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  1. The first theory dates back as far as 1832 when it was started by James Boaden, a journalist and the biographer of Kemble and Mrs. Siddons.

  2. The old gentleman in the poem evidently mixed up his dates slightly, for he says this incident occurred when Clive was twenty-one, and he represents him as committing suicide twenty-five years afterwards.

  3. Here is no question of dates and schools to give the lecturer his chance of spoiling our pleasure.

  4. About the provenance of any particular piece it is generally possible to say something vague; about dates we know next to nothing.

  5. Their dates are equally authenticated; and the characteristic features in each are equally perfect.

  6. Two years only intervened between the dates of the patents issued by Charles VIIth, upon the subject of this university; yet there is a remarkable difference in their language.

  7. The practice of painting the ground of a piece in blue so that the pattern was reserved in white (even artfully heightened by the use of slip) dates from Ming times, but the grounds of powder-blue appear to have originated at this time.

  8. Vases of various dates with designs in opaque colour laid over a ground of shining black (ranging from the primitive period to the 3rd century B.

  9. A collation of these dates demonstrates that the most ancient on record are separated from the most recent by an interval of only a few centuries.

  10. Vases of various dates with designs in outline or washes in various colours on white ground (these range from the 6th to the 4th century B.

  11. All we know is that the ware dates from the reign of Henry II.

  12. Its name must not be taken to imply that it was used by the ancients; in point of fact the manufacture of this substance dates back only to 1796.

  13. The Mopani colliery, which dates back to 1860, is worked by a joint-stock company.

  14. The hieroglyphs are of the kind usually found in such ruins, the meaning of which is so far clear that it is known that the commencement of an inscription records certain dates in the complicated calendar system of the Mayas.

  15. In fact as a civil punishment in England it dates only to 1531 under Henry VII.

  16. This condition dates from the earliest days of society, when marriage in our sense of the word was unknown, and when kinship and inheritance were in the female line.

  17. The commencement of modern law dates to the reign of Elizabeth, who established the reformation upon a firm basis.

  18. Her opposition to the debasing theories of the "Romance" marks the later period of woman's entrance into literature, and is an era from which dates the modern intellectual development of Europe.

  19. This office was of great civil as well as religious importance regulating their dates and chronology.

  20. It would be much more sensible to get all the exact dates from my wife but I think that was in February.

  21. And I set up dates to go twice a week, I think Tuesdays and Thursdays, or Tuesdays and Fridays--I can't remember the exact dates.

  22. But--uh--I personally have no recollection of dates involved.

  23. Let me see, I have a dates what happened next Saturday.

  24. Recapitulate for me, if you can, the number of times and the dates on which you saw Oswald after he returned from New Orleans up until the time of the assassination.

  25. The dates of my marriage are very vague now in my mind.

  26. I was thinking it would be much better to get, if it is important at all, to, she probably remembers these dates exactly and we could judge that I would be there.

  27. Will you fix for me more specifically, if you can, the dates that Rags and Chris were in Port-au-Prince?

  28. Registered her, yes; and I got her card and the dates when she is supposed to come over, and I didn't take her next time.

  29. My mind was so busy with Oswald that I don't keep my mind on the dates of marriage.

  30. You have a better memory for dates than I do.

  31. Doubtless many of the events recorded actually happened, but their dates are hopelessly mixed, and events themselves distorted by exaggeration.

  32. But at this point different conclusions have been reached from the same sources of information, some accepting these dates as approximately correct, others rejecting them as too remote by several centuries.

  33. IV CHIEF RACES OF BURMA Reliable history of Burma dates back only to the early part of the eighteenth century.

  34. Authorities differ as to the dates of these councils.

  35. All were not imported at one time, as the succession of dates shows.

  36. Frequently also the dates and places of residence appear.

  37. Entries of dates in old Bibles frequently show that those sainted old Christians had read entirely through that holy book ten times in regular order.

  38. Even the very dates of ownership and the quaint old names are interesting.

  39. At later dates the Holyokes, Dudleys, Boylstons, and Phillips, all used book-plates.

  40. Sometimes the printer of the book also seized the opportunity of the large circulation to drum up delinquent citizens who had not paid him at previous dates for news letters, sermons, funeral verses, etc.

  41. Individual | Dates | Length | Probable time and sex | of capture | in mm.

  42. Important dates in this work of building a Graeco-Roman world: Battle of Marathon, 490 B.

  43. The oldest extant version appears to be Boeve de Haumtone, an Anglo-Norman text which dates from the first half of the 13th century.

  44. Berlin differs from all other great capitals in this respect that with the exception of the royal palace, which dates from the 16th century, all its public buildings are modern.

  45. He began to devote his time to the study of Indian antiquities, deciphering inscriptions and ascertaining the dates and history of ancient Sanskrit authors.

  46. The hotel de ville dates from the 16th century, to which period many of the old mansions of Besancon also belong.

  47. A unique provision for its upkeep out of Imperial funds dates from the reign of Charles II.

  48. It is from this time that Bewdley dates its importance.

  49. The town-hall dates from 1406, while some of the houses belonging to the old gilds contain much of interest.

  50. From this publication, however, dates the origin of those mixed feelings of admiration and repugnance which Bentley throughout his career continued to excite among his contemporaries.

  51. Above them towers St Nazaire, the finest of the churches of Beziers; it dates from the 12th to the 14th centuries and is a good specimen of the ecclesiastical fortification common in southern France.

  52. Containing an Alphabetical List of the Knights of the United Kingdom, short Biographical Notices, Dates of Creation, Addresses, &c.

  53. Containing an Alphabetical List of the Baronets of the United Kingdom, short Biographical Notices, Dates of Creation, Addresses, &c.

  54. Containing an Alphabetical List of the House of Lords, Dates of Creation, Lists of Scotch and Irish Peers, Addresses, &c.

  55. This also dates from the seventh century.

  56. The crescent-shaped hand-fan also dates from a very early period.

  57. A list of the more important varieties of Japanese fans, together with the dates of their introduction, as given by native authorities, will probably be of service.

  58. The Akome ogi is the earlier court-fan, and dates from the invention of the folding-fan in the seventh century.

  59. This class of mount dates from the re-discovery and unearthing of Pompeii in 1748, and its production was continued until the end of the century and later.

  60. The widow of Atsumori who was killed in the fight here referred to, in 1184, is credited with the invention of the folding-fan, although dates are somewhat confusing.

  61. The 'eventail brise' dates from the period of the first introduction of the folded fan into Europe.

  62. In giving an account of the steam-engine we can mention names and give dates from the very beginning of the story.

  63. In a history of inventions, then, the historian cannot be precise in respect to dates and places.

  64. But in the history of inventions we cannot always be precise as to dates and places.

  65. With his characteristic disregard of all facts or dates but such as concern his spiritual history, Bunyan tells us nothing about the orphan girl he made his wife.

  66. The dates and circumstances are now found to tally.

  67. These dates refer, of course, to legal proceedings.

  68. There is a want of sufficient precision in the dates of the text.

  69. It will be seen in the first section of this chapter, that Americus dates his first voyage two years earlier; obviously to warrant his pretended discovery of the coast of Paria, which Columbus had actually discovered in July or August 1498.

  70. E [3] The dates of the voyage may be here recapitulated.

  71. The names, with respective dates of decease, are as follows: William H.

  72. And that plain one that holds the stuffed dates that Lucy Boyd sent will do for the candy I'm going to send Mr. and Mrs. Metz.

  73. And we can tie up a few dates and nuts into tiny packages.

  74. But the romantic history of Fontainebleau dates from Francis I.

  75. The dates affixed to the verses were most recent.

  76. A man's rise in life generally dates from a well-timed rat.

  77. By the dates you have referred to, your acquaintance with him must have commenced very shortly after mine.

  78. Murray had read through every morning and evening paper published in London for thirty years, and his memory was such that he was always applied to for dates and facts by literary men and others.

  79. Finally a compromise ended what is known as the Erie War and the gauge was changed, from which time dates the beginning of definite through operation.

  80. The greatest improvement dates from 1855, when the first steel rails were rolled in England.

  81. With the opening up of the West and the return to industrial pursuits of the people after the close of the war dates a remarkable era in railroad extension.

  82. Not only did she remember each one of them by name, but she never forgot either the dates of their birthdays or the number of turkeys Mrs. Dewlap had raised in a season.

  83. As to the engraved geometric lines on the floor of St. Mary's Chapel, it may be well to quote William of Malmesbury, whose record of this dates from the twelfth century.

  84. The problem of the dates was left for further consideration, and remained in abeyance for two and a half years.

  85. Please explain the apparent discrepancy of dates in the story of Radulphus and his fight with Eawulf.

  86. Its earliest charter dates from 1283 and was revised under Elizabeth.

  87. The Vieux-Chateau, also in Grand Bayonne, dates from the 12th and 15th centuries and is built upon a portion of the old Roman fortifications; it is used for military purposes.

  88. The present cruciform building dates from the 15th century, being a singularly pure and ornate example of late Perpendicular work.

  89. The mansion of Woburn Abbey dates from the middle of the 18th century.

  90. Bastia dates from the building of the Genoese fortress or "bastille" by Lionello Lomellino in 1383.

  91. Its bishopric dates from the latter half of the 4th century.

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