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  1. Transgressors of the law were punished with confiscation of wives and children.

  2. Still at the beginning of the Tokugawa Shogunate there were many vacant territories, caused by the confiscation of the territories of recalcitrant daimyo.

  3. As though by concert among the monarchies of Europe, the heavy hand of confiscation fell, in this nation and in that.

  4. In fact, it was this: The revolution of Louis Napoleon of 1851 had resulted in the confiscation of many estates in France, all her own included.

  5. But we have planned no confiscation of your property, nor threatened any forfeiture of your life.

  6. The proposal was supported by several members, who declared that the threat of confiscation would do much to promote peace.

  7. Have proceedings been instituted against you under the Confiscation Act?

  8. Many of the negroes still had hopes of confiscation and division of property, and in this they were encouraged by the white leaders.

  9. Many of the whites now began to believe that at last confiscation would be enforced and that the negroes and low whites of the Union League would become the landowners.

  10. Lyon said that the people would have been better reconciled to the confiscation had the cotton been sold for the benefit of the United States, but it was plainly stolen by the agents and the army, and they began to resist in every way.

  11. On account of this belief in the coming confiscation of property and their implicit confidence in all who made promises, the negroes were deceived and cheated in many ways.

  12. The speeches of Thaddeus Stevens on confiscation were widely distributed among the negroes.

  13. There was much talk of confiscation of property and division of land among the blacks.

  14. The Union League was believed by many to be an organization for the purpose of plundering the whites and for the division of property when the confiscation should take place.

  15. They complained that it was levied as a penalty, that it was confiscation under color of law.

  16. Escheat and confiscation of goods come under the high justice, and the prevot has the same rights in fines and escheats as in the case of Troyes [see above].

  17. Confiscation of the Property of Heretics.

  18. The rest of the chapter is devoted to the effects of the confiscation and attainder upon children and heirs of criminals, etc.

  19. Escheat and confiscation of goods for the great crimes, such as killing, theft, rapine, heresy, etc.

  20. Finally, all decrees of confiscation or of penal consequences, which had been issued since the revolution of Aranjuez, were declared null and void.

  21. On the 9th of November the Assembly decreed that the emigres assembled on the frontiers should be liable to the penalties of death and confiscation unless they returned to France by the 1st of January following.

  22. The suppression of tithe and the confiscation of church lands had reduced the clergy to live on whatever stipend the legislature might think fit to give them.

  23. As to the confiscation you speak of, what does that prove?

  24. The worst that can happen to us is the confiscation of our merchandise.

  25. Is that the accused merit confiscation and death.

  26. Moreau had since quitted France without Napoleon's subjecting him to the application of the odious law which has only been repealed since the return of the Bourbons, and by virtue of which he was condemned to the confiscation of his property.

  27. The sixth declared sentence of exile against all emigrants not erased by Napoleon from the list previously to the accession of the Bourbons, to which was added confiscation of their property.

  28. Universal suffrage is denounced as a curse, as corruption legalized, confiscation organized.

  29. It will be made an offence punishable with tremendous penalties, among which confiscation of property, enormous fines, and even the penalty of death, are enumerated, to send cotton into the Free States.

  30. And in ancient Wales death and confiscation were the penalty for death by poison, and death or banishment the penalty of the manufacturer of poisons.

  31. The first of those immoderate grants was not taken from the ancient demesne of the crown, but from the recent confiscation of the ancient nobility of the land.

  32. Not Wellington's veterans made cleaner work of a Spanish town; not Federals or Confederates were ever more impartial in the confiscation of neutral chickens.

  33. The Confiscation Act, which gave liberty to all slaves that had been employed by the rebels for insurrectionary purposes, had gone into effect in the month of August, 1861.

  34. The problem of whether the social revolution shall be violent or peaceable depends in great part upon our answer to the question of confiscation versus compensation.

  35. There is a stanza by Emerson discussing this question of confiscation versus compensation: Pay ransom to the owner And fill the bag to the brim.

  36. We demand the confiscation of their property, the overthrow of every trace of local government and the reduction of their States to conquered provinces under the control of Congress.

  37. They demanded the ballot for every slave, the confiscation of the property of the white people of the South and its bestowment upon negroes and camp-followers as fast as the Union army should penetrate into the States in rebellion.

  38. We complain that the confiscation act which you approved is being wantonly and wholly disregarded by your Generals, apparently with your knowledge and consent.

  39. The King, pausing a moment, thanked God that their conscience had forced such confession from them, and then remitted the sentence of confiscation only.

  40. Nor did the King insist upon the confiscation of his property, which went to the culprit's widow and children, all that was retained being the enormous sums which he had embezzled.

  41. The Commission sentenced him to death, and ordered the confiscation of all his property.

  42. His childhood was clouded by the early death of his father, and by the confiscation of his estate in B.

  43. His punishment was relegatio, involving banishment to a fixed spot, but not confiscation of property; Tr.

  44. The plain tendency of all these publications, disguised as cleverly as it might be in an attempt to escape confiscation of the issue or prosecution for treason, was revolutionary.

  45. Marx and Engels recommended therefore the expropriation of real estate, the confiscation of the property of all emigrants and the centralization in the hands of the state of all means of credit (banks) and transportation.

  46. The later law also exempted a wife's dower from confiscation in the case of any criminal or traitor.

  47. Even to ask forgiveness for a heretic or to abstain from denouncing him was considered as a crime punishable by death and confiscation of property.

  48. He had been made "Stadhouder" of his provinces and had found great resources in the confiscation of ecclesiastical property.

  49. The last paragraph, in a somewhat veiled manner, stipulated the confiscation of considerable estates that had long belonged to the Prague cities.

  50. Their decision, which Ferdinand confirmed on May 23, the anniversary of the defenestration, pronounced the confiscation of the estates of all the accused.

  51. The Georgia Assembly, in meeting at Augusta, chose John Martin as Governor, and passed a law of confiscation and banishment very similar to that of South Carolina.

  52. In the Confiscation Act of New York, by which his estate was taken from him, he was styled "Beverley Robinson the younger.

  53. Few of them in that district but had undergone imprisonment, or exile, or confiscation of property; and thus they were provoked to form a savage alliance and to perpetrate a fierce revenge.

  54. The patriots were not allowed to appoint attorneys to manage or sell their estates, a sentence of confiscation hung over the whole land, and British protection was granted only in return for the unconditional promise of loyalty.

  55. Yet, with these immense accessions of resources, the American Commissioners professed that the Congress had no power or means to compensate the United Empire Loyalists for the confiscation and destruction of their property!

  56. But it appeared in due time that the Confiscation Act did not affect the rights of Mrs. Morris's children, who were not named in, and therefore not disqualified by the Act of Confiscation.

  57. His wife, with himself, was attainted for high treason; in order to secure her property to the Americans, she was included in the Confiscation Act of New York, and the whole of the estate derived from her father passed from the family.

  58. In order that the whole property should pass from the family into the hands of the Americans, Mrs. Morris was included with her husband in the New York Confiscation Act of attainder.

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