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Example sentences for "erasers"

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erant; eras; erase; erased; eraser; erasing; erasure; erasures; erat; erba
  1. The small nigrivorine erasers are used when it is necessary to remove the crayon, in order to produce small decided lights--principally in making free-hand crayons and to produce the line effects over a platinum and silver enlargement.

  2. Emery paper is used to sharpen the nigrivorine erasers and the crayon points.

  3. While the stumps are used for putting on the crayon, the erasers are used to remove it.

  4. About ten erasers are placed in the center of the circle, with spaces between them through which a player might step.

  5. Any player who knocks over an eraser or who unclasps hands must take his seat, the erasers again being replaced.

  6. I use a leg of an old pair of dividers and cut my erasers in four parts in shapes similar to that shown in the sketch by the dotted lines, and can use them easily until they are about the size of a pea.

  7. The saving of erasers is nothing compared to the convenience of having a small eraser with a chisel edge or point when delicate erasing is required.

  8. Thumb-marks and the stains of dirty fingers are best removed by rubbing them lightly (and very carefully) with one of those disc-shaped erasers used by typists.

  9. These erasers remove the surface of the paper, so they must be used with extreme caution.

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