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Example sentences for "attachment"

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attache; attached; attacher; attaches; attaching; attachments; attack; attacked; attacker; attackers
  1. The unfortunate peasant paid dear for his master's attachment to the interests of Sweden.

  2. Though his inclination to physiognomy had met with some rubs in the metropolis, he had not yet lost his attachment to that science.

  3. At supper his aunt observed that he was graver than usual; but she did not suspect the cause: indeed, it may seem odd that she was the only person in the family who had no suspicion of his attachment to Miss Walton.

  4. This woman's ancient attachment to the family, repelled and checked in every other direction, seemed to rejoice in having some object on which it could yet repose and expand itself.

  5. But it concluded with assurances that her severity was vain, and that nothing could shake the attachment of Charles Hazlewood.

  6. He saw, or thought he saw, in Colonel Mannering's general conduct, an approbation of his attachment to Miss Bertram.

  7. But I need not take much merit for acting as I ought to do; this same Mr. Vanbeest Brown is by no means so very ardent a lover as to hurry the object of his attachment into such inconsiderate steps.

  8. And then his attachment to that unworthy Archer, so much below him in every respect; and all this, because he was the brother of Viscount Archerfield, a poor Scottish peer!

  9. Why, he talked with great form of an attachment on the part of Charles Hazlewood to Miss Bertram.

  10. His unfortunate attachment to me lost him his position in society: his father never forgave him for marrying a farmer’s daughter.

  11. He had, indeed, the grace to evince some attachment for his master; but otherwise his mental and moral traits did not appear to be more attractive than his physiognomy.

  12. Oswald asked, who thought it would be folly to try and conceal his attachment from a man of such sharp observation as Albert.

  13. Gibbons ever after retained a most affectionate attachment to Mr. King, and after he was settled at Welford paid him several visits and preached for him, and always recurred to this providential deliverance with grateful recollections.

  14. The fears of the people were great, on account of their attachment to the ministry of Mr. Grant, that no one would be so acceptable as to keep them together; as they considered few so acceptable in the pulpit as Mr. Grant.

  15. He was a man of genuine piety, decided attachment to the principles of the Gospel, sterling integrity, and considerable activity.

  16. As he had been chosen pastor of the congregation in Miles Lane, he continued to labour there under the pressure of infirmities, but encouraged by the generous attachment of his flock, for years after he resigned his academical charge.

  17. To the last she manifested an ardent attachment to the Redeemer, and a great delight in the ordinances of religion.

  18. His thoughts were soon directed to the work of the ministry; he pursued a course of study at Highbury College, where his attainments were respectable, and where he gained the affectionate attachment of his fellow students.

  19. His dying prayer for his son in the ministry was, that he might be kept in a humble and faithful attachment to the truths of the Gospel; and to this I add my hearty Amen!

  20. The attachment of a dog to his master has been a subject of remark from time immemorial, until the saying has crystallised into a maxim--"As faithful as a watch-dog.

  21. And only those who have experienced the warm and unselfish friendship of these little creatures can realise how strong the attachment becomes.

  22. With the attachment for viewing objects at a short distance, the whole of a tubular shaped flower such as a daffodil may be in focus at once, from the tip of the petals to the bottom of the tube.

  23. With the attachment designed for long distance work, objects from twenty yards to sixty miles may be clearly viewed at one and the same time.

  24. She is said to have formed a real and virtuous attachment to the king.

  25. In choosing one, see that the attachment is neither heavy nor intricate.

  26. An alarm attachment which can be turned off before it has run completely down is a help to a cook's over-burdened memory.

  27. She would not be expected to have any especial attachment for her employers other than that arising from the fact that they fulfilled their business contracts and treated her courteously.

  28. Lady Elizabeth Norris's party was five days after the ball; and before it arrived Mrs. Barnaby had persuaded herself into the firmest possible conviction of Lord Mucklebury's devoted attachment and honourable intentions.

  29. I would give up a great deal for my father; but I would not give up a friendship or--or an attachment of any sort, in obedience to any wish of his that I didn't recognize as right.

  30. In addressing myself to your Excellency on this occasion, the force of all my obligations to you, and of the attachment and gratitude I bear you, recurs to me.

  31. It was the paradise of mosquitoes, which made a common prey of the intruders, allowing them no rest by night, and leaving mementos of their attachment that could not be forgotten during the day.

  32. Strongly tempted as I was to stay, I remained firm to my original purpose, and bade adieu to my amiable friends, without breathing a word even to Cornelius of my attachment for his sister.

  33. He formed a strong attachment to me, and we usually spent most of our time together.

  34. I took this opportunity of mentioning my attachment to his sister, and urged him, if he valued my happiness, to plead with her in my behalf.

  35. I know your attachment for me is sincere.

  36. At suitable intervals tie tapes are sewn around the tent edges to facilitate an attachment to ground pegs and in the adjustment of the flap.

  37. I have long seen that there was a growth of attachment between our children.

  38. Schmidt, with increasing attachment and growing intimacy of relation, began again the daily bouts with the foils, the long pulls on the river, and the talks at night when the house was quiet in sleep.

  39. The one person Langstroth loved was his great-niece, of whose attachment to the German he was jealous with that keen jealousy known to those who are capable of but one single love.

  40. In 1786 his attachment to William Pitt was rewarded with a baronetcy.

  41. To while away the weary hours he actually devised an attachment with two revolving iron arms, which automatically raked off the cut grain from the platform to the ground.

  42. I had to contend with prejudice, an ignorant impatience of change, and a rooted attachment to old methods.

  43. But so totally unprepared were the colonists for a political revolution that instead of these events being regarded as auspicious to their welfare, they only served to prove the strength of their loyalty and attachment to Spain.

  44. He had secured their attachment permanently by his own merits.

  45. We do not question the sincerity of Mr. Bryan's attachment to the cause of arbitration; but it is strange that he does not see what a disservice he does to arbitration by accepting and preaching a travesty of it.

  46. The trouble is that the extremists on both sides have mistaken a natural attachment felt for birthplace for disloyalty to this country.

  47. It is said that when the attachment sprang up between Anne, the eldest daughter of Thomas Leyland, and Edward Tyldesley, the connection was forbidden by the lady's father.

  48. Yet I was a fool to fancy for a moment that she valued Edgar Linton's attachment more than mine.

  49. The other candidate, Sir Charles Wager, was unexceptionable, both in his public and private character; but his attachment to the Minister was a sufficient objection.

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