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Example sentences for "betokened"

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betide; betided; betideth; betimes; betoken; betokeneth; betokening; betokens; betony; betook
  1. That and the presence of the mist betokened an imminent change in the weather.

  2. The sea was still calm, although high overhead the ragged and greasy clouds betokened the approach of a southerly gale.

  3. The purr of electric dynamos betokened the fact that the seaward search-lights were in full operation.

  4. Athwart the rays wisps of ragged clouds and "wind-galls" betokened rough weather at no distant date.

  5. Four seconds later a dull roar betokened the fact that one torpedo was sufficient for the work of destruction.

  6. His feet were encased in heavy boots and his bronzed face betokened an out-of-door life.

  7. She moved in a dull sort of way that betokened grim resignation.

  8. Loud murmurs began to arise at this, and the orator knew that the ground swell betokened the coming storm.

  9. It was only the mouth which he did not feel satisfied with it added character to the face, but he somehow felt that it betokened a nature not easily led, not so gentle and pliable as he could have wished.

  10. The hazy sunlight, the warm and drowsy air, the tender foliage, the opening flowers, betokened the reviving life of Nature.

  11. They hugged the northern shore, to escape the fury of the wind, which blew savagely from the northeast; while the long gray sweep of naked forests on their right betokened that winter was fast closing in.

  12. The room was as clean as it could possibly be, and the persons of its occupants neat and tidy, but every thing betokened severe and pinching poverty.

  13. A little fountain leaped joyously in one of the grass-plots, pet canaries warbled from their cages among the green vines, and every thing around the place betokened the approaching return of its refined and tasteful mistress.

  14. His manners and conversation betokened refinement; and, take him all in all, he was the last man one would have ever taken for a smuggler or a pirate.

  15. THE TEXT OF THE POEM No manuscript of The Faerie Queene is known; we depend for our text upon printed copies of the work.

  16. Basil and his brother uttered a simultaneous exclamation, that betokened painful feelings.

  17. The fire-flies were abroad in thousands; and their phosphoric lamps, more than usually luminous, also betokened the approach of a rain-storm.

  18. Very good," said Gatton shortly, but I noted that his face was flushed in a way which betokened repressed excitement.

  19. Everything about them betokened wealth, and an affectation of continental manners.

  20. Whenever he caught the eye of an acquaintance, the greeting he bestowed was hearty and betokened a man without the slightest cause for anxiety of any sort.

  21. The Edmondson-avenue trolley line had just been completed up Charles street, and for the first time this old residential section resounded with the clangor that betokened rapid transit.

  22. The reformation in Europe was preceded by many things which betokened the coming of day; and there are many things now which bespeak the approach of a time of light, life, and salvation, for these regions that have long lain waste.

  23. On entering our boat we observed that it had recently been painted, and hoped that this betokened a deliverance from those gentry that so annoy Frank travellers.

  24. The house sat on a hill, and from behind the geraniums I could see pretty much all of Riverbend, tucked down in the soft snow, and the air above was full of big, loose flakes, falling from a gray sky which betokened settled weather.

  25. Men of the world would have said that it was an unusual face, nervous, finely cut, with clear, elegant lines that betokened ancestry.

  26. Caspar thrust his hand into the water, but drew it back again with an exclamation that betokened both pain and surprise.

  27. He seemed unable to notice surrounding objects, for his eyes, though wide open, stared vacantly into space; while the restless motion of his hands betokened a mind ill at ease with itself, if not with all the world around.

  28. Only faint, distant sounds, and the chiming of church and convent bells borne upon the air, betokened the near presence of the busy thousands below.

  29. This unnatural restraint was almost the only trait that betokened anything amiss.

  30. His port as well as his garments betokened nothing short of nobility.

  31. There were inclosures with cattle near at hand; and the house, with its surroundings, betokened industry and thrift.

  32. He walked to a stand where a press of people betokened the presence of a popular layer of odds, found that Eyot's price was chalked up at five to one, and backed him for four pounds.

  33. It was no disgrace to the Mercury car, therefore, when a dull report and a sudden effort of the steering-wheel to swerve to the right betokened the collapse of an inner tube on the off side.

  34. No unusual sounds betokened that the redcoats had heard the warning noise.

  35. This, to Evan, unaccountable absence, troubled him not a little, for he believed it betokened yet more mischief on the part of the vindictive Tory, but Nathan was not so ready to take alarm.

  36. He saw, standing near the door, a tall and comely young man, whose carriage betokened him not ill-born.

  37. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke, and every gesture betokened rather the grand young creature that she was than the valetudinarian going forth for healing.

  38. Surely, this increased gauntness was but the result of long hours at the paddle, the hollow cheeks but betokened hard fare and the defining winds of the outdoor air.

  39. He was coarsely and meanly clad; but there was something about him that not only betokened the gentleman, but the well-bred and accomplished scholar.

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