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Example sentences for "confirming"

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confirmative; confirmatory; confirme; confirmed; confirmeth; confirms; confiscate; confiscated; confiscates; confiscating
  1. And herein, as in many other matters, the art of Mazarin was to wear the semblance of merely confirming the Queen in the resolves with which he inspired her.

  2. And further, Louis did not believe that he could ensure quiet to the State after his death without confirming and perpetuating, so far as in him lay, the perpetual exile of Madame de Chevreuse.

  3. Hence, and because the city stood by him throughout his quarrel with the Pope, he gave her many charters, confirming and increasing the rights and privileges of the burghers.

  4. Taking advantage of this, the Papal party succeeded in passing a decree in the Reichstag confirming the Edict of Worms.

  5. St Mary of Kenilworth confirming the grant of lands made by Geoffrey to this church, and mentioning that he kept the land in which his castle was situated and also land for making his borough, park and fishpond.

  6. In 1674 Ken paid a visit to Rome in company with young Izaak Walton, and this journey seems mainly to have resulted in confirming his regard for the Anglican communion.

  7. Orkney, and others, the Scottish parliament passed an act in 1670 confirming the charter granted by Charles II.

  8. When Philip was besieging Byzantium he left to Alexander, who was then only sixteen years old, the sole charge of the administration of the kingdom of Macedonia, confirming his authority by entrusting to him his own signet.

  9. He cites some lines of Spenser as confirming his theory, forgetting that rhyme wholly changes the conditions of the case by throwing the accent (appreciably even now, but more emphatically in Spenser's day) on the last syllable.

  10. That Pope, in the vain hope of prevailing on the Emperor to free Parma and Piacenza from their dependence on Milan, had assumed for a moment a conciliatory attitude, and spoke of confirming the Interim, and recalling the Council to Trent.

  11. He asks that you speak with Judge Forester and Senator Flaxman before confirming the arrest, and boasts that you will order me to keep hands off.

  12. Mention to the governor that you have me under arrest, and that I have asked him to speak with Judge Forester and Senator Flaxman before confirming the arrest.

  13. Persecution, as usual, had the immediate effect of scattering the heretics, of confirming them in the faith, and of developing the heresy into a more decided antagonism towards the Church.

  14. Meanwhile her antecedents were carefully investigated, with a result in every way confirming her good repute and truthfulness.

  15. Still the Order held out, and in common with the Hospitallers and Cistercians, refused to pay a tithe to Charles of Anjou, in spite of which Clement issued numerous bulls confirming and enlarging its privileges.

  16. A comparative statement, he added, of the value of the exports of the two countries, would assist in confirming this opinion.

  17. They have been witnesses to the formation of two treaties, that with Great Britain and that with Spain, which secure to them every thing they could desire, in respect to our foreign relations, towards confirming their prosperity.

  18. This, as he remarks, is in diurnal motion one hour, thus confirming the connection between the Indian and European significations of the word.

  19. The fact that this view of the representation of space alone renders mathematical science possible can be taken as confirming this interpretation of its nature.

  20. Take two or three sayings of his, for the confirming of what is now said.

  21. Multitudes read it as if it was really a dream, the old sleeping portrait confirming the idea.

  22. A letter from her to him goes some length towards confirming the allegation.

  23. Reggio proceeds to give a few specimens confirming his assertion, and concludes his remarks with a eulogy on Delmedigo, who in this respect also had the courage to differ from his contemporaries.

  24. A day being appointed for confirming a great number of new converts, he ordered them to assemble in a new open plain, near the river Bourde.

  25. The Governor was to nominate Councillors, but the Burgesses were to have the privilege of confirming or rejecting.

  26. It was so universally accepted that only the Assembly could tax the people, that the agents thought it necessary to explain why they considered it wise to insert an article confirming this right.

  27. Moreover, other documents have been found in different places confirming the statement on the cylinder of Nabonidus, and the opinion of the best and latest authorities has come round to accept the date of about 3800 B.

  28. Collegiate church, and of Archbishop Lorenzano's sermon, preached in 1760, confirming the miraculous history.

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