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Example sentences for "betoken"

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betid; betide; betided; betideth; betimes; betokened; betokeneth; betokening; betokens; betony
  1. Neither did the execution of the proposed coup de main betoken a sudden impulse inconsiderately acted upon.

  2. If the weather is fine during the fultachs, a bad summer and a cold wet harvest may be expected; but stormy fultachs betoken a good summer, Gael.

  3. The sudden departure of rats from a house is sometimes held to betoken the death of one of the inmates.

  4. Festus= saith, that albeit Portentum be a naturall thing, yet it happeneth sildome, and doth betoken some thing to come to passe after a certaine season.

  5. Prodigium, is a thing which albeit it often chaunce by course of nature, yet notwithstanding it doth alwaies betoken some euill thing, being called Prodigium, as it were of porro agendum, to be done afterward.

  6. This place they call =Abrahams= bosome, and Hell (for Hell doth not alwaies betoken a place of torment, but also generally the state that soules are in after this life.

  7. Many of the speeches made in favour of relief, at the time of the Irish and English Emancipation Acts, were couched in terms which betoken a marked departure from the bitterness of tone which had long been customary.

  8. All the symbols betoken augmented severity in the judgments.

  9. All the symbols under the sixth seal betoken revolution.

  10. Her hair was dark brown, but showed those shades of red in certain lights which betoken an energetic temperament, and good staying power.

  11. The remains of the Roman theatre on the slope behind the cathedral--great stone semicircles carved on a scale to seat a large audience--betoken a considerable Roman town.

  12. If cut= (in the costume) =betoken intellect and talent, so does the colour betoken temper and heart.

  13. The cut= (of the vesture) =betokens intellect and talent, so does the colour betoken temper and heart.

  14. There is not a dwarf jokei, a cropt Brutus'-head, or Anglomaniac horseman rising on his stirrups, that does not betoken change.

  15. Fifty yellow furloughs,' given out in one batch, do surely betoken difficulties.

  16. Her own mind could revolve in the same grievance as interminably as a squirrel in its wheel, and her husband's habit of casting off the accepted fact seemed to betoken poverty of feeling.

  17. The phenomena are all remarkably alike, and clearly betoken one and the same class of objects; differing between themselves at most in size and importance.

  18. Advantage was taken of the double event to a recording of the consecutive appearances certain regions underwent, and the contrasted states thus exhibited were such as clearly to betoken the action of seasonal change.

  19. For, for diplopic doubles to show such respect for the equator would betoken a courtesy in them to be commended of Sydney Smith.

  20. The prophet Amos, who in his capacity of herdsman was familiar with the wild beasts, from which he had to guard his cattle, makes frequent mention of the Lion, and does so with a force and vigour that betoken practical experience.

  21. Though we cannot see her, we may at least retain this shadow; and, while life remains, betoken our regard.

  22. The augur tells his prophecy:-- "The first betoken plenteous years; the change Of banners shows of homes a widening range.

  23. Yet apposition of this kind need betoken no truly conceptual thought.

  24. In short, all connotative names, when denominatively applied, betoken acts of judgment, which differ from those concerned in full predication only as regards the form of their expression.

  25. Remarkable cases occur of commensalism between certain crabs and sea-anemones, and they betoken much intelligence.

  26. They did so by conveying a number of little pieces of wood, the choice of which material instead of earth or stones, as in the previous case, seems to betoken no small knowledge of practical engineering.

  27. I judge those best who weld warriors' swords and spears for the battle, whose temper shows their courage, who betoken their hearts by the sternness of their calling, whose work declares their prowess.

  28. He was amazed with this imagination, and, being in a deep sleep, uttered a cry to betoken his astonishment, filling the whole house with an uproarious shout.

  29. The hands are thin and delicate, and the whole appearance and attitude betoken great weakness.

  30. For the signs of the times clearly betoken a general and universal convulsion.

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