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Example sentences for "cabinetmaker"

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  1. Formerly the cabinetmaker was accustomed to polish his own work, sometimes by exposing the finished surfaces to the light for a few weeks in order to darken them, and then applying beeswax with plentiful rubbing.

  2. Alike in France and in England, the most attractive achievements of the cabinetmaker belong to the 18th century--English Queen Anne and early Georgian work is universally charming; the regency and the reigns of Louis XV.

  3. You're one of those that things happen to," the old cabinetmaker said to her on a September evening, as they sat on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

  4. But, unlike the actor-manager, the old cabinetmaker had lived his philosophy, and a very gentle and tolerant philosophy it was.

  5. Then some cabinetmaker fixed it up yet with colored putty and shellac.

  6. A cabinetmaker could fix that up with a piece of putty and some shellac so as you wouldn't know it from new.

  7. In the case of Heppelwhite this influence greatly affected but did not absolutely determine the style; for this practical cabinetmaker was a man of independent if not original ideas, and his work bears a strong stamp of individuality.

  8. During this same period a rage for things Chinese possessed the popular taste, and in many latticed chair backs and canopied tops of cabinets the versatile cabinetmaker catered to this new interest.

  9. He is employed as a journeyman cabinetmaker in that city.

  10. Passing through the various stages of rural employment at Tweedside, he resolved to adopt a trade, and in his eighteenth year became apprenticed to his maternal uncle, a cabinetmaker in Edinburgh.

  11. Francis Brodie was a substantial wright and cabinetmaker in the Lawnmarket of Edinburgh, where he carried on an extensive and prosperous business.

  12. William Brodie, sometime Wright and Cabinetmaker in Edinburgh, and George Smith, sometime Grocer there, both prisoners in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh.

  13. Fuchs, who was the only cabinetmaker in the neighbourhood was set to work on a coffin.

  14. Fuchs had been apprenticed to a cabinetmaker in the old country and was very handy with tools.

  15. Had married the previous spring a cabinetmaker who had given up his trade and was hoping to obtain a position on the police force.

  16. A cabinetmaker sang, accompanied by the regular whistling sounds of his plane, while from the locksmith's quarters came a clatter of hammers struck in cadence.

  17. Boche had heard of a cabinetmaker who had danced the polka until he died.

  18. They produced countless forms, both original and adapted from the French, which have enriched the repertoire of the cabinetmaker and which have brought fame to the man whose designs added lustre to the reputation of English furniture.

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