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Example sentences for "cutlass"

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  1. There were three men at my cabin-door besides the four within; Christian had only a cutlass in his hand, the others had muskets and bayonets.

  2. The drills consist of practice with great guns, rifle, pistol, and cutlass exercises.

  3. And he made at me in such a fury that I would certainly have been cut to pieces had I not grasped a cutlass and parried his blow, Cockle looking on with his jaw dropped like a peak without haulyards.

  4. The boatswains' whistles trilled through the ship, pikes were seized, and pistol and cutlass buckled on.

  5. Overtaken in bestiality, like the judgment of Nineveh, five and twenty disappeared from beneath me, and I had scarce the time to throw off my cutlass before I, too, was engulfed.

  6. Breechings were loosed and gun-tackles unlashed, rammer and sponge laid out, and pike and pistol and cutlass placed where they would be handy when the time came to rush the enemy's decks.

  7. The captain set Mr. Bodger over the boat's crew, and he went with a cutlass and two pistols in his belt, but the men were without arms.

  8. Puget drew a line along the sand with his cutlass and signalled the warriors to keep back.

  9. Glancing just where the rowboat lay rocking abreast the hay cutters, Haswell saw an Indian snatch at the cutlass of Lopez, the black, who had carelessly stuck it in the sand.

  10. Cutlass in hand, head over heels went Hawkins into the sea.

  11. This unsheathed cutlass is yours; there hangs the scabbard, empty; and as for the dark lantern, of what use is light to the blind?

  12. Next moment the door flew open with a crash, and a sailor sprang in, cutlass in hand.

  13. At first they appeared inclined to trade, but in a short time made an attempt to seize the weapons of the English, and one of them carried off the cutlass of a seaman, which he flourished about his head as he made his escape.

  14. So, instead of fine linen and velvet, I had on a red flannel shirt, canvas trowsers, with a cutlass slung to my side, and a pair of pistols in my belt.

  15. They wanted merely to lay their eyes along that Long Tom amidships, and to have a cutlass flashing over their shoulders--so fashion!

  16. Knows the cutlass exercise as well, and has had considerable experience in bullets, knives, and ropes.

  17. He had received a cutlass wound on the head in the attack.

  18. V To keep their piece, pistols, and cutlass clean, and fit for service.

  19. The American seamen had been called away, and were at their posts to repel boarders, but as the British made no attempt to come on, the cutlass men began to clamber into the rigging to go aboard the brig.

  20. They had been so thoroughly trained as boarders that every man was prepared for such an emergency, with his cutlass as sharp as a razor, a dirk made by the ship's armorer out of a file, and a pistol.

  21. They swarmed over the walls and carried the place at the edge of the cutlass and the mouth of the pistol.

  22. The chief of Barrataria might have made a poor show with a cutlass and a brace of pistols, but he was a long-headed and sagacious man, with a strong tendency to practical diplomacy.

  23. With his cutlass waving high in the air, he would rush out into the street and take a whack at every one whom he met.

  24. Baring his muscular and hairy right arm, he clutched the handle of his sharp and heavy cutlass and ordered the prisoners to be brought up from below, one at a time, and conducted to the place where he stood.

  25. Maynard was a practised swordsman, and no matter how hard and how swiftly came down the cutlass of the pirate, his strokes were always evaded, and the sword of the Virginian played more dangerously near him.

  26. Blackbeard was everywhere, bounding from side to side, as he swung his cutlass high and low, and though many a shot was fired at him, and many a rush made in his direction, every now and then a sailor went down beneath his whirling blade.

  27. He discarded his hat and plume, he threw away his great cutlass and his heavy pistols, and attired in the costume of a gentleman in society he prepared himself to enter again upon his old life.

  28. It is told of her that she did not fancy the life of a pirate, but she seemed to believe in the principle of whatever is worth doing is worth doing well; she was as ready with her cutlass and her pistol as any other ocean bandit.

  29. Before a furious pirate with a cutlass a soldier with his musket seemed to have no chance at all, and very soon the Spaniards who were left alive broke and ran into the woods.

  30. Each pirate seemed to have not only nine lives, but nine arms, each one wielding a cutlass or aiming a pistol.

  31. The pistol, the pike, and the cutlass seemed the only weapons in requisition.

  32. Old Hearty beheld his ancient enemy, first known to him by the name of Scrumpydike, and frantic with the remembrance of what he had once suffered at his hands, he rushed upon him, cutlass in hand.

  33. And then all the Papists laughed till the woods rang; he was slashing away with a cutlass as he spoke.

  34. I was unarmed, and before I could seize anything to defend myself, a blow from his cutlass stretched me on the deck, but not senseless; I wish that I had been so, I should have been spared the horrors I was witness to.

  35. Brand Hallton was furiously engaged with the captain, whom he had driven right aft, and, as I appeared, a blow from his cutlass sent him reeling into the sea.

  36. With a look of fury he rushed with his drawn cutlass at the daring youth, who, standing firmly prepared for his fate, was cut down on the deck.

  37. So it might with any one else; but if you don't want the hilt of my cutlass down your throat, you will hold your tongue.

  38. I advanced till I was within the stroke of his cutlass before he was aware of it, and, seizing him by the waist, I threw him flat on his back and put my foot on his neck.

  39. With his cutlass he dug out the yellow seeds and cut great, juicy slices, enjoying huge mouthfuls of the delicious fruit.

  40. Little Tom stood firm and when the cockroach drew near, he thrust his sharp cutlass under his chin up to the very hilt.

  41. You get cutlass and pistol and keep close alongside Hula.

  42. They placed a sentry over us; a great lubber of a fellow, who marched up and down with a dilapidated old cutlass of most extraordinary dimensions.

  43. But Bonnet had been a soldier and had learned how to use his sword; the cutlass was caught on his quick blade and turned aside.

  44. Raising his cutlass in air, he was about to bring it down upon one of the cowards he berated, when suddenly he was seized by two powerful hands, which pinned his arms behind him.

  45. I am very glad that I did not bring down my cutlass on you, which I should have done, bedad, had it not been for this young woman.

  46. He gave one bound towards Bonnet, and in the same second the cutlass came down like a stroke of lightning.

  47. Almost at the same moment there was a great shout from Captain Ichabod, who, drawing his cutlass from its sheath, raised the glittering blade and dashed in pursuit of the naval gentleman.

  48. Captain Sorby lifted high his great bespattered hat, and every grinning demon of the crew waved hat or rag or pail or cutlass and set up a discordant yell in honour of their departing visitors.

  49. He unrolled and took out a cutlass and two pistols, with the ammunition, and looked up smilingly at Don.

  50. Don made an angry gesticulation, and turned to Jem, who had the pistols and cutlass in his hand and waistbelt, and felt as if he should like to hurl them away.

  51. There was nothing to be heard but the whisperings and gurglings, and then they saw him draw his cutlass and come on.

  52. Ngati, who patted Don on the shoulder, and then pointed to his cutlass and pistol.

  53. George stood by the main-rigging, watching her, cutlass in hand, calm and determined, his plans already formed for action in the event of his suspicions proving correct.

  54. Yes, give it her," answered George, drawing his cutlass with one hand, and a pistol with the other.

  55. And you, Mr Bowen, be good enough to go below and bring up a cutlass apiece for all hands.

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