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Example sentences for "bespeaks"

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  1. The interior, with its great piers, its rough barrel-vault, and its general lack of grace and elegance, bespeaks its functions as a stronghold.

  2. This curious porch well bespeaks the time when the Church was both spiritual and militant, and ranks as an innovation--though an incomplete and possibly imperfect one--in the manner of finishing off a west facade.

  3. His careless committal of the ring to the ground (which he was commissioned to restore to Cesario), bespeaks a generosity of birth and feeling.

  4. The frequent designation of the Oregon Paiute as "Bannock" by both Bannock and Shoshone at Fort Hall Reservation bespeaks the linguistic similarity or virtual identity of the languages of the respective groups.

  5. The presence of the Horn Chief on the Big Lost River in Idaho and the Bear River in Utah bespeaks the fact that the residents of eastern Idaho entered the northern Utah region quite as frequently as did the Shoshone of western Wyoming.

  6. Thus, given a measure of nervous instability, a complexity may be induced, a disintegration of the composite personality into the various separate personalities, that bespeaks a lower, not a higher organism.

  7. He loved the largeness of the open air, and his intense joy in natural sights and sounds bespeaks the man of fine, even hectic sensibility, whose nerves quiver for the benison of the winds and sunshine.

  8. All that bespeaks the day, except the fair That's queen of it?

  9. I could give it then What tint I chose, and that should be the hectic Bespeaks a heart in delicate commotion.

  10. Moreover, the mere fact that he was able to keep up a heavy meat diet all through the tropics bespeaks a constitution of exceptional strength, unimpaired as yet by the internal malady which was to be his doom.

  11. In either case, the incident bespeaks for him great power of organization and control.

  12. The architecture bespeaks the time of Edward II.

  13. The chattering of one of these birds in the morning bespeaks the arrival of a stranger before evening.

  14. A white mark on the nail bespeaks misfortune.

  15. It {91} denotes an organization of life in which as yet no interest has risen above the rest; it bespeaks the common populace of interests, disciplined, but not moved to any eminent achievement.

  16. It bespeaks a state of panic or a narrow regard for isolated needs and desires.

  17. The huge fireplace without tiles bespeaks plainly the days of prosperity.

  18. The heavy iron bar that still securely fastens the entrance door bespeaks a time when the red men lurked in Portsmouth and made this protection a necessity.

  19. There are many fine old pieces of furniture, each one of which bespeaks some event connected with the poet's life.

  20. It must suffice to say that the draft of that measure bespeaks a keen interest in the welfare of the poor, and indeed errs on the side of generosity.

  21. The fact that Cornwallis anticipated it bespeaks the resolve alike of Ministers and the admiral at all costs to stop Villeneuve off Finisterre and prevent the naval concentration in French waters on which Napoleon laid so much stress.

  22. Your waiting thus upon me bespeaks the warmth of your affection; but I pray you have mercy on my ears!

  23. Lady Kilgoff's diamonds are disposed with an elegance that bespeaks the guiding skill of a consummate artist.

  24. Your seclusion at least bespeaks the interest you feel in the game.

  25. It bespeaks the scholar and idealist, whose sacred enthusiasm is in some danger of contracting a taint of pedantry for want of acquaintance with men and affairs.

  26. This important point settled, he hangs up his hat—he took it off the moment he sat down—and bespeaks the paper after the next gentleman.

  27. But when it is set forth to us under the notion of 'mercy,' then it bespeaks us to be in a state both wretched and miserable, and that his bowels and compassions yearn over us in this our fearful plight.

  28. And this bespeaks in one way to the reasoning mind a very ancient ancestry.

  29. As a whole, this vegetation still bespeaks a climate considerably more genial, mild, and equable than that of modern England.

  30. Then the story, the unhappy story, whined out in that self-pitying voice which ever bespeaks the loss of pride--that characteristic of wholesome normal womanhood.

  31. The banker noticed, even as they talked, the slight tremor of fingers and lips which bespeaks tension; and that not a little of her appearance of reserve and strength had slipped away through the grind of the years.

  32. That the ibex should have survived such persecution by hardy mountaineers bespeaks their natural cunning.

  33. The admission, beyond any words of mine, bespeaks the character of these Cantabrian peaks.

  34. Many huge masses of rock had lately fallen during earthquakes; and the whole country round bespeaks some ancient and tremendous commotion of nature[42].

  35. That the youth should adventure, she could wish; yet his very hesitancy bespeaks his devotion true.

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