fixed areal quantity of arable land.

  38. The arable strips are held in severalty; if by chance some of them are held in common, this in all probability is a case rather of co-ownership than of communal ownership.

  39. A householder can not have arable land unless he has pasture rights.

  40. Had the semi-servile manens as a general rule 120 arable acres, a plough-team of eight oxen?

  41. Now if we ask whether the type to which reference is thus made is a tenement comprising about six-score acres of arable land, we are asking a question of the gravest importance.

  42. We are rash in imposing our perch of 16·5 feet on the whole England of the eleventh century, even though we are to measure arable land.

  43. Productive arable land stretches right and left, and windmills mark the horizon all round; no point of the prospect is without its square-towered church or red-tiled houses.

  44. It is the kind of landscape that delights the agriculturist, and that gives to rural England its distinctive charm, its combination of pasture and arable land, wood and water, village and town.

  45. Left the village behind us, and our road led through arable ground for a considerable way, on which were growing very good crops of corn and potatoes.

  46. The mountains are not unduly rugged, and their gentle slopes plus the rolling interior plateau and the arc of lowlands on the country's periphery provide an unusually large percentage of arable land.

  47. Collective farms, which cultivated 75 percent of the arable land, possessed only 1.

  48. Natural Resources The most important natural resources are the expanses of rich arable land, the rivers, and the forests.

  49. At the same time, however, large acreages were diverted to industrial and residential uses, particularly of the more valuable arable land.

  50. The net result was an increase in the total farmland area, mainly in orchards and pastures, and a decline in the arable acreage (see table 7).

  51. Arable land was especially attractive to builders because it required no expenditure for leveling.

  52. Beside these arable fields there was a tract of meadow land, from which the cattle would have been excluded during the time necessary for the growth and carrying of hay.

  53. It seems that while there are boroughs with common pasture only, there has been found no instance of a borough having arable and meadow allotments, and no common pasture.

  54. Beyond the arable land lay a ring of meadow land; beyond that the stinted pasture; and beyond that again the forest or waste.

  55. Unlike the arable field or the common meadow, it was not distributed into sets, but enjoyed in common by all who possessed the right of stocking it.

  56. Of course they were mistaken,” continued the Doctor, “our arable land will always need plowing and cultivating to kill weeds.

  57. To drain the wet portions of the arable land.

  58. This soil, it will be seen, contained, in appreciable quantities, not only potash and phosphoric acid, but all the elements of fertility which enter into the composition of good arable land.

  59. If both the wood and the pasture were put into arable cultivation, I have no doubt that the pasture would prove much more fertile than the wood land.

  60. While fortunes were being created in the cultivation of the sugar-cane, orchards, orange crops, pasturage, and arable land were being either transformed or neglected.

  61. Argentina may have had fine grazing tracks capable of rearing untold millions of cattle and arable land that had only to be scratched to yield excellent crops of cereals; but without transport values are at a minimum.

  62. The farm-houses, mansions, villages, and hamlets, are generally situated in that part of the arable land which comes nearest the meadows.

  63. A very small part, comparatively speaking, is arable land; and all the outward appearances show that that which is arable was formerly pasture.

  64. The arable land goes down before the house, and spreads along the edge of the down, going, with a gentle slope, down to the meadows.

  65. From the edge of the downs begin capital arable fields generally of very great dimensions, and, in some places, running a mile or two back into little cross-valleys, formed by hills of downs.

  66. Sometimes the slope is very gentle, and the arable lands go back very far.

  67. In those parts where the bed of loam and flints is deep the land is arable or woods: where the bed of loam and flints is so shallow as to let the plough down to the chalk, the surface is downs.

  68. In the first place, there are twenty-four parishes, each of which takes a little strip across the valley, and runs up through the arable land into the down.

  69. Even the arable fields are in some places, towards their tops, nearly as steep as the roof of a tiled house; and where the ground is covered with woods the ground is still more steep.

  70. So that, going along the turnpike road, which runs between the lower fields of the arable land, you see the large and beautiful flocks of sheep upon the sides of the down, while the horn-cattle are up to their eyes in grass in the meadows.

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