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Example sentences for "erased"

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eran; erano; erant; eras; erase; eraser; erasers; erasing; erasure; erasures
  1. When we too stood upon the Hill erased MS.

  2. I feed upon that hour of Bliss erased MS.

  3. Does it remain in the Constitution, or is it erased by the repeated exercise of the President's veto, and the acquiescence in that exercise of all who call themselves his friends, whatever their own opinions of the Constitution may be?

  4. And wherever her aery footstep trod, 25 Her trailing hair from the grassy sod Erased its light vestige, with shadowy sweep, Like a sunny storm o'er the dark green deep.

  5. In the places where letters had been erased by the use of chemicals the coloring of the paper had been restored, so that it was well-nigh impossible to detect a variance of the hue.

  6. He tells you that he has examined this record, and that there is no question but some of the words have been erased and others substituted in their places.

  7. The dates, too, had been erased by the chemical process, and in their stead were dates which would make it appear that the paper bad been presented for payment within a reasonable length of time after it had been issued.

  8. But in the fourteenth century, drawings were frequently done in Italy with pencils consisting of a mixture cast from lead and tin; these drawings could easily be erased with bread crumbs.

  9. When ink marks have been erased or discharged by chemical means, traces of the treatment are often recognizable.

  10. The more valuable of them are disfigured by the superscription of newer writings over the partially erased earlier ones, thus rendering the work of ascertaining their real character most difficult.

  11. Ink whose materials have been liquified by the agency of an acid is erased with great difficulty.

  12. However, a sea voyage which included several sharp gales of wind soon erased all sad memories; things gradually 'brightened,' and ere many weeks had passed all on board H.

  13. The Admiralty went so far as to tell me that if I did not immediately return to England, my name would be erased from the list of naval officers.

  14. However, my name was erased from the list of naval officers, and was not replaced there for several years.

  15. Tissot erased from the list of the banished--M.

  16. Write to General Durosel that he shall be immediately erased from the list of emigrants.

  17. Second state--The book erased to insert the cover of a Bible as the sole of a shoe.

  18. In the year 1763 Hogarth erased his own head from the plate, and in its place inserted "The Bruiser, C.

  19. I cannot believe that you will place your critic's feelings for a few erased passages against my permanent interest.

  20. We accordingly took our pen, and erased his name from our title-page, and he was once more happy.

  21. The swift vengeance of the Padishah was hailed with applause by the officials, as if it had erased the blood guilt from the robe of royal honor; but the people shook their heads, and kept shadows on their faces for many days.

  22. But since his heart is not touched by the demon, but only his memory erased and his imagination distorted, my science tells me there is hope of his cure.

  23. Poland was erased from among the nations of the earth; while France put forth a gigantic strength in the triumphant defence of its nationality.

  24. Blackboards still decorated the wall; a half-erased exercise in Latin remained plainly visible over the rows of cots.

  25. It was evidently an oversight, for the medium's hand erased the offending title.

  26. He held a council, excommunicated the popes, and erased their names from the sacred records.

  27. His servant had erased the wrong passage, which fact the bishop did not discover until he was reading the code in public.

  28. The figure "2" in the lower right-hand corner is erased with acids, and the bill is in all respects a first-class imitation of the genuine article.

  29. A glass of low magnifying power will, as a rule, exhibit erasures, and even bring to view the erased letters.

  30. When paper is partially erased and wet, as when letters are copied, the same result although not so striking follows upon exposing it to the iodine vapor after letting it dry thoroughly.

  31. The means to secure entire protection against this is by using an ink which cannot be erased by chemicals, or at least such chemicals as are familiarly known to the class of criminals who make this a specialty.

  32. If what has been written upon or erased from the instrument has no tendency to mislead any person to the instrument, it will not be an alteration; it is immaterial also where the meaning is in no manner varied or changed.

  33. Any writing on this paper with ink made from nutgalls and sulphate of iron, can neither be removed with acids nor erased mechanically.

  34. Whereupon he erased all the writing on the surface, substituted fresh characters, and so, changing the purport of the instructions, shifted his own doom upon his companions.

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