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Example sentences for "flourishing"

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flouris; flourish; flourished; flourishes; flourisheth; flours; floury; flout; flouted; flouting
  1. The mendicant orders, spread into every district of the island, were not so easily erased from the soil; very many of the Dominican and Franciscan houses standing and flourishing far into the succeeding century.

  2. About the year 503, they had succeeded in establishing a flourishing principality among the cliffs and glens of Argyle.

  3. What greater demonstration could there be that unity leadeth to flourishing life, while dissension and withdrawing from the others, will lead only to misery; for these are the sure ways to bitter disappointment and ruin.

  4. I beg of Him to bestow upon thee a spiritual soul, and the life of the Kingdom, and to make thee a leaf verdant and flourishing on the Tree of Life, that thou mayest serve the handmaids of the Merciful with spirituality and good cheer.

  5. Nay, even worse, for flourishing countries have been reduced to rubble, cities have been levelled with the ground, and many a once prosperous village hath been turned into ruin.

  6. It is needful for the bough to blossom, and leaf and fruit to flourish, and upon the interconnection of all parts of the world-tree, dependeth the flourishing of leaf and blossom, and the sweetness of the fruit.

  7. Is not the colony at Liberia in a flourishing condition, and expanding beyond the most sanguine expectations of its founders?

  8. The flourishing seaport, Marseilles, possessed a Jewish community for a long time after the expulsion.

  9. This place was at the time a flourishing city inhabited only by Jews.

  10. The Amsterdam Portuguese community, consisting of more than four hundred members, already possessed three hundred stately houses and palaces in this city, raised by them to a flourishing seat of commerce.

  11. Here was still to be found, if not a flourishing state of science, at least appreciation of scientific research.

  12. To strengthen her trade communications, therefore, this flourishing city sent out Hanno's great expedition along the west coast of Africa, and Himilco to the tin country in the north.

  13. I found that my mother had two assistants in her business and everything appeared to be on a grander scale, and more flourishing than ever.

  14. One must be careful not to ignore the fact that the flourishing state of trade and manufactures is always largely due to the existence of personal relations.

  15. As the valuation took place at a time when the shipping business was in an exceedingly flourishing state, the price which he fixed worked out at so high an average per ton as was never again paid before the outbreak of the war.

  16. The savages swarmed about our party by the hundreds and thousands, threatening vengeance, and flourishing their guns in a blood-curdling manner.

  17. The latter place, being on the Mississippi and easy of access, was quite a flourishing town.

  18. It was very flourishing in former times, and has still handsome walls in good repair, which inclose a large tract of ground, and even some mountains; but its houses are not more than three hundred in number.

  19. In that isle of Sicily is a kind of garden, in which are many different fruits; and the garden is green and flourishing at all seasons of the year, as well in winter as in summer.

  20. How flourishing is the arbour of this delusion, which is fraught with the endless objects of our erroneous imagination; and hath stretched out these innumerable worlds from our ignorance of them.

  21. How flourishing is the kalpa tree or all fruitful arbour of delusion; which is ever fraught with endless objects of our imaginary desire, and stretches out the infinite worlds to our erroneous conception as its leaves.

  22. It was full of its blooming buds and blossoms, and was covered with its tender leaves and leaflets, it was fraught with its flourishing flowers, and had graced the forest all around.

  23. How strange had been the vicissitudes of this once flourishing place during the last few years!

  24. Of course the flourishing commerce of the old days has been quite destroyed.

  25. The city was now quite different from the flourishing town it had been before the war.

  26. The entire province was in a flourishing condition, but danger was near.

  27. Antioch was now flourishing with prosperity, and the holiday of All Saints was approaching, at the end of which the expedition was scheduled to begin again.

  28. This was the supposed beginning of the Axumite kingdom, the capital of which, Axume, was a flourishing center of trade.

  29. I hope private society in New York would still be found as correct if not quite so violent; and I wish I could believe that the fine arts were presently in as flourishing a condition among us as they were in 1849.

  30. A flourishing mission has also been established on the river of ButĂșan, where had formerly been a Christian mission, now abandoned.

  31. Among these people, unusually brutal and fierce, go the undaunted Recollects, and soon establish flourishing missions, collecting the people in "reductions.

  32. It has flourishing villages, especially along the shores of the rivers, which are large and not few.

  33. O ye verdant and flourishing leaves of the Blessed.

  34. Let each one of you be attracted to the love of the other, so that ye may become as fountains flowing from one source, stars beaming with one life, myrtles verdant and flourishing by the abundance of one rain.

  35. O ye verdant and flourishing leaves(26) of the Blessed Tree!

  36. All this I heard for the first time when Price, with another triumphant look, came into my bedroom flourishing Martin's telegram as something she had reason to be proud of.

  37. Hence, to the Schools of this flourishing and ancient University, especially for the study of physic and anatomy.

  38. Illustration: PLATE 27] There is reason to believe that two other animals, which have now altogether disappeared from the country, inhabited at least some parts of Assyria during its flourishing period.

  39. The monuments furnish distinct evidence of the time in question in the fourth, fifth, and sixth kings of the above list, who reigned while the Chaldaean empire was still flourishing in Lower Mesopotamia.

  40. The sketch here attempted of Assyrian history will now be brought to a close by a few observations on the general nature of the monarchy, or its extent in the most flourishing period, and on the character of its civilization.

  41. In a flourishing kingdom like Assyria, luxury must have gradually advanced; and when the empire fell under the combined attack of its two most powerful neighbors, no doubt it had lost much of its pristine vigor.

  42. With Asshur-izir-pal commences one of the most flourishing periods of the Empire.

  43. The country round Cobourg is well cultivated, a great portion of the woods having been superseded by open fields, pleasant farms, and fine flourishing orchards, with green pastures, where abundance of cattle were grazing.

  44. There is a flourishing and very pretty town situated at the junction of the Richelieu river with the St. Laurence, formerly called Sorel, now called Fort William Henry.

  45. One man came and built a saw mill; a grist-mill followed soon after; and then one store and then another, till we beheld a flourishing village spring up around us.

  46. The oaks that grow on this high bank are rather larger and more flourishing than those in the valleys and more fertile portions of the soil.

  47. I could give you many flourishing accounts of settlers in this country; I could also reverse the picture, and you would come to the conclusion that there are many arguments to be used both for and against emigration.

  48. The assembly to which I address myself is too enlightened not to be fully sensible how much a flourishing state of the arts and sciences contributes to national prosperity and reputation.

  49. The abundant fruits of another year have blessed our country with plenty and with the means of a flourishing commerce.

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