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Example sentences for "bugbear"

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buffoons; buffy; bug; bugaboo; bugaboos; bugbears; bugelet; bugg; bugged; bugger
  1. When Sears attempted to find good and sufficient reasons for belief that the husband of Lobelia Seymour was any such bugbear he was baffled.

  2. A hammer and a willing hand will pound yon bugbear into dirt," said the dame.

  3. The bugbear owing its magnitude and importance to obscurity and misapprehension, becomes divested of its terrors when it can be surveyed and appreciated.

  4. Paupertatis pudor et fuga=--The shame and the bugbear of poverty.

  5. Only a word indicating the degree of strength requisite for accomplishing particular objects; a mere notice of the necessity for exertion; a bugbear to children and fools; only a mere stimulus to men.

  6. By this time, Sue had become an awful bugbear to the poor fellow.

  7. Somehow, it stimulated in Scout Warren the desire to be an eclaireur in earnest to the darkened boy overshadowed by his bugbear fears, now skulking behind the berry-bushes.

  8. The English had got used to their bugbear the flotilla, and the caricaturist had a rest.

  9. Among those auxiliaries which the Revolution of 1688 marshalled on the side of the Throne, the bugbear of Popery has not been the least convenient and serviceable.

  10. It is the great hobby which saddens his life, the terrible bugbear with which he is ever trying to arouse the feelings of his French Canadian countrymen against England.

  11. Such an England only exists in the heated imagination of that General Lea and in the minds of all those, like the Nationalist leader, who are, or feign to be, tortured by the bugbear of military Imperialism of the old Roman ironed type.

  12. A dinner party is recalled at which two of the invited guests were given seats at a side table on account of that terrible bugbear "thirteen at table.

  13. Mr. Lloyd was so delighted with Bert's ingenuity that thenceforth he gave him very effective assistance in the preparation of his weekly essays, and they were no longer the bugbear that they had been.

  14. Another subject that became a great bugbear to him was what was known as composition.

  15. For I am not so much frightened at the bugbear declaration, but that, if I could go myself with a considerable force and provisions, it should not any ways deter me, from the confidence I have in his Majesty’s justice and goodness.

  16. He became the manual of statesmen and the bugbear of moralists.

  17. The form of the ugly Coppelius, as Nathaniel himself was forced to confess, grew more dim in his fancy, and it often cost him trouble to colour with sufficient liveliness in his pictures, when he appeared as a ghastly bugbear of fate.

  18. The bugbear in all work of this kind, with low magnifications as well as high, is vibration.

  19. How about the bugbear vibration during such a long exposure is a natural question to ask.

  20. Jules Ferry became, more than Gambetta, the great bugbear of the Clericals and the author of the "lois scelerates.

  21. But you make such a bugbear of the least little matter that there's no encouragement to tell you anything.

  22. Excuse me," he retorted, "I haven't made a bugbear of this.

  23. Rejoicings, fireworks, and illuminations became the order of the day; and our artist, who had traced the varying career of the dreaded bugbear Boney, now lent his assistance to commemorate his downfall.

  24. The great bugbear was, lest a ci-devant Lord may get a seat here, and that somebody may call him My Lord.

  25. The doctrine that powers may be implied which are not expressly vested in Congress has long been a bugbear to a great many worthy persons.

  26. Malaria touches us lightly, and it is chosen as a bugbear with which to scare people away.

  27. This was the last outbreak of the Chartists, who proved to be a mere bugbear when they were once met and faced (April, 1848).

  28. The English people, overjoyed to find that Chartism was but a bugbear and Irish rebellion a farce, had settled down to enjoy what they trusted would prove a long spell of tranquil prosperity.

  29. The very thought of anything connected with the bugbear 'Law' depresses me to death.

  30. If there was money to be paid, there was a bugbear to be slain for it; and a bugbear is as obnoxious to the repose of commercial communities as rivals are to kings.

  31. Audrey had no wish to be a bugbear to her family.

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