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  1. The University regulates the general studies, holds all the examinations, except that at entrance, which is held by the Colleges, confers all the degrees and honors, and furnishes the police of the academical city.

  2. His labors as an academical teacher met at first with but little encouragement; he gave his first lecture to only four hearers.

  3. Reduce two academical years to their lowest terms.

  4. This was little less than an academical revolution; and a new order of things may be dated from this memorable era.

  5. There was a pair of braces from Mary, worked with an ecclesiastical pattern of a severe character - very appropriate for academical wear, and extremely effective for all occasions when the coat had to be taken off in public.

  6. Charles Gleyre approached nearest to the strict academical style of Ingres.

  7. The feelings to which he wished to give expression were his own, and the more fragrant, romantic, and vaporously indistinct they were, the more did they suffer from the stiff academical line in which he so mercilessly bound them.

  8. But in the year 1773 he was solemnly entered as a member of a new academical institution, founded by the reigning duke, and recently translated to his little capital of Stuttgard.

  9. It never dies; and in some quiet, merciful time of academical neglect it crops up again.

  10. I myself recollect more of his oddities than of his academical qualities, for we lived most together at a very idle period of my life.

  11. If Egeria, in her own inimitable way, would say to him that the lives of academical ladies were apt to be dull, and that it was a matter of graceful chivalry for him to brighten the horizon, why, Perry could not resist her.

  12. People who are not used to Universities tend to believe that academical persons are invariably formidable.

  13. I remember being much struck by an artless reminiscence of an undergraduate, quoted in the Memoirs of a certain distinguished academical personage, who was fond of inviting young men to share his hospitality for experimental reasons.

  14. Academical distinctions" in medicine are all humbug.

  15. The Fellowship of the College of Surgeons is in every sense as much an "academical distinction" as the Masterships in Surgery or Doctorate of Medicine of the Scotch and English Universities.

  16. The United Colleges, if they do their business properly, will confer just as much, or as little "academical distinction" as Cambridge by their degree.

  17. For this purpose I hasted to London, and entreated one of my academical acquaintances to introduce me into some of the little societies of literature which are formed in taverns and coffee-houses.

  18. Gelasimus passed the first part of his life in academical privacy and rural retirement, without any other conversation than that of scholars, grave, studious, and abstracted as himself.

  19. In due time the young student won the highest academical distinction of his year, graduating as senior wrangler in 1813.

  20. Cruikshank, although he never had Gillray's academical training, enjoyed the benefit of his master's matchless skill and infinite variety.

  21. And why those interested contrary parties became to personalities, unless they have forgotten the academical language of freedom, and virtue?

  22. Asterisk, use of, to denote academical dissertation, 121.

  23. Respondent as the author of an academical dissertation, 106.

  24. That the adoption of an asterisk in catalogues to denote an academical dissertation or thesis relieves us of the necessity of repeating a large amount of redundant wording to each title.

  25. The Academical habit cannot be worn except when presenting an address from a university.

  26. The academical habit should not be worn at Court except when addresses are presented from the Universities.

  27. It is customary at the present day for clergy of the English Church to wear the academical hood of their university degree over their surplices.

  28. King's scholars who are on the foundation and live "in College" also wear an academical gown of fairly ample proportions.

  29. Doctors of Divinity were allowed to wear scarlet tippets, and the colour survives now in their academical hood, and the ordinary black almuce with its fur lining has not been greatly changed in becoming the hood of the Bachelor of Arts.

  30. This was covered by the ecclesiastical cope, but was worn outside the academical gown.

  31. At Winchester the scholars wear bands, and this is no doubt connected with the use of academical dress, for it is usual for the boys on the foundation of public schools, as we have seen to be the case at Eton, to wear gowns.

  32. Examples are, of course, most commonly seen in churches, as it is a custom of the clergy to wear their academical hoods over their white surplices.

  33. The part that colour plays in the hoods and gowns of academical dress has on more than one occasion occupied our attention.

  34. Legal gowns have come down with very little change from the Middle Ages, and are doubtless derived from ecclesiastical through academical costume.

  35. In Germany, and especially at Berlin and Munich, the Greek revival took hold of architecture in the early part of the century in a more decisive but also in a more academical spirit than in England.

  36. In spite of the Romanizing influence of the First Empire, the classic revival did not leave by any means so academical a stamp on French as on German architecture of the early period of the century.

  37. He obtained a good academical education, and at the age of eighteen went to New York city and engaged as a clerk in a dry goods store, where he remained six years.

  38. He received an academical education, and at the age of eighteen he entered a medical college, where he remained four years.

  39. Drawing room compliments stretch along in sentences as finished as those of an academical dissertation.

  40. His Julie argues and descants for twenty successive pages on dueling, on love, on duty, with a logical completeness, a talent and phrases that would do honor to an academical moralist.

  41. I take the liberty of copying the opening sentences as a specimen of that Academical oratory which Mr. Ruskin then adopted, and used habitually in his earlier lectures at Oxford.

  42. And even when kindly Oxford gave him a quasi-academical position, it did not bring him, as it brings many a heretic, back to the fold.

  43. On his return from Venice after months of intercourse with the great Old Masters, he found the Grosvenor Gallery just opened for the first time, with its memorable exhibition of the different extra-academical schools.

  44. All these were opposed to the Academical School who worked by rule of thumb; and they differed among one another only in differences of physical power and moral aim.

  45. Those therefore of the young savages, who upon trial are found less likely to improve by academical studies, may be taught agriculture, or the most necessary trades.

  46. I have transferred the whole of that Academical Treatise to Varro.

  47. But to judge more particularly of his merits, we ought to examine his academical designs.

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