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Example sentences for "brandished"

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branded; brandied; brandies; branding; brandish; brandishes; brandishing; brandisht; brands; brandy
  1. But before it quite dipped into the sea an arm robed in white samite, mystic and wonderful, rose out of the waves, caught it by the hilt, brandished it three times and drew it under.

  2. Sir, I threw it out with both hands, wheeling it round and when I looked an arm robed in white samite reached up out of the water and caught it by the hilt, brandished it three times and drew it under.

  3. The right hand of the first warrior was now raised and brandished in air; in the next instant it descended upon the breast of the female, who fell from his arms into the ravine beneath.

  4. With gold, a leaf-ball crisp, high-brandished now, Tempting to onset frost which late attacked.

  5. The rays fell upon a dozen eager faces, upon a mass of half-clad men hemmed in the narrow place, and was reflected from a number of brandished weapons.

  6. Men shook their fists at him and brandished a hundred different weapons, while the very mention of food seemed to madden the desperate individuals.

  7. He brandished them in the middle of the house, so that nothing remained of the fifteen sets of armour that were in store in Conchobar's household against the breaking of weapons or taking of arms by any one.

  8. That withstood him, and he brandished it, and blessed the king whose armour it was, and said, "Blessing to the people and race to whom is king the man whose armour that is.

  9. Against the greedy birds, as wrath excites, Astolpho with his brandished faulchion smites.

  10. The Gabbler bounded up and down, stammered and brandished his arms like mill-sails; the Blinkard limped up to Yakov and began kissing him; Nikolai Ivanitch got up and solemnly announced that he would add a second pot of beer from himself.

  11. Filofey began suddenly bawling at the top of his voice; he sat up and brandished the whip.

  12. Filofey brandished the whip, and the coach rolled on again.

  13. The goose was smoking on the table, and the Bailie brandished his knife and fork.

  14. His figure was displayed to advantage by a candle which he bore in his left hand; in his right he brandished a poker.

  15. Then he and Menelaus stood face to face, on the ground which Hector and Ulysses had meted out; and they brandished their spears, with wrath against each other.

  16. He brandished his huge fists in the air, and paced vaingloriously backward and forward in the arena, challenging any one in the assembly to meet him.

  17. But when they came near to each other, the goodly Paris went before the front rank of the Trojans, and brandished his spear, and challenged all the Argive chiefs to single combat.

  18. With something like a snort of terror and dismay, the admiral sprung to his feet, and brandished the candlestick fiercely over his head, while waiting for what was to come.

  19. But he soon found this was easier said than done; for, seizing a small chair, Pet brandished it over her head, and threatened instant annihilation to the first who would come near her.

  20. There was something very underhand; something must have been done, some undue influence exerted to induce him to leave such a will, for I know he loved Alice as he never loved his second wife.

  21. Bienvenu turned and brandished his instruments of discord in an imploring way to the crowd.

  22. She swung one arm as she walked, and brandished a turkey-tail fan.

  23. The torch was brandished high above his head, and with fear and trepidation he prepared to obey.

  24. Chelkash staggered; he sat heavily down on the sand, and grinding his teeth, brandished his long arm and clenched fist in the air.

  25. Our baker, all at once, flew into a rage and brandished his shovel.

  26. So they, who 'gainst Mezentius there just wrath do nowise lack, Lack heart to meet him hand to hand with naked brandished blade, But clamour huge and weapon-shot from far upon him laid.

  27. Their indifference had vanished, and weapons were brandished in a way that showed a grim determination to fight to the death.

  28. A few of the foremost warriors, drawing clear of the press, had managed to evade the death-dealing volleys, and with brandished clubs and spears were rushing upon the barricade.

  29. Thy brandished whinyard all the world defies, And kills as sure as del Tobosa's eyes.

  30. Somebody, I think, has called a fine woman dancing, a brandished torch of beauty.

  31. High on his horse then Hrothgar's retainer Turned him to coastward, mightily brandished His lance in his hands, questioned with boldness.

  32. The good war-king, rash with edges, brandished his sword, his old relic.

  33. One of these two was a huge fellow, almost a giant for stature, and armed with a two-handed sword, which he brandished like a switch.

  34. With one hand he held a horn to his mouth; in the other he brandished a stout spear.

  35. Saracen's weapon out of its owner's hand, and brandished it over his head.

  36. So saying, he pulled from under his shaggy garment a sort of flail or jointed club, bound with iron, which he brandished round his head with singular dexterity.

  37. His own long spear was not couched or levelled like that of his antagonist, but grasped by the middle with his right hand, and brandished at arm's-length above his head.

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