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Example sentences for "cutlets"

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  1. What wonder that a certain famous French count despised the prosaic politician who had never heard of cutlets a la Soubise?

  2. See that the cutlets be small and plump, well trimmed, and beaten gently, once on each side, with a chopper cooled in water.

  3. One day at the inn they served me cutlets à la Nevers.

  4. You must tell Mrs. Baxter to give us a salmon mayonnaise, and a salad and lamb cutlets in aspic.

  5. There was a dish of cutlets keeping hot for him on the hearth.

  6. There should be," he reverted, "lamb cutlets in aspic.

  7. Presently he would come down, and she would have the pleasure of putting the cutlets on the table and seeing him eat them.

  8. Fried veal steak or cutlets are delicious, but very difficult to prepare properly.

  9. As a usual thing veal cutlets are either half raw, or cooked until dry and hard.

  10. We can have the cutlets at tea, when the others come; and Stevens won't mind--she can have eggs and bacon.

  11. Maddox recovered his usual tone; and the cook flourished his knife, swearing that he should like to see the smuggler who would again order him to dress cutlets à l'ombre Chinoise.

  12. Tell the cook these cutlets were remarkably well dressed.

  13. After the cutlets came cauliflowers and the remains of a cold chicken.

  14. While such simple fare as cutlets and boiled eggs was being discussed by the company, Mme Hugon, as became a good housekeeper, launched out into complaints.

  15. By and by when Zoe had brought in the cutlets Nana just chipped the meat and contented herself with sucking the bones.

  16. How many good things there were besides in the shape of cutlets and omelettes, we cannot tell, but nothing seemed wanting.

  17. The Chevalier de Saint George had not breakfasted, and his early morning's ride having given him a good appetite, he did ample justice to the broiled trout from the Devil's Water, and the cutlets of Tyne salmon set before him.

  18. If the cutlets be thick, keep the pan covered for a few minutes at a good distance from the fire, after they have acquired a good colour: by this means, the meat will be done through.

  19. Lamb cutlets and French beans; the remains of stewed shoulder of veal, mashed vegetable marrow.

  20. If the whole of the leg is purchased, take off the knuckle to stew, and also the square end, which will serve for cutlets or pies.

  21. She came up to see me, and bring those cutlets that you are warming up now.

  22. Whilst Narcisse was giving this account he and Pierre had despatched their cutlets and tomatoes, and the waiter was now serving them some fried chicken.

  23. The only dessert that followed the cutlets was the cream cheese, but it was a cheese such as nobody else had ever partaken of.

  24. There is a place I know where they do cutlets remarkably well, and their ices are capital," and then they set out in search of a toy-shop.

  25. Cutlets with sauce piquant and pigeon pie, salad such as Malcolm loved, and a delicate pudding which seemed nothing but froth and sweets, while an excellent bottle of hock, sent up by Anderson, completed the repast.

  26. Antelope steaks and fried liver to begin on, and venison cutlets with chili con carne and pineapple fritters, and then some sardines and mixed pickles; and top it off with a can of yellow clings and a bottle of beer.

  27. He held the record west of the Arkansas River for frying pancakes with his left hand, broiling venison cutlets with his right, and skinning a rabbit with his teeth at the same time.

  28. But when there he did consent to receive some consolation in the shape of mutton cutlets and fried potatoes, a savory omelet, and a bottle of claret.

  29. The cutlets took nearly ten minutes to fry a nice brown on one side, because, although the pan was kept at a good heat, she had to guard against burning.

  30. Have your butcher cut four veal cutlets from the leg, and about one-third of an inch thick.

  31. Fry the cutlets in a saute pan, in melted fat pork, turning frequently.

  32. Veal-cutlets or mutton-chops may be done the same way, or as veal-olives (No.

  33. Let your cutlets be about half an inch thick; trim them, and flatten them with a cleaver; you may fry them in fresh butter, or good drippings (No.

  34. Dining under the veranda at the next table I heard the Signora complain that the cutlets were burnt.

  35. I had two cutlets off one for breakfast and should have said they were salmon unless I had known otherwise.

  36. One morning while I was getting my breakfast, English fashion, with some cutlets to accompany my bread and butter, I saw an elderly Italian gentleman, with his hand up to his chin, eyeing me with thoughtful interest.

  37. Of course, in a few minutes some fresh and quite unexceptionable cutlets made their appearance.

  38. Cut the cutlets from the loin and trim them nicely, removing the skin, and most of the fat.

  39. Remove the fat and bone from two pounds or more of nice lamb steaks, or take some cutlets from the upper end of a leg of lamb, and cut them into pieces about as large as the palm of your hand.

  40. Broil them in the papers, which must be taken off before the cutlets go to table.

  41. You may stew pork cutlets in the same manner, but with sweet potatos, split and cut in long pieces, or with yams.

  42. If the papers are not too much burnt or disfigured, dish the cutlets still wrapped in them, to be removed by those who eat them.

  43. Cutlets of halibut may be fried in this manner with tomatos: also, any other pan-fish.

  44. You may stew lamb or mutton cutlets in the same manner, but do not use mutton dripping.

  45. If the covers are scorched black, and ragged, take out the cutlets and lay them on a hot dish.

  46. Venison or lamb cutlets may be fricasseed in this manner.

  47. Take two fine cutlets of about a pound each.

  48. Fresh codfish cutlets may be fried in this manner.

  49. The cutlets will be found much better for the double immersion.

  50. Veal cutlets may be stewed exactly like venison.

  51. Take three pounds of thick mutton cutlets from the loin, and remove the fat.

  52. Serve up shrimp or lobster sauce, with all cutlets or steaks of large fish.

  53. VEAL BIRDS Cut veal cutlets into convenient pieces and flatten with a potato-masher.

  54. Stew some spinach, put it into a dish, and lay the cutlets round it.

  55. As few persons are fond of boiled veal, it may be well to cut the knuckle small, and take off some cutlets or collops before it is dressed; but as the knuckle will keep longer than the fillet, it is best not to cut off the slices till wanted.

  56. Broil the cutlets on a gentle fire, serve them with a little gravy, or with sauce Robart.

  57. Or, prepare as before, and dress the cutlets in a Dutch oven.

  58. The cutlets are nicest from the legs or fillet.

  59. Place triangles of toast in center of platter, arrange cutlets standing around toast.

  60. Spanish Pork Tenderloin Cutlets Pound tenderloin out flat; cover with flour, seasoned with salt, pepper and chili powder.

  61. And to console you for your scratches, I will give you part of a good breakfast; for the Alderman is going to send a plate of cutlets and pickles, four bottles of wine, and a gallon of brandy.

  62. At heart the Alderman was a good man, but he was not very wise, and he liked to sell his wine, and cutlets also.

  63. When he had collected them all around him, he held up four lamb cutlets for us to see, and handed them to his wife.

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