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connective; connectives; connectivity; connector; connectors; conned; connexion; connexional; connexions; conning
  1. The vascular appendage which connects the fetus with the parent, and is cast off in parturition with the afterbirth.

  2. Situated back of the temporal bone or the temporal region of the skull; -- applied especially to a bone which usually connects the supraclavicle with the skull in the pectoral arch of fishes.

  3. Steindorff suggests that they may have entered Syria from Chaldæa during the disturbed times in Egypt at the end of the eighteenth dynasty, and connects them with the movements of the Khabiri (Hebrews?

  4. Between the Rosetta and the Damietta branches of the Nile there are other canals, such as the Manuf, which connects the two branches of the river at a point not far from the Delta.

  5. The idea, for instance, which he connects with a plural is that of a noun followed by a syllable indicative of plurality; a passive with him is a verb followed by a syllable expressive of suffering, or eating, or going.

  6. A white wafer connects all the sections at the top, and a black wafer may be added beneath.

  7. Glancing over a series of such color points, the eye easily grasps their individual character, and connects them into an intelligible series.

  8. The inward type connects opposite hues by a sequence of chroma balanced on middle gray, and is more stimulating to the eyes.

  9. A subterranean passage connects it with the sacristy; and this same passage tunnels the cliff and debouches at the caves where the wine of the city was made and stored, and which are situated in an adjoining gorge.

  10. The light falls between the two mountains, and connects the Little Ararat in a common harmony with the richening tints of the plain.

  11. Perhaps the link, which connects all human development, was in this case supplied by a primitive reckoning table with rows of skewered beads.

  12. This summit connects with the bold snow buttresses beyond it, terraced upon the north-western slope.

  13. At the back of this even western slope a pass of about 7000 feet connects the fabric of Ararat with the spinal system which it succeeds and resumes.

  14. It would appear that the mythology of the Vedic period bears a close resemblance to Teutonic, while that of the post-Vedic period connects more intimately with Greek, Celtic, and Egyptian.

  15. This colour reference connects “caste” with the doctrine of yugas, or ages of the universe (Chapter VI).

  16. Firstly, the Open Sea is an international highway that connects distant lands between which, except by sea, no communication would be possible, whereas the atmosphere is not such an indispensable highway.

  17. The Sea being an international highway which connects distant lands, it is the common conviction that it should not be under the sway of any State whatever.

  18. The most important of the interoceanic canals is that of Suez, which connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean.

  19. The operator there, generally a girl, demands the number of the person with whom the ringer wants to speak, rings up that number, and connects the wires of the two parties.

  20. The message finished, the operator depresses with the point of his pencil the little push-key, K, and connects his receiver with the distant transmitter in readiness for an answer.

  21. It was like turning a leaf of the past and finding the subtle thread which connects it with the present.

  22. On the north side of Cormorant lake, and along the creek which connects it with Lake Yawningstone, and on the south side of the latter lake, he saw from three to five million feet of good milling spruce timber.

  23. The “Grande prairie,” to the southwest of Peace River Landing, which connects with Spirit river country and is drained by Smoky river and its branches, is a much more extensive open country.

  24. Their oldest forms show an approach to the extinct class Sphenophyllales, which connects them to some extent, by anatomical characters, with the Lycopods.

  25. The umbilical cord, as Marx said, which connects the individual consciousness with the collective consciousness is cut.

  26. Their working is facilitated by the railway from Stockholm to Gellivara, Kirunavara and Narvik on the Norwegian coast, which also connects them with the port of Lulea on the Gulf of Bothnia.

  27. In the other direction a broad open channel reaches directly to and connects with the volcanic shaft.

  28. Can any man outline the bridge that connects the intellect with nerve or brain, mind, or with any form of matter?

  29. Agreed; however tortuous the channel that connects them, such must be the case.

  30. One naturally connects the idea of Ebenezer Elliott and the brisk movements of a populous town; but he complains that the constant political excitements of a town had wearied him, and gave too much interruption to his literary enjoyments.

  31. Between Sumatra and Java, the largest two of these islands, there is a channel called the Straits of Sunda that connects the waters of the Indian Ocean with those of the Pacific Ocean.

  32. And a conjunction that connects an uncertain proposition with a certain one, may be said to govern a subjunctive mood.

  33. This connects them with the Werini (Varni) and the Thuringians--"Incipit lex Angliorum et Werinorum hoc est Thuringorum.

  34. Now, although true and unequivocal ellipses are scarce, the preceding is one of the most unequivocal kind--the word which connects the two propositions being wanting.

  35. Now, a conjunction that connects two certain propositions may be said to govern an indicative mood.

  36. A conjunction is a part of speech which connects propositions,--the day is bright, is one proposition.

  37. The word which connects the two propositions, and without which, they naturally make separate, independent, unconnected statements.

  38. Whenever the conjunction that expresses intention, and consequently connects two verbs, the second of which takes place after the first, the verbs in question must be in the same tense.

  39. This connects the Angles with the Suevi, and Langobardi, and places them on the Middle Elbe.

  40. The pull on the shackle which connects the two links causes the latter so to act on the upper arms of the tongs as to make their points press themselves against or into the stone.

  41. When the motor is near the middle of the boat, a good practice is to lead the exhaust pipe out through the bottom, and along it to a point near the stern, where it again enters the boat and connects with the muffler.

  42. The best view of the château is from this bridge, which connects the villages of Chaumont and Onzain.

  43. Blanche (Lady MacDonnell) to where the creek passes through a low sandhill and connects it with the other lake, Sir Richard (His Excellency the Governor).

  44. In the bazaars is the passion for gain, in the alleys of music and light is the passion for pleasure, in the mosques is the passion for prayer that connects the souls of men with the unseen but strongly felt world.

  45. The porch step is a large uncut stone that nature shaped to the purpose, and the walk that connects the entrance with the front gate is of the same untooled flat rock.

  46. Calling up the last reserves of their courage, the children crept softly along the board walk that connects the landing of the stairway with the rude dwelling.

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