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Example sentences for "confiscations"

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  1. Let us come to a later period of those confiscations with the memory of which the gentlemen who triumph in the acts of 1782 are so much delighted.

  2. I shall never praise confiscations or counter-confiscations as long as I live.

  3. In Great Britain the agricultural life which had been dislocated by the confiscations of the Reformation had settled down again into a system of tenant fanning under great landowners.

  4. Political life in Italy was not so much tranquillized as stunned by the massacres and confiscations of Marius and Sulla.

  5. He could demand from them service as assessors in his courts of various fines and payments and confiscations of land.

  6. That there were many such confiscations no one doubted, and many such acts of wrong as were mentioned in the first section of the bill.

  7. The treaty by which the claimants say their claims on France for these captures and confiscations were released was concluded in 1800.

  8. Even when ruined by confiscations and sequestrations, they endeavored to maintain the appearance of a careless and social jollity.

  9. To all of them the confiscations of Ulster, the fraud of Strafford, the long train of calamities were recent and vivid events.

  10. It is in the confiscations and plantations of the seventeenth century that the origin of political Protestantism is to be found.

  11. The king pledges himself to introduce no foreign law and to make no arbitrary confiscations of property.

  12. The Bishop of Bayeux was exiled from England; some confiscations were made, and some rewards distributed; but almost without exception the leaders escaped punishment.

  13. More than once, in pleading for Quintius, he speaks of the proscriptions and confiscations of Sulla as evils then some time past.

  14. The total value of Henry's confiscations from this church and priory is thought to have been not less than three million pounds of our money.

  15. It is a charitable foundation which survived Tudor confiscations through the intercession of Cranmer, and still shelters its aged poor.

  16. It was understood that the defeat of the northern rebels would lead to confiscations in the north, as the defeat of Frederick had led to confiscations in the south.

  17. Never did a state, in any case, enrich itself by the confiscations of the citizens.

  18. Revolutions are favorable to confiscation; and it is impossible to know under what obnoxious names the next confiscations will be authorized.

  19. The battle of Actium marked the end of a century of revolution, civil disturbances and wars, of confiscations of property, proscriptions and massacres, such as no civilised state had ever witnessed before.

  20. Of the misery caused by the confiscations and allotments of land to the soldiers of Octavianus, the first Eclogue is a lasting record.

  21. A series of great Confiscations put through an enslaved Pale parliament made smooth the way of conquest.

  22. These laws and confiscations gave to the new sovereigns of the Irish the particular advantage that if their subjects should resist the taking of the land, they were legally "rebels," and as such outside the laws of war.

  23. Even now, after confiscations and plantations, the national tradition was still maintained with unswerving fidelity.

  24. The agrarian laws and Sylla's proscriptions and confiscations had restored the numbers of the small proprietors, but the statesmen who had been so eager for their reinstatement were fighting against tendencies too strong for them.

  25. He expressed the opinions of the respectable middle classes, who had no sympathy with revolutionists, but who dreaded soldiers and military rule and confiscations of property.

  26. Suppressions and confiscations have always been a prominent feature in all revolutions, and they have been numerous in the nineteenth century.

  27. The proceeds of these confiscations formed a sort of regular income for the royal exchequer.

  28. In the second place, all the profit of the confiscations by this court accrued to the King.

  29. No wonder the English nation looked upon us as bloody savages; and no wonder they looked approvingly at the massacres and confiscations of the Lord Protector.

  30. Your conquests and confiscations have given us land tenures alien to the country and deadly to the peasant.

  31. The first has the whole authority of the state in their hands,--all the arms, all the revenues of the public, all the confiscations of individuals and corporations.

  32. Unheard-of confiscations were made in the northern parts, upon grounds of plots and conspiracies, never proved upon their supposed authors.

  33. The last French invasion was followed by confiscations and banishments among the chief men of Normandy.

  34. Such punishments and rewards naturally took the shape of confiscations and grants of land.

  35. That land was now enlarged by greater confiscations and lessened by greater grants than ever.

  36. At Leicester and Northampton, and in their shires, the wide confiscations and great destruction of houses point to a stout resistance.

  37. There was a strong anti-clerical party, whose practical aim was to fill the coffers of the state by large measures of disendowment and confiscations of Church property.

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