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Example sentences for "confirms"

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confirmatory; confirme; confirmed; confirmeth; confirming; confiscate; confiscated; confiscates; confiscating; confiscation
  1. Ngalmo, also, is expressly stated to mean many as well as they, a fact which confirms the view taken of tana.

  2. Still, upon the whole, it confirms the current opinion as to the place of the Sussee language, viz.

  3. Lacing the bottom of the chest also greatly increases this evil, and confirms a bad habit of breathing.

  4. Nature confirms the propriety of the advice given in this rule; for the light of the day comes on by slow degrees, and green is the universal color she presents to our eyes.

  5. It is a priori obvious, however, that an unlimited number of pathological variations might be produced by a variation in the concentration and constitution of the sea-water, and experience confirms this statement.

  6. At the same time, the anatomical structure, where it is open to investigation, confirms the suggestion given by the habit, and shows that these early seed-bearing plants had a real affinity with Ferns.

  7. The experience of these naturalists abundantly confirms and extends the account given by Fritz Muller ("Jen.

  8. A further examination of older plays leads to little additional information; but what is to be found all confirms the opinion that I had formed (as will be seen), on other grounds, that 2 Henry VI.

  9. The large number of incomplete lines in every possible position, even in the middle of speeches, confirms this.

  10. She says that her aunt sent him her portrait soon after her return to Paris, and the date of the Prince's letter acknowledging the favor confirms this statement.

  11. He will never obtain a proposition which shall say: do this, or don't do that; that is to say, a proposition which confirms or contradicts morality.

  12. The Marquis de la Fare confirms this account: 'The Duchess de Bouillon made a proud and confident appearance before the judges, accompanied by all her friends, who were in large numbers, and a most distinguished crowd.

  13. Orderic confirms this account, and says the body was given to William Mallet, for that purpose.

  14. Francisque Michel in 1830] a story which, in spite of many discrepancies, confirms the principal fact of the keys of Chateauneuf-Randon being brought by the garrison to the bier.

  15. In 1281 Philip the Bold renews and confirms the concessions of Philip Augustus.

  16. Sonneratt confirms this in the account he gives of the dancing girls of Surat.

  17. Bazena Clayton, an old lady of caste, almost equal to that of a Lee or a Holland, confirms the story.

  18. A later but equally gifted observer of nature, Mr. White, confirms Dr.

  19. Magna Charta is an early expression of the Declaration of Rights, and thus pure reason confirms British tradition.

  20. It is, however, true that although the value of the method can hardly be denied unless we deny the value of all experience and common sense, we may dispute the degree in which it confirms the general principle.

  21. In a general way he confirms Ludwig's statements, though he shews that the formation of the ova is somewhat more complicated than Ludwig had imagined.

  22. So this passage, like the preceding, when rightly understood, really confirms the Synoptists.

  23. Jesus though he did not have the new light on the census and on Quirinius which confirms it.

  24. The predisposing conditions are, so to speak, the substance, while glory itself is but the accident, which works on its possessor as an exterior symptom, and confirms his own high opinion of himself.

  25. But unexpected pleasures are rare; they do not come to us every day, and when they do they cease to be pleasures; indeed, their rarity may in this respect be looked upon as the exception which confirms the rule.

  26. I think confirms the view that E is not the shuttle but the beater-in.

  27. Davies of illustrations of Egyptian upright looms, confirms Wilkinson in his statement and illustration that the Egyptians had this class of loom as well as the horizontal one.

  28. The spirits, now ebbing lower than before, demand increased support, the yielding to which demand, confirms the habit of intemperance.

  29. This doctrine of St. Thomas confirms the opinion, expressed above, concerning the impossibility of explaining the intellectual act solely by production.

  30. We say identified, because it really is so in Descartes' opinion; and this confirms what we have already advanced, that this philosopher did not offer an argument, but laid down a fact.

  31. Thought is by its essence, a representation that can neither exist nor be conceived without presence; the name itself shows this, and the idea which we join with it confirms the meaning of the word.

  32. Therefore touch also confirms what we have advanced, that the distinction between the motion of the member and that of the object does not arise from simple sensation.

  33. Experience confirms this conclusion which is obtained from transcendental philosophy.

  34. The observation of nature confirms the former result, inasmuch as its tendency is always to terminate every thing with curved lines and surfaces.

  35. Sensations instinctively lead us to believe in the existence of an external world; and if this belief be submitted to the examination of reason, it confirms the same truth, resting upon the general ideas of cause and effect.

  36. This objection, if it prove any thing, confirms all that we have advanced in demonstrating that without objectiveness there is no consciousness properly so called, and this even our opponents do not admit.

  37. The exception does not destroy, it only confirms the rule.

  38. I shall again return to this view in considering climatic varieties, and it will then appear that also the nature of the transformation itself confirms the slow operation of climate.

  39. But this apparent contradiction, instead of opposing actually confirms the foregoing views, as will appear on further consideration.

  40. Nevertheless I do not abandon this hypothesis for the former one, since a closer study of the data furnished by Velasco confirms rather than refutes my supposition.

  41. This confirms my belief that my warning was not mistimed.

  42. I am afraid it confirms but too strongly a report which I received yesterday.

  43. In one point experience confirms what theory would suggest,--that their own increasing comfort or misery will be a far stronger agent in the development of these people than any amount of outside human effort.

  44. The most ancient witness accessible, namely the Peshitto, confirms the usual reading of the place, which is also the text of the cursives: viz.

  45. This little story fully confirms Dickens's often-expressed feeling of dislike, which subsequently grew intolerable, to Broadstairs as a watering-place.

  46. The blacksmith thoroughly confirms the opinion of the old labourers as to the kindness of Charles Dickens to his poorer neighbours.

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