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  1. A preliminary visit to pump court, and a thorough ablution of face and hands, is indispensable to those who would become successful candidates for that long-anticipated meal.

  2. Upon one occasion Mr Tyndale, arriving at a friend's house, and retiring to his room, sent his servant to request some jugs of water, for ablution after a hot ride.

  3. To have to get up and perform my prayer ablution on cold winter mornings often made me complain in terms that were hardly pious.

  4. Most Mohammedans, after thus having a bath, make their ablution with the flowing water, as is prescribed by their religious law.

  5. But when he went to Egypt and saw the dirty fellaheen and Arabs, he was obliged to confess that the Prophet was quite right to establish his strict ablution system.

  6. Then she pulled off her clothes and washed her body and made her Ghusl ablution of the whole person[FN#192] and prayed that which was due from her of prayer from the evening of the previous day.

  7. There I went in alone and going up to the waterwheel,[FN#104] entered it and drank and made the Wuzu-ablution and prayed.

  8. FN#192] She made the Ghusl not because she had slept with a man, but because the impurity of Satan's presence called for the major ablution before prayer.

  9. Tohfah turned and found with her none of the Jinn; so she laid her head on the floor and slept till she had gotten her repose; after which she arose and betaking herself to the lakelet, made the Wuzu-ablution and prayed.

  10. Similarly the Brahman takes care, after ablution of a person, to wipe the cathartic water off from head to feet downwards, that the malign influence may pass out through the feet.

  11. FN#260] The lesser ablution of hands, face and feet; a kind of "washing the points.

  12. Then he arose, and made the Wuzu ablution to purify himself before death and took his shroud under his arm and bade farewell to his people, his neighbours and all his kith and kin, and went forth despite his own nose.

  13. FN#269] He does not perform the Wuzu or lesser ablution because he neglects his dawn prayers.

  14. He entered the bath and made the total ablution long and thoroughly; then donned his clothes within the Hammam and rode therefrom to his palace where he lay him down and slept.

  15. But now, O my brother, I would thou warm me some water for the Ghusl ablution and do thou kindly bathe me and change my clothes.

  16. FN#516] The left hand is used throughout the East for purposes of ablution and is considered unclean.

  17. He sat expecting her, whilst she went away and awoke her husband, who made the Wuzu ablution and prayed and went to his shop.

  18. In this position they wash his head, and "any water remaining from the ablution is taken and poured upon the sick man's head.

  19. When the flesh was finished the bones were thrown into the stream and a general ablution took place, after which every man went to his house taking with him a spray of the cedar.

  20. Abdul Baha:--"Ablution is only for obligatory prayers three times a day.

  21. The duckboards came to an end although the ablution benches were another seventy or eighty yards away.

  22. The man who had passed by me had already reached the ablution shed and I could see a faint gleam from his candle in the distance, so that I did not fear to lose my way.

  23. It is apparently for this reason that, in the Eastern and warmer countries, where perspiration is very copious, ablution and bathing have assumed the rank and importance of religious observances.

  24. Both bury their dead, and purify themselves by ablution in the nearest stream when the funeral procession is over.

  25. Thereupon I arose and went thither and slept till morning, when a page brought me basin and ewer, and I made the ablution and prayed the dawn-prayer.

  26. Indian life is largely occupied with these private, intimate, individual observances, hardly noticeable as ceremonies and concerned with such things as dressing, ablution and the preparation of food.

  27. By ablution is meant the process of applying water to the surface of the body by means of a sponge or towel.

  28. The First Bath of Ablution The wind is keen, the frost is dread, Toward the icy water, By aunt and mother forth is led The fisher's lovely daughter.

  29. Before the ornamented screen which separates the nave from the sanctuary, is stretched the sick brought here to be healed after the ablution of the water, by the panayia who presides over it.

  30. Here ablution is performed, and all the decencies of respect shown to the mortal remains, before they are consigned to decay.

  31. On the ground is seated the disengaged traveller, solacing his fatigue with his nargillai, and behind him a pious Mussulman, preparing by ablution for the namaz, or evening prayer.

  32. They make frequent ablution so essential, that “without it prayer will be of no value in the eyes of God.

  33. Let him that findeth no water for ablution repeat five times the words "In the Name of God, the Most Pure, the Most Pure", and then proceed to his devotions.

  34. Should two Obligatory Prayers be offered at noon one ablution for both prayers is sufficient.

  35. Among the Basutos "ablution is specially performed on return from battle.

  36. His baptism or ablution in the River Ganges, corresponding to Christ's baptism in Jordan.

  37. It was customary among the Hindoos and other nations to postpone baptism till near the supposed terminus of life, in order that the ablution might extinguish all the sins and misdeeds of the subject's earthly probation.

  38. So I hastened to finish my ablution and followed him.

  39. Then I rise from her to ablution and first I pour water over my hands and then over my body and lastly, I praise Allah for the joy He hath given me.

  40. When they had done eating, they made the ablution and prayed, after which they sat talking of what had befallen each of them from his people and the shifts of fortune.

  41. Prayer is preceded by the lesser ablution (wadu) consisting in the washing of face, hands (to the elbows) and feet in prescribed manner.

  42. FN#140] This ablution of the whole body he was bound to perform after having had carnal knowledge of a woman, and before washing he was in a state of ceremonial impurity.

  43. Mayzah" = the large hall with a central fountain for ablution attached to every great Mosque.

  44. After this he caused the marriage-tie be tied, and he brought her to the supposed Sultan where she lay for the first night, but the damsel having performed the Wuzú-ablution did naught but pray through the hours of darkness.

  45. For instance, Now the waters of ablution being of seven different kinds, it results that-hast thou a wife?

  46. Mohammed used to perform ablution on its brink, and directed Ali to wash his corpse with seven skins full of the water.

  47. FN#31] When water cannot be obtained for ablution before prayers, Moslems clap the palms of their hands upon the sand, and draw them down the face and both fore-arms.

  48. FN#29] The pious perform the Lesser Ablution upon the brink of the seven wells, and drink of the remnant of the water in "Tabarruk" or to secure the blessings of God.

  49. On the contrary, it is the custom of some sects to recite a Ruk'atayn (two-bow) prayer immediately after religious ablution in the hot cistern.

  50. In the case of natives of India, however, a serious difficulty arises in the use of the earth system, in consequence of the universal use of water for ablution after using the closet.

  51. Southampton, has contrived a closet suitable for the native family; it is unfortunately too costly, and possibly a simple iron box, with a pipe to carry off the urine and ablution water, would be better suited for the poorer classes.

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