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Example sentences for "arachnid"

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  1. Thorell, "On an apparently new Arachnid belonging to the family Cryptostemmidae," Westv.

  2. Another very disgusting arachnid liable to attack man is the Galeodes araneoides.

  3. Another disagreeable arachnid is the little harvest bug (Leptus autumnalis), which not only excites irritation during its crawling motion on the human skin, but even succeeds in burying itself near the hairs.

  4. The characteristics of the median eyes must then be especially sought for in the arachnid group.

  5. In all the arachnid eyes, whether median or lateral, the lens is a single corneal lens composed of the external cuticle, which is thickened over the corneagen cells.

  6. Those invertebrates whose central nervous system is most concentrated at the cephalic end belong to the arachnid group, among which are included the various living scorpion-like animals, such as Thelyphonus, Androctonus, etc.

  7. He simply, therefore, substituted Arachnid for Annelid in the old theory.

  8. The origin of the inverted retina of the vertebrate eye does not seem to me to present any great difficulty, especially when one takes into consideration the fact that the retina is inverted in the arachnid group, only in the lateral eyes.

  9. He walked gingerly on all eights, like an arachnid Agag, in the direction of the object of his ardent affections, with a most comic uncertainty in every step he took towards her.

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