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Example sentences for "conflation"

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  1. It is quite obvious that the story as we have it is a conflation of two versions of the anecdote.

  2. The story before us is a conflation of the two types of incident, blindness and paralysis being accumulated on the robbers.

  3. Probably we have a conflation of two incidents.

  4. Traditional Text was as they maintain formed by conflation from texts previously in existence.

  5. Besides, as has been already stated, no amount of conflation would supply passages which the destructive school would wholly leave out.

  6. Conflation might be possible, supposing for a moment that other conditions favoured it, and that the elements to be conflated were already in existence in other texts.

  7. But inasmuch as in the majority of instances such elements are found nowhere else than in the Traditional Text, conflation as accounting for the changes which upon this theory must have been made is simply impossible.

  8. Conflation or mixture is utterly incapable of meeting the larger number of cases.

  9. Except for the influence of Mark at the beginning, Luke seems to be following Q, while Matthew's parable is a conflation of Q and Mark.

  10. It must be admitted that such conflation is contrary to Luke's habit.

  11. And, in fact, that Conflation at least as an extensive process, if not altogether, did not really exist.

  12. Nevertheless, the effect of Conflation appears to be well described in his words on p.

  13. Hort's theory of Conflation had been sounder, there would have been no lack of examples.

  14. Of these classes, it is evident that Conflation has nothing to do with Additions or Transpositions.

  15. Conflation of the true and the chief Western Texts,' and accordingly it does not come within the charmed circle.

  16. If his eight picked examples can be thus demolished, then surely the theory of Conflation must be utterly unsound.

  17. If Conflation is so common, he might have produced a large number of references without working out more than was enough for illustration as patterns.

  18. If again there is no Western reading, it is not a Conflation in Dr.

  19. Conflation by the Codex Bezae which is anything but an embodiment of the Traditional or 'Syrian' Text, and xiii.

  20. Conflation is the combination of two (or more) different expressions into one.

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