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Example sentences for "bespeak"

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bespake; bespangled; bespatter; bespattered; bespattering; bespeaking; bespeaks; bespectacled; bespelled; bespoke
  1. Gladly would we give any pledge that could in any way bespeak our warm sense of thy true merit, lady, therefore speak, and fear not.

  2. It is therefore admirably suited for general use, and we bespeak for it a wide circulation.

  3. In my way home I went to the Chapel in Chancery Lane to bespeak papers of all sorts and other things belonging to writing against my voyage.

  4. To Whitehall to bespeak some firing for my father at Short's, and likewise to speak to Mr. Blackburne about Batters being gunner in the "Wexford.

  5. Alfred made no reply, but turned a look on Quackinboss, as thongh to bespeak his interference.

  6. Oh, these are the friends for whom I was to bespeak an apartment; so, then, I 'll not leave my hotel.

  7. Here we stand,--he in fine clothes, and I in rags, but not so very remote as externals bespeak us.

  8. I did this afternoon call at my woman that ruled my paper to bespeak a musique card, and there did kiss Nan.

  9. At noon to the 'Change and there met Captain Cocke, and had a second time his direction to bespeak L100 of plate, which I did at Sir R.

  10. She had already unclasped two costly bracelets and a collar, which she hastened to proffer to the supposed outlaw, concluding naturally that to gratify his avarice was to bespeak his favour.

  11. But first to bespeak him the best bed that this hostelrie affords, and compound a loving cup to warm his heart as he hath warmed ours.

  12. We would now bespeak thy courtesy for others that are soon to follow.

  13. So your friend Mr. Talbot could not afford to bespeak a dress--(Bursal and Wheeler laugh insolently).

  14. The countenance does not bespeak tranquillity; but the face is expressive of inward oppression.

  15. Do not these traits bespeak the being formed rather by man's malice, than created by Nature's goodness?

  16. Tell me what hath befallen thee, for that, against thy wont, I bespeak thee and thou answerest me not.

  17. Now she was unique in eloquence and sweetness of speech and she proceeded to beguile him and bespeak him with words significant [608] and sweet, so she might entangle him yet straitlier in the toils of her love.

  18. Is this the respect that is due to my rank and the honour in which thou holdest me, that I bespeak thee and thou answerest me not a word?

  19. When he had viewed the palace, all of it, he rejoiced and was exceeding glad; then he turned to the genie and said to him, "I desire of thee one thing which is lacking and whereof I had forgotten to bespeak thee.

  20. So that, should they pass for very knowing men upon all other accounts, yet their very calumnies and reviling language would bespeak them at the greatest distance from philosophy imaginable.

  21. For he doth beforehand, as it were, bespeak dislike of the evil things and approbation of the good things he utters.

  22. Expecting whether he would bespeak him,--instead of "speak to him.

  23. But be of good cheer, O my son, and to-morrow needs must I bespeak him for thy sake; and what happened not may happen.

  24. And after this Mubarak instructed his master how to address the King and crave of him the boon and how to bespeak him with pleasant speech.

  25. I doubt not thou has gotten all this abundance and opulence by means of the four hundred gold pieces which I gave to thee; but say me truly wherefore didst thou twice deceive me and bespeak me falsely?

  26. Let me know what ill hath betided thee for, unlike thy custom, thou speakest not when I bespeak thee.

  27. O my child, that I found courage enough and secured for myself standing place in the levÚe this day; and, albe I dreaded to bespeak the King yet (Inshallah!

  28. It is now in an almost ruinous condition, and the damp, discolored walls and crumbling plaster bespeak neglect and decay.

  29. Its essential part, the circular area, and the number of similar structures found in the vicinity, equally bespeak its ancient origin.

  30. They bespeak A day of jubilee, and oft they bear, Commix'd along the unfrequented shore, The sound of village dance and tabor loud, Startling the musing ear of Solitude.

  31. Wafted in varying cadence, by the shore Of the still twinkling river, they bespeak A day of jubilee, An ancient holiday.

  32. Sir, he has ordered me to bespeak a dinner for us at Rousseau's, at a Lewis d'or a head.

  33. Her own fears bespeak the probability that Mrs. Nurse was very impressible by mind not her own--that she was highly mediumistic; and we ascribe her persecution to her impressibility.

  34. Three noble daughters bespeak a good mother, and yet, for some reason, Mrs. Towne had been called a witch.

  35. Do such feats bespeak their origin in delirium tremens?

  36. Enough has been presented to show that Mather stated several facts which, to the mass of men, must seem astounding--such facts as bespeak performances beyond what embodied men could enact.

  37. The Colonel is a fine man for County Judge, and we bespeak for him the suffrages of every voter who wants an honest judiciary.

  38. She is an estimable and cultured lady, and we bespeak for her a warm welcome to this garden-spot of the mid-West.

  39. I must bespeak your kindness and friendship for her.

  40. In surrendering myself and those under my command, I bespeak for the others an immunity from all vexatious detention.

  41. There was a general air of disorder and untidiness throughout the apartment, which seemed to bespeak early and late revels, and no great observance of the thrift of even military housekeeping.

  42. It is not for myself, sergeant, I bespeak this caution; I have nothing to conceal from you; but there is a lady who is much interested in our circumspection.

  43. The two ladies whispered, and looked upon me, and seemed to bespeak each other's attention to what passed.

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