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Example sentences for "brandish"

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brand; branded; brandied; brandies; branding; brandished; brandishes; brandishing; brandisht; brands
  1. Sometimes the male figures carry a shield in the left hand and brandish a sword in the right; while the female figures are represented grasping with both hands a serpent which stands on its coiled tail.

  2. Therewith they began to hurtle greedily, Therewith > With that; thereupon hurtle > brandish arms (catachr.

  3. His harmful club he began to hurtle high, hurtle > brandish (catachr.

  4. And if I do not, may my hands rot off, And neuer brandish more reuengefull Steele, Ouer the glittering Helmet of my Foe Surrey.

  5. Mr. Rushton's entrance does not attract his attention; he continues to brandish his ruler and to repeat his poem.

  6. Every other warrior holds his pipe between his teeth, and all brandish nondescript weapons, like their enemies, the Irish.

  7. Comets, importing change of times and states, Brandish your crystal tresses in the sky; And with them scourge the bad revolting stars.

  8. But a sword with a blade one hundred and fifty millions of miles long must be a somewhat awkward weapon to brandish round after this fashion.

  9. It was more a weapon for a hero of might than for a maiden, but, unwieldy as it was, she was able to brandish it as easily as if it had been a willow wand.

  10. Go, therefore, as the fiend directed you, take the drawing from him, and brandish the sacred relic in his accursed face the moment you have received it.

  11. He couldn't brandish it, and then the Princess said he must take a pull at the flask which hung by its side, and when he had done that he could brandish it.

  12. So she gave him the Troll's sword, and bade him take a pull at the flask, that he might be able to brandish and wield it.

  13. So Halvor took a pull, and in the twinkling of an eye he could brandish the sword like nothing; and now he thought it high time the Troll came; and lo!

  14. Could she brandish winnings in their faces, she felt sure that the lecturers would be less severe and she less helpless before them.

  15. Fricker had his lesson to give and his scourge to brandish too.

  16. They would brandish their bottles and cheer, and sometimes, when the coach swayed, would swing with it as sailors should on a sloping deck; then the coach turned over.

  17. Just then the door opened, and before it was shut again in our faces I just had time to brandish the card.

  18. Brandish the spear and block those who pursue me.

  19. Ere long, the downward trend which they had followed led them within sight of the Norman camp fires, at the sight of which they could not resist the impulse to shout and savagely brandish their swords.

  20. Then, with a hysterical laugh, and a fierce brandish aloft of his sword, he dashes off again towards the summit.

  21. So Halvor took a pull, and in a twinkling of an eye he could brandish the sword like anything".

  22. There were statues of Athene that could brandish spears, paintings that could blush, images that could sweat, and numberless shrines and sanctuaries at which miracle-cures were performed.

  23. In ancient times, the statues of Minerva could brandish spears, and those of Venus could weep.

  24. I should be better able to listen and you would certainly be better able to read the letter if you didn't brandish it in my face.

  25. Did he unscabbard the avenging blade, The long spear brandish and porrect the shield, Havoc the town and devastate the field?

  26. I brandish no iconoclastic fist, Nor enter the debate an atheist; But when they say there is a God I ask Why Bartlett, then, is suffered to exist.

  27. Some brandished their flat leaves as the painter Wiertz, in his famous picture of Napoleon in Hell, made wives and mothers brandish their menacing fists at the man who had robbed them of their loved ones.

  28. She meant to brandish Druro as a trophy--fastening him publicly to the wheels of her chariot.

  29. We who brandish burnished steel-- Famous men erst reddened weapons, When?

  30. The two fish-like gods brandish something over the corpse which appears, so far as it can be made out, to be a flower or bunch of grass.

  31. Fain would I shake the withering wreaths, brandish the torches, and devote the night to pleasure.

  32. And to demonstrate this by example, he would brandish his cane so that it was a delight to see it driving back all the flock of playful youngsters into the sheep-fold of knowledge with blows.

  33. We, who cannot go to take part in the battles, will hold and brandish the arms of prayer, like Moses who prayed on the mountain, whilst Joshua slew his ferocious enemies in the valley.

  34. After a long-winded, wearisome challenge, they brandish their weapons and meet in a series of single combats which merge in a general mêlée as the princes are vanquished and the hand of the disputed enchantress is won.

  35. Then one who stood near the throne began to gesticulate, and brandish his horrid, blood-stained spear, but the man on the raised dais smiled.

  36. He did not say much, but when he did speak they listened, and gradually they ceased to brandish their spears, and after what seemed an eternity to me, I saw that they had given up the idea of murdering us, at any rate for the present.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brandish" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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