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  1. The new cabinet, apart from the state department, was on the whole far abler than the old; indeed, it was one of the ablest of American cabinets.

  2. Roseboom, the other Republican, was easily led by his two abler party associates.

  3. If always sitting among associates in banc, their incompetence would be shielded, he said, by their abler brethren.

  4. To the politicians about Jackson, and very shrewd men they were, Van Buren's succession to Jackson promised a firmer, abler continuance of the administration than that of any other public man.

  5. But the lawyers are quicker witted than either of the other professions, and abler men generally.

  6. Like many a monarch, abler and better than himself, Zemaun Shah had chosen his minister unwisely, and was undone by the choice.

  7. If there was an abler or a worse man in Central Asia, I have not yet heard his name.

  8. You forget yourself, To hedge me in; I am a soldier, I, Older in practice, abler than yourself To make conditions.

  9. I remit that task to abler and more appropriate hands--to the author of the report of 1838.

  10. The new paper brought division and distraction into the party--filled it with dissensions, which eventually induced the withdrawal of Mr. Ritchie; but not until he had produced the mischiefs which abler men cannot repair.

  11. The men of the Mountain are abler and stronger than the Girondins: therefore the Marseillais are foolish not to bow to the men of the Mountain.

  12. Against Lord Cornwallis, and his far abler secretary, Mr. Merry, were pitted Joseph Bonaparte and his secretaries.

  13. This fault in point of generalship quickly turned the scale in favour of the abler Philip, who knew his trade too well to let slip so material an advantage.

  14. Minucius indeed felt the force of the obligation, as well as of his own incapacity: he nobly acknowledged it in the strongest terms, and returned to his former post and duty to his abler commander.

  15. This seemed exasperatingly unjustifiable in a country where anybody might happen to be president without being a whit abler than any other one who had not happened to fall into the office.

  16. McClellan had thrown away superb opportunities; but to turn him out was not to fill his place with an abler man.

  17. Any person, whether brilliant or stupid, will be much abler and keener on the astral plane than on the physical, because in sleep, and after death, he has lost the limitations imposed by physical matter.

  18. The subject has been at the point of my pen in every letter I have written to you, but has been still restrained by the reflection that you had among your friends more able counsellors, and, in yourself, one abler than them all.

  19. With our utmost soul's travail we could discover, by the sublimest methods eulogized by all the world, no abler Englishman than this?

  20. Which state of matters a reforming Premier, much in want of abler men to help him, now proposes altering.

  21. The men that sit in Downing Street, governing us, are not abler men since the Reform Bill than were those before it.

  22. That is the most important question, and I propose to answer it to the best of my ability, feeling and hoping that my answer will induce abler answers from other pens.

  23. It is clearly not a time to consider a proposition to export these abler youths of the black population.

  24. There is no doubt but that the abler negroes, when properly officered, make excellent soldiers--at least as infantry men.

  25. In the first place, it would tend to remove from the body of the folk the abler men--those to whom we should mainly look for the uplifting of their race.

  26. Here and there in the South we find these people of the abler stocks already so employed.

  27. We may leave the black people to work out their own salvation as best they may, to lie as a mass at the bottom of our society, except so far as the abler men who may arise among them help their struggling fellows.

  28. My father," often said John Marshall, "was a far abler man than any of his sons.

  29. But this is a subject on which I do not mean to dilate; it has been lately treated most judiciously by a far abler hand.

  30. I am ill at describing buildings, but the beauty and majesty of the American capitol might defy an abler pen than mine to do it justice.

  31. They blushed so sweetly, and looked so beautifully puzzled and confounded, that it might have been difficult for an abler judge than I was to decide how far they merited the diploma they received.

  32. It requires an abler pen than mine to trace the connection which I am persuaded exists between these deficiencies and the minds and manners of the people.

  33. LEE--I would have much preferred that your choice had fallen upon an abler man.

  34. I would have much preferred it had your choice fallen upon an abler man.

  35. Adventure not unnecessarily on things beyond your skill, but in difficult cases persuade your patients to use the help of abler physicians, if there be any to be had, though it be against your own commodity.

  36. If your forbearance be like to make him abler by his diligence or other means, you should forbear if possible.

  37. I answered that I thought other artists abler than myself, but was of opinion that the statues ought to be left as they were.

  38. To write an able and true criticism of him, requires higher capacity and an abler pen.

  39. No monarch was ever served by abler ministers than Colbert and Louvois; the former developing the industries and resources of a great country, and the latter organizing its forces for all the exigencies of vast military campaigns.

  40. Hagerman, who temporarily succeeded Judge Willis, was an abler man, but his political feelings were so strong that Rolph would not imperil the interests of his clients by appearing before him.

  41. Owing in some measure to the force of circumstances, but chiefly to his own energy, impulsiveness and love of notoriety, Mr. Mackenzie's name and achievements have become more widely known than have those of many abler and wiser men.

  42. The son of Babar had succumbed to an abler general, and that abler general had at once completely supplanted him.

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