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  1. The leaves are feather-veined, quite hairy and coarsely toothed.

  2. The long-stemmed leaves have very irregular, coarsely toothed outlines.

  3. The leaves are all basal on rather long petioles; they are coarsely and sharply, or laciniately, toothed.

  4. The leaves are long-lanceolate, dark gray-green and coarsely toothed.

  5. A coarsely seamed face along the bar turned, observed Brad and Hodak as they glanced around from inside the doorway.

  6. Two parallelopiped hard brown balls, each of which weighs 58 grammes, and is made by melting together 2 parts of aloes and 1 part coarsely powdered gentian.

  7. Pack stramonium seeds, coarsely powdered, in a percolator, and pass about their own weight of washed ether slowly through them, remove the ether, and set aside.

  8. Coarsely powdered camphor is introduced into a flask of about ten times the capacity of the amount it is intended to prepare.

  9. Coarsely powdered anacardium nuts (the fruit of the Anacardium orientale) are macerated in a well-closed bottle with petroleum ether, for some time.

  10. Coarsely powdered charcoal is frequently used instead of sand, in which case the product has less colour; at the same time, however, a little of the flavour is lost.

  11. Yellow and red ochre mixed with grease are coarsely smeared over the bodies, grey in coarse patterns and white in fine patterns resembling tattoo marks.

  12. In Anguria the lower surface of the tendril, after it has wound round a stick, forms a coarsely cellular layer, which closely fits the wood, but is not adherent; whilst in Hanburya a similar layer is adherent.

  13. But I have chosen this coarsely lined example, and others like it, following, because I wish to accustom the reader to distinguish between the mere fineness of instrument in the artist's hand, and the precision of the line he draws.

  14. That the reader may the better distinguish them, I give the leading lines coarsely for reference in Fig.

  15. An excellent method is filtration through newly burnt and coarsely powdered charcoal.

  16. It is coarsely powdered, and 10 grams are mixed with an equal volume of washed sand, and exhausted with water at 50 deg.

  17. From coarsely powdered copal and glass, of each 4 oz.

  18. If filtered, it should be done as rapidly as possible, and only through coarsely powdered glass in a covered vessel.

  19. They should also be coarsely pulverised at the time of using them, and should not be mixed until immediately before throwing them into the liquid ingredients.

  20. Her hands were gloved, and her feet coarsely shod.

  21. Rice is hulled and grain coarsely ground in stone querns or by water pestles.

  22. Die Reise nach Braunschweig (1792), the latter a rather coarsely comic story, are best remembered.

  23. Leaves ovate or somewhat obovate, conspicuously pointed, coarsely or doubly serrate, very veiny, smooth when mature.

  24. Leaves once to twice irregularly odd-pinnate; the leaflets very irregularly and coarsely toothed; a small, round-headed tree with bladdery pods 24.

  25. Leaves obovate or oblong, coarsely undulately toothed, with 10 to 16 pairs of straight, prominent ribs beneath; surface minutely downy beneath, and smooth above.

  26. Fruit dry akenes with silky pappus, in small heads; whole plant whitened with scurf; leaves broadened and coarsely notched near tip; a broad spreading bush 49.

  27. A small tree with alternate, once to twice irregularly pinnate leaves with many coarsely toothed leaflets.

  28. Leaves pinnate, of 3 to 5 (rarely 7) coarsely and sparingly toothed leaflets.

  29. One cup of chopped celery, five hard boiled eggs coarsely diced, one large or two small cans of lobster coarsely shredded, season with salt and a dash of cayenne, mix lightly with fork.

  30. Now add half a cup of dates chopped coarsely and floured, and last of all add the stiffly beaten whites.

  31. This fiber was commonly used by the cave and rock-shelter peoples of Arkansas for cords, mats, rope, and in all coarsely woven materials.

  32. Ohio in the construction of coarsely woven articles, such as rope and moccasins.

  33. I had coarsely "butted into" a private copper domain without a by-your-leave to the natives who thought it belonged to them.

  34. The first cirrus is seated near the second; its rami are slightly unequal in length; lower segments paved with bristles; one ramus is thicker than the other, and some of its segments have coarsely pectinated spines.

  35. There are nine pectinations between the first and second main teeth, and only two between the second and third teeth; the inferior angle is coarsely pectinated, with one central spine twice as long as the others.

  36. Mandibles with three unusually strong teeth, slightly graduated in size, with the inferior angle very coarsely pectinated; the lower edges of the main teeth are roughened.

  37. These spines are often doubly serrated or plumose: many of them on the protuberant segments of the first three pair of cirri, are sometimes coarsely and doubly pectinated.

  38. The spines on the first three pairs of cirri are coarsely serrated.

  39. The spines on the first three pairs of cirri, are coarsely and doubly serrated.

  40. Spines on the protuberant segments of both rami of both cirri, coarsely and doubly pectinated.

  41. Viewed in this clearer light, there was a horrible ghastliness about the mummies ranged in their orderly rows, and presided over by the coarsely carved, coarsely conceived stone figure that in life they had worshipped as their god.

  42. They are easily recognized by their alternate simple, broadly lanceolate coarsely toothed leaves, and their prickly burs about 2 inches in diameter containing 1-3 nuts.

  43. The leaves are ovate or nearly orbicular, coarsely toothed nearly to the base, usually 3 to 5 pairs of broad, shallow lobes.

  44. Its leaves are larger than those of the quaking aspen and the edges are coarsely and irregularly toothed.

  45. The simple, oval leaves are 3 to 4 inches long, pointed at the tip and coarsely toothed along the margin.

  46. The leaves are obovate, coarsely toothed and wedge-shaped below.

  47. He had writhed with anger when Riggleton had unfolded his plans to him, and yet a little while before he himself had contemplated a future which was not, in essence, so far removed from what his cousin had so coarsely expressed.

  48. The fellow was so coarsely patronising that Dick with difficulty kept himself from starting up and rushing from the room.

  49. It may be stuffed with parsley, if approved; in which case the holes to admit the parsley must be made with a sharp-pointed knife, and the parsley coarsely cut and stuffed in tight.

  50. They present all stages from the crypto-crystalline to the holo-crystalline condition, but all show a groundmass which may be scanty in the more coarsely crystalline rocks.

  51. They vary considerably in appearance from the open-textured rock to that with a granitoid coarsely crystalline aspect.

  52. Amongst those in the river above the village I noticed a solitary block of a coarsely crystalline diorite containing prisms of brown hornblende a centimetre in length.

  53. In the slide they exhibit tabular phenocrysts of the plagioclase, together with dark pseudomorphs after hornblende, in a coarsely felsitic groundmass (grain ยท022 mm.

  54. From its coarsely crystalline texture this rock merits the field-name of a grey doleritic basalt; and except in the arrangement of the felspar-lathes it does not differ from the grey doleritic basalts of genus 16.

  55. My specimens from this locality were unfortunately lost; but in my notes reference is made to the coarsely crystalline grey andesite above noticed, to the later intrusion of a dark amygdaloidal rock, and to an altered calcareous tuff.

  56. Through the agglomerates and agglomerate-tuffs of the spurs protrude coarsely crystalline grey pyroxene-andesites.

  57. Coarsely granular casts contain larger granules and are darker in color than the finely granular, being often dark brown owing to presence of altered blood-pigment.

  58. This may be restored by melting it in a water bath, with some coarsely powdered animal charcoal, which has been thoroughly sifted from dust, and strained through flannel.

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