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Example sentences for "fails"

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faileth; failing; failings; faill; faille; failure; failures; faim; faimily; fain
  1. When language fails him, he first considers well.

  2. My courage fails not, Ralph,' she answered.

  3. If thy heart fails thee, Hereford will send thee over-sea to thy brother in Normandy, where thou canst dwell in peace and safety, while we fight our quarrel out.

  4. When the fatal arrow pierces Cock Robin's breast, it never fails to bring an appreciative exclamation, "He's killed Cock Robin!

  5. In a free country there is a career for all sorts of talent, and if one fails in one direction he may reach great dignity in another.

  6. The poorest Chinaman rarely fails to leave money enough behind him to accomplish this purpose, and the friends of the deceased consider it a religious duty to fulfil his last wishes.

  7. That the Chinaman never fails to introduce certain vicious habits wherever he appears, goes without saying; opium-smoking and gambling have become as natural to him as breathing.

  8. The mocking-bird seldom fails to kill the snake single-handed, instantly afterwards mounting the bush, to pour forth a torrent of song in token of victory.

  9. If thy heart fails thee, let it go; but I will set no other stake against my good sword.

  10. It fails in an essential character; that the hole and the patch should be commensurate.

  11. All the other instruments I am about to describe accomplish that which the stereoscope fails to do; they create true optical combinations.

  12. It must not be supposed that any one of the components fails to leave its due trace in the photographic composite, much less in the optical one.

  13. The value of inherited conscience lies in its being the organised result of the social experiences of many generations, but it fails in so far as it expresses the experience of generations whose habits differed from our own.

  14. To contrast the divorce situation in the country with that in the city also fails to give the basis for social optimism that the facts are often used to prove.

  15. It is well not to be in a hurry to take as our work that which the home fails to accomplish.

  16. Whether the undertaking fails or succeeds, it certainly teaches the member the meaning of social interrelations.

  17. Often it fails because the mental and moral preparation for successful working together is lacking.

  18. So this passion, when set up against Shakespeare, Balzac, Wagner, Raphael, fails them.

  19. Like most of the professionals, she exaggerates the emotional element and quite fails to do justice to Rosalind's facile wit and really brilliant mental qualities.

  20. The grand end of saving lost souls, and bringing many sons and daughters unto God, cannot be sacrificed to any organisation ordained for that purpose when it fails either to seek it or accomplish it.

  21. But whenever the teacher fails to elicit both respect and love, his power for good is lost.

  22. This is a familiar, popular exhibition, which never fails to attract and amuse, but has unfortunately not been applied to its philanthropic uses in healing disease and elevating the character.

  23. The representation of this story has been repeated times without number, but it never fails to meet with popular approval.

  24. But confronted by the term Shell-shock, the ardent social worker or the ordinary man fails to get any incorrect notion about the nature, and especially about the prognosis, of the condition.

  25. If the tremor then fails to alter, a convalescent leave for one or two months may be given.

  26. These authors say that RĂ©gis, in common with most psychiatrists, fails to distinguish the slow thinking and amnesia of true mental confusion from the temporal and the spatial disorientation that characterize the so-called obtusion.

  27. Since last October Mr. Dowdell has been progressing swiftly toward journalistic excellence, and even this cleverly conceived and uniquely shaped issue fails to mark the limit of his ambition.

  28. Not one of its twenty-six pages fails to delight us.

  29. We form a notion of God, partly from what we think He ought to be, partly from some distorted notions we have derived from others; and then because God fails to realize our conception, we begin to doubt.

  30. Courage fails a conspirator either from his own poorness of spirit, or from his being overcome by some feeling of reverence.

  31. This turkey never fails to attack the boy whenever opportunity offers; no other person is ever molested by him.

  32. A collie, which lives next door to the church, when the bell is rung, never fails to express his delight in the sound.

  33. Dublin is a modern Tara, a metropolis from which the glory has departed; and the viceroyalty, though it pleases some of the tradesmen, fails altogether to satisfy the people.

  34. A Ministry in power learns much which an Opposition fails to learn.

  35. The principle, however, is in our nature: that for which our sympathy is deep and unbroken never fails to secure our compassion and respect, and ultimately to excite a still higher class of our moral feelings.

  36. There are times, however, when the ducks have been much shot at, that even this decoy fails of success.

  37. The eye is in truth its finest feature, and never fails to strike the beholder with admiration.

  38. As long as Landon never fails except spiritually, I am contented--and even in that light I never knew him to trip,' and the child was as indignant as her indolent nature would permit.

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