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Example sentences for "ghoul"

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ghosties; ghostlike; ghostliness; ghostly; ghosts; ghoulish; ghouls; ghyll; giace
  1. While the five sons are eating with their father, the youngest son hears sparrows saying that a ghoul has stolen the princess, daughter of the King of Autogolfo.

  2. So a boat is built, the princess is stolen from the ghoul, the ghoul pursues and is blinded by a shot from the bow, the princess falls in a dead faint and is restored by the life-giving herb.

  3. She had seen what "finance" meant; she could not picture Armstrong without the stains of the ghoul orgy upon him.

  4. He follows; she joins a ghoul at a ghoul's orgy in a graveyard.

  5. Atholston relates that a ghoul was caught by some sturdy peasants in a churchyard at Sudbury and ducked in a horsepond.

  6. As late as the beginning of the last century a ghoul was cornered in the crypt of the cathedral at Amiens and the whole population surrounded the place.

  7. A ghoul who can rob a dead body ought to be in prison.

  8. But then he was such a worthless vagabond, a ghoul who had robbed a dead body.

  9. This story connects the ghoul with the vampire.

  10. As late as the beginning of the fourteenth century a ghoul was cornered in the crypt of the cathedral at Amiens and the whole population surrounded the place.

  11. GHOUL CARE Sour fiend, go home and tell the Pit: For once you met your master, A man who carried in his soul Three charms against disaster, The Devil and disaster.

  12. The desire of life--the Indian tanha or thirst of existence--Agur represents in the form of the beautiful but terrible Ghoul of the desert who has two daughters: birth and death.

  13. Oh, God, it was a low-down game, something about parallel to the ghoul on the battlefield stealing money and accouterments from the dead soldiers.

  14. But Ismail danced all by himself among the stones of Khyber road and he looked like a bearded ghoul out for an airing.

  15. When the echo of his own voice died, it was as if the ghoul who made the echoes had taken shape.

  16. But it so turned out in the case of Sid Norman, because he had not been knowingly bewitched; and Mrs. Amina Ghoul Sid Norman learned to respect the motto, Cave canem!

  17. The aesthetic ghoul cuts illuminated initials out of manuscripts.

  18. The conceited ghoul writes his notes across our fair white margins, in pencil, or in more baneful ink.

  19. The petty, trivial, and almost idiotic ghoul of our own days, sponges the fly-leaves and boards of books for the purpose of cribbing the book-plates.

  20. The Book-Ghoul is he who combines the larceny of the biblioklept with the abominable wickedness of breaking up and mutilating the volumes from which he steals.

  21. The ghoul or fiend of modern society is the demon of alcohol.

  22. Gaining admittance into the house as easily as before, I quickly made my way to the third-floor landing, Ghoul darting up the stairs ahead of me.

  23. But most of all Ghoul admired pretty children--dainty little girls with fluffy yellow curls and big, smiling eyes.

  24. Thinking something, perhaps, was hiding in the bushes, I threw stones and made a great shooing; but nothing came out, and Ghoul still maintained his position.

  25. But I am speaking as if Ghoul were my property.

  26. In spite of this, however, I knew intuitively that Ghoul regarded me as his actual master, and I believe the explanation of this circumstance lay in the superphysical.

  27. Not until the warty ghoul acquires the sagacity which accompanies ripe age and experience, does it encourage deceptive plumes of innocent algae to anchor themselves to its back.

  28. One of the Genji warriors, named Raiko, could not find any one valiant enough to fight with him, and so he wished to find a ghoul to slay.

  29. The ghoul was so frightened that it ran away, leaving its hairy arm and claws.

  30. Now, this old woman was nothing more than a ghoul in disguise.

  31. Shu-ten dōji was another ghoul which Raiko, with his retainers, went to slay.

  32. After a while the ghoul got drunk, and fell asleep.

  33. I can see her well, sitting up with a sudden jerk, the ghoul with the enamel eyes, the lady Nsitanebashru!

  34. A ghoul is an Elemental that visits any place where human or animal remains have been interred.

  35. The ghoul then pounces on the physical body, and, often refusing to restore it to its rightful owner, the latter is compelled to roam about as a phantasm for just so long a time as the ghoul chooses to inhabit the body it has stolen.

  36. I have even refused to dispense the sacrament to him unless he relented, but I might as well have expended my energies on The Ghoul Rock out there at the opening to the Bay.

  37. If you will return the compliment by allowing me to take you out some evening in the boat to the end of Rita's Isle there, where the sea trout are,--or away out to the passage by The Ghoul where the salmon are now running.

  38. Well I could understand now why this Rita Clark intuitively hated The Ghoul Rock.

  39. Jake swears to this day that she belonged to the launch party, who must have run sheer into The Ghoul Rock and gone down.

  40. He awoke before daylight, fancying he heard screams in the location of The Ghoul Rock.

  41. Ask Jenny Daykin who it was that took care of her for a year, after her Sam was drowned out at The Ghoul there, until her young Sam finished for a school teacher.

  42. I rowed out to the mouth of the Bay, keeping inside the Ghoul Rock; then I started crossways over to the far point.

  43. As I listened to the night noises, I heard the distant throb of a launch out in the vicinity of the Ghoul Rock.

  44. It is plain that a Scot who can blindly dote On the face of an Eastern ghoul, And a ghoul who was worth not a silver groat, Is a Scot who has lost his soul.

  45. No longer a ghoul in that face he saw; It was fair as a boy's first love: The voice that had curdled his veins with awe Was the coo of the woodland dove.

  46. He brought with him on his journey from Gee's Court to the north of London an incredible ghoul of a man, a creature whose face was muffled in a huge beard alive with vermin.

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