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  1. As the animal grows older and its muscles are used more, the walls of these tubes or fibers become dense and tough; likewise, the amount of connective tissue increases and becomes tougher.

  2. By this method a certain amount of juice from the meat is taken up by the water, but the connective tissue is well softened unless the cooking is done at too high a temperature.

  3. It is contained in the connective tissue and can be extracted by boiling, being apparent as a jellylike substance after the water in which meat has been cooked has cooled.

  4. In roasting, the heat is applied longer and more slowly than in broiling or frying, so that there is more possibility for the connective tissue beneath the surface to soften.

  5. In fact, no better method for the preparation of tough pieces of meat and old fowl can be found than this process, for by it the connective tissue and the muscle fibers are softened.

  6. Meat is cooked chiefly to loosen and soften the connective tissue and thus cause the muscle tissues to be exposed more fully to the action of the digestive juices.

  7. They are held together with a tough, stringy material called connective tissue.

  8. In order to render it easier to digest, since it must be thoroughly cooked, the long, slow methods of cookery should be selected, as these soften the connective tissue.

  9. Remove the fat and clear according to directions previously given.

  10. If different widths are used, an impression of careless cutting will be given.

  11. Sentences become long and involved; dependent clauses abound; connective words and phrases are frequent.

  12. What connective and what punctuation will you use?

  13. The portal canals are uniformly studded with small round nuclei or cells, which are in part, and might be said in great part, due to increase of the connective tissue or to a cirrhotic process.

  14. An outer tough white coat, of connective tissue, is called the sclerotic coat.

  15. A nerve consists of a bundle of such tiny axons, bound together by connective tissue.

  16. Holding the cell bodies and fibers in place is a kind of connective tissue.

  17. Special nerve endings, called the tactile corpuscles, are found there, each inclosed in a sheath or capsule of connective tissue.

  18. A tough insensible cord, bundle, or band of fibrous connective tissue uniting a muscle with some other part; a sinew.

  19. Fibroid pneumonia is an inflammation of the interstitial connective tissue lying between the lobules of the lungs, and is very slow in its course, producing shrinking and atrophy of the lungs.

  20. A colorless corpuscle, as one of the white blood corpuscles, or those found in lymph, marrow of hone, connective tissue, etc.

  21. Virchow showed that the corpuscles of bone are homologous with those of connective tissue.

  22. The layer of loose tissue, often containing fat, immediately beneath the skin; the stronger layer of connective tissue covering and investing all muscles; an aponeurosis.

  23. It is found in all the secretions from mucous glands, and also between the fibers of connective tissue, as in tendons.

  24. Inflammation of the connective tissue about the c\'91cum.

  25. The membrane of fibrous connective tissue which closely invests all bones except at the articular surfaces.

  26. Longitudinal bands of plain muscle are very conspicuous in the connective tissue.

  27. The proboscis cavity extending the entire length of the organ is surrounded by a network of connective tissue supported by longitudinal bands of plain muscle.

  28. The connective tissue itself consists of fine strands loosely interwoven, but arranged in a definite manner.

  29. As the radial nerves leave the lantern they are quite evident in dissected specimens as they are close to the bony skeleton with very little connective or other tissues to obscure them.

  30. The connective tissue surrounding the proboscis cavity is of a peculiar arrangement.

  31. The protein is composed of connective tissue, which is a tough, fibrous substance that forms tendons, and holds the muscle-cells in place.

  32. The percentage of connective tissue in flesh depends upon the cut of the meat.

  33. The gelatin of commerce is a manufactured product derived from the connective tissue of animals.

  34. Chemically, connective tissue is formed of albuminoids, which were discussed in Lesson IV.

  35. Whether to replace the destroyed cells or as a result of the congestion there is also an increase in the connective tissue framework of the various organs.

  36. The connective that the writer should have used, of course, was and, or else none at all.

  37. A semicolon is used in compound sentences to separate independent clauses that have no connective between.

  38. Here is a notice made ludicrous because the reporter used a connective indicating a wrong relation between two clauses: |Mrs. Alpheus White is on the sick list this week.

  39. The "collagen," obtained from tendons and connective tissues, also occurs in the cornea and sclerotic coat of the eye, and in fish scales.

  40. The same Hebrew connective unites Exodus with Genesis, and Numbers with Leviticus.

  41. The reader of the English Bible will see that Leviticus immediately follows Exodus by the connective "and.

  42. The glandular structure of the testicles had disappeared; they were atrophied, little besides connective tissue remaining.

  43. The penis was not more than an inch in length and about the diameter of the little finger, and of the testicles there was apparently nothing left but a little connective tissue.

  44. These always choose enclosed organs, like the eye-ball, the lobes of the brain, the heart, or the connective tissue.

  45. You will notice that the connective words, such as prepositions and conjunctions are the last words the child begins to use.

  46. They are really connective words serving to connect the noun or adjective or phrase used in the predicate with the noun which they modify.

  47. But it is not until the child begins to reason that it begins to use connective words.

  48. You remember that in Lesson 3, where we studied the parts of speech, we found that we had another connective word besides the preposition,--the conjunction.

  49. The need of connective words does not come in any language until the language is quite well developed.

  50. Try to write a description of a scene and avoid the use of conjunctions and you will see what an important part these connective words play in our power of expression.

  51. It is an asserting word and also a connective word.

  52. There are just four classes of connective words: 1.

  53. In negative propositions this relation is connective on one side, disjunctive on the other.

  54. The statement that, in negative propositions, the relation is connective on one side, and disjunctive on the other, requires further notice.

  55. A connective relation to the major, and a disjunctive relation to the minor are impossible in negative syllogisms.

  56. In affirmative propositions this relation is connective on both sides, i.

  57. At the end of two weeks inject canal moderately with paraffin or vaseline to promote formation of connective tissue.

  58. The cellular tissue in the canal is to receive the injection of the operator and it will be his object to facilitate the diffusion of the various materials injected so that an extensive formation of connective tissue will be promoted.

  59. In this case the permanence of the cure will depend upon the amount of connective tissue formed.

  60. After diffusing the tissues of the canal or ring a pad and binder should be applied and the patient given two weeks interval to see if sufficient of the connective tissue has developed to close the canal.

  61. The reaction is in the nature of a distinct active hyperemic state and it is sufficient to cause the proliferation of connective tissue.

  62. Injections are not necessarily unphysiologic as the sufferer from a hernia has a physiologic deficiency which the paraffin accurately fills with normal connective tissue.

  63. The plug action of the injection is not alone to be considered for the operator is then likely to throw too much into the canal and with the development of the connective tissue the canal is unduly crowded.

  64. Practically in all instances such vegetations develop, and later become more or less organized into connective tissue.

  65. Iodid tends to prevent the progress of connective tissue formation.

  66. Although these little vegetations and excrescences sooner or later become mostly connective tissue, still fibrin and white blood cells may form thin layers over them, more or less permanent.

  67. It has long been considered that iodin would inhibit abnormal connective tissue growth.

  68. Histologically the disease is a connective tissue formation beginning first as a round-cell infiltration in the subendothelial layer of the intima.

  69. Induration; hardening; especially, that form of induration produced in an organ by increase of its interstitial connective tissue.

  70. It is made up of a connective tissue sheath inclosing the spermatic duct and accompanying vessels and nerves.

  71. Simple quittor consists in a local inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue on some part of the coronet, followed by a slough and the formation of an ulcer which heals by suppuration.

  72. This disease is a septic bacterial intoxication, acute and infectious in character, and is manifested by edematous swellings of the subcutaneous connective tissue, and hemorrhages on the mucous membrane and in the internal organs.

  73. Condamine and Drouilly) in the subcutaneous connective tissue, causing effusions of blood under the scurf skin and incrustations of dried blood on the surface.

  74. In the muscles the cells lie end to end, forming long fibers which have the power of contraction, and the connective tissue is in small quantity, serving the passive purpose of a band around the contractile elements.

  75. Whether the cell in an inflamed part is the white ameboid cell of the blood or the fixed connective tissue embedded in the fibers, it multiplies in the same way.

  76. The loose connective tissue beneath the skin was distended, with a gelatinous infiltration over the whole course of the flexor tendons and to the fetlock joint over the tendon in front.

  77. It is subject to various complications of the lymphatic glands, of the lungs, of the testicles, of the internal organs, and of the subcutaneous connective tissue.

  78. The walls of the air cells are of extreme thinness, consisting of delicate elastic and connective tissue, and lined inside by a single layer of thin epithelial cells.

  79. The muscle itself is made up of a number of these fasciculi bound together by a denser layer of connective tissue.

  80. The outer membrane, the dura mater, is much thicker and stronger than the others, and is composed of white fibrous and elastic connective tissue.

  81. Each strand or cord is surrounded and protected by its own sheath of connective tissue, made up of nerves.

  82. Gently tease apart some muscular fibers, noting that they are attached to each other by connective tissue.

  83. In like manner countless numbers of these lobules, bound together by connective tissue, are grouped after the same fashion to form by their aggregation the lobes of the lung.

  84. Gelatine is obtained from the animal parts of bones and connective tissue by prolonged boiling.

  85. Each muscle is enveloped in its own sheath of connective tissue, known as the fascia.

  86. Thus, a piece of meat when raw is tough and tenacious, but if cooked the fibers lose much of their toughness, while the connective tissues are changed into a soft and jelly-like mass.

  87. The ground-substance is in small amount in connective tissues proper, and is obscured by a mass of fibers.

  88. The iris consists of a framework of connective tissue, the surface of which is lined by cells containing pigment, which gives color to the eye.

  89. These fibers, in turn, are further bound together to form larger bundles called fasciculi, and these, too, are enclosed in a sheath of connective tissue.

  90. The third coat is the sub-mucous, made up of loose connective tissues, and binds the mucous to the muscular coat.

  91. A very delicate connective tissue, called the synovial membrane, lines the capsules of the joints, and covers the ligaments connected with them.

  92. Vitamin C also speeds up the healing of internal tissues and damaged connective tissue.

  93. To maintain basic fitness it does not matter so much what form of exercise is chosen, as long as it is not damaging to the skeletal system or connective tissues.

  94. In most cases this junction of the sphincters is marked by a line of condensed connective tissue.

  95. It is situated immediately above and partly within the deeper portion of the external sphincter, being separated from it by a layer of fatty connective tissue.

  96. The granular tissue is thus "smothered by the hypertrophy and fibrous transformation of the interstitial connective tissue" (Nocard).

  97. The interlobular connective tissue, normally scanty, becomes thickened, fibrous, and infiltrated by minute miliary granulations.

  98. Now this connective element is got rid of in the process of retting.

  99. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "connective" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.