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Example sentences for "branding"

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branchy; brand; branded; brandied; brandies; brandish; brandished; brandishes; brandishing; brandisht
  1. All regular Cubs were recognized as such by branding them as "old hands.

  2. Next came the branding ceremony, or the induction of new families into the Pack.

  3. She had seen Ben throw cattle in this manner when he was branding them.

  4. As the Two Diamond men came to within a hundred feet of the cabin two men, who had been at work in a small corral, suddenly dropped their branding irons and bolted toward the cabin.

  5. Smoke from a nearby fire curled lazily upward, and about this fire the man now worked--evidently turning some branding irons.

  6. The whole party rode over to the branding camp, and there was the black and white steer as wild as ever.

  7. While the branding was going on the big steer bellowed and stamped and tried to break the fence down.

  8. Others felt that industrial education had for its object the limitation of the Negro's development, and the branding him for all time as a special hand-working class.

  9. All were slashed, or had the scars of branding on their foreheads and cheeks; these marks were the distinguishing features of different tribes or families.

  10. Of the calves he had left with their mothers in the fall, scarce one remained; of the cows themselves he could find not half, and the calf-branding was becoming a grim joke among the men.

  11. He was not much used to these things; beyond keeping tally of the stock at branding and shipping time and putting down what details of his business he dared not trust to memory, a pencil was strange to his fingers.

  12. But their leader was fully as anxious as they and had timed the work so that by four o'clock the herd was turned loose, the fires drenched with water and the branding irons put away.

  13. But with the gathering and the calf-branding he knew that the number had shrunk woefully.

  14. Then a fire was made of greasewood twigs, and the branding iron, which one of the cowboys carried at his saddle, was put in the flames to heat.

  15. It meant round-ups twice a year, and the branding of cattle which were claimed as the property of the different owners.

  16. Yellin' Kid Watson, one of the cowboys who had been engaged in the impromptu branding operations.

  17. That's only some of the Diamond X outfit branding stray calves they come across.

  18. The stable corral was built out of heavy poles and posts, with a capacity of holding near one hundred cattle, and by a very slight alteration it could be enlarged, with branding conveniences added.

  19. While awaiting the horses, the practical cowman outlined to Joel certain alterations to the corral at the stable, which admitted of the addition of a branding chute.

  20. Shipping pens, branding chutes, and every facility for handling cattle were complete.

  21. The work was completed within a week, Dell making a hand which proved his nerve, either in the saddle or branding pen.

  22. Remember we must have the materials on the ground when Mr. Paul returns, to build a corral and branding chute.

  23. Every old tool on the ranch was brought into service, and by twilight the outlines of the branding chute had taken form.

  24. Why do you reckon we overlooked branding him?

  25. Where strength was essential, only the best of timber was chosen, and well within the time limit the materials for corral and branding chute were at hand on the ground.

  26. Four men were at work on the branding chute.

  27. Two men were detailed from each outfit, and with the foremen and the boys, a branding crew stood ready for the task before them.

  28. Remember how those men, the day we branded, rushed the cattle into the branding chute.

  29. A fire is built near by and branding irons of all owners of cattle on the range are heated.

  30. An account of all calves and of each brand, separately, is kept, so that, at the end of the branding season, the owner can tell the number of calves branded.

  31. As it was drawn to the deck a Senegalese soldier, acting for the Customs, gave it a second blow with a branding hammer, and, thundering and smashing, it swung into the hold.

  32. A young man with a hammer and tiny branding irons beat little stars and the number of my license to porter d'armes on the stock of each weapon.

  33. It was John's duty, with two other men, to rope the calves belonging to his ranch by the hind legs and yank them along the smooth grass to the branding fire, where Jerry applied the hot iron.

  34. What did you think we were doing, branding calves?

  35. Each outfit pauses to rest a few minutes before the counting and branding begin; in the meantime Jerry is coaxing the fire in which the branding irons are heating.

  36. It took but a little time to discover this roguery, and when I became satisfied of their knavery I brought it to a sudden close by seizing the horses as captured property, branding them U.

  37. Soldiers detailed as teamsters and black smiths would also enter the corral, the former with ropes to serve as halters, the latter with branding irons and a fire to keep the irons heated.

  38. Branding or securing a troublesome or, colonially, a `rowdy' bullock.

  39. There were some small yards, and a `crush,' as they call it, for branding cattle.

  40. He did, however, take the great step of branding with infamy the impure idolatry of the queen-mother, and he degraded her from her rank.

  41. Yet his punishment does not justify us in branding him as a weak or a vicious man.

  42. The coming of the strange herds and vaqueros, the counting and the separating of the animals, and the branding of the young stock made a period of excitement and fun.

  43. Each stock owner had to be there with all the men from his ranch who could ride, nor must he forget his branding irons.

  44. Branding was the outward and visible sign (usually imprinted on the arm) of degradation to slavery,--the punishment for slandering a votary or a married woman.

  45. Among the penalties enumerated in the code, mutilation, branding and scourging are the most barbarous.

  46. He proved to be a skilful rider and as good with the lariat or in the branding pen as most of them.

  47. A Maverick when you ain't got your branding iron!

  48. From branding cattle to deliberately torturing them for the pleasure of seeing their sufferings is but a step.

  49. Give him horses and set him to branding cattle.

  50. The law provides that range cattle must be branded, and branding is infamously cruel.

  51. Although she did not bring her sketchbook with her, as at the bullfight, she did not shrink from the branding of the cattle, which took place under her very eyes.

  52. Perhaps--if Betty knew that--she might come back to you, without your branding her.

  53. So, after all, the branding iron is the proper instrument," he said.

  54. Some four weeks passed without anything particular happening, and then came the branding of the calves, always an event of supreme importance on a large South American estancia.

  55. Still it is something of a shock to hear even a Canadian archbishop branding four-fifths of the people of this world as bastards.

  56. It was a brutal confession that in questioning the good name of Miss Wulff, in branding her as the mistress of a black, they were guilty of a more heinous crime than the beast who defiled her body.

  57. Every prisoner knows perfectly that he is a convict and a reprobate, and knows the distance which separates him from his superiors; but neither the branding irons nor chains will make him forget that he is a man.

  58. There had once been wells at this branding pen, but on their failing to furnish water continuously they had been abandoned.

  59. Then the man who directed the work ordered into their saddles a number of swarthy fellows who spoke Spanish, and the work of branding commenced.

  60. A tall quiet man who did the branding called to a boy who attended the fire to bring him two irons; with one he stamped the circle, and with the other he made a short horizontal bar on either side of it.

  61. It was now noticed that the herd had left the trail in the direction of a place where there had formerly been a ranch house, the corrals of which were in good repair, as they were frequently used for branding purposes.

  62. On his finger as material branding in her being and then in gold her rings wedded him in empathy and friendship which they believed would last with the longevity of their symbolic tokens.

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