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connectedly; connecting; connection; connections; connective; connectivity; connector; connectors; connects; conned
  1. Flowers: male oblong, obtuse, their 6 or 8 stamens with broadly ovate acute yellow connectives slightly erose on the margins: female not seen.

  2. Insignificant as they seem, connectives are the articulations of the skeleton of a composition, and unless they be flexible and delicately adjusted there is no possibility of freedom of movement in the whole.

  3. The words and phrases are identical in these two paragraphs, save for the slight alterations and changes of connectives made necessary by transposition; and yet the effect is distinctly different.

  4. This is impatiently inexact, it may be, but the modern tendency, especially in careless newspaper work, is to do away with connectives for the sake of securing briskness.

  5. Exercise 3 In the following sentences the connectives are in italics.

  6. Even co-ordinate conjunctions can scarcely be considered pure connectives unless it be the co-ordinate conjunction and.

  7. These were reckoned as three only by Theodectes and Aristotle and the philosophers of those times, who regarded nouns, verbs and connectives as the primary parts of speech.

  8. Page 73] from the connectives and the participles from the appellatives; while others introduced still further subdivisions, and so multiplied the primary parts of speech.

  9. The connectives so and yet may be used either as adverbs or as conjunctions, accordingly as the second clause is felt to be co-ordinate or subordinate; consequently either mark of punctuation may be justified.

  10. Many writers use it frequently as a substitute for and or but, either from a mere desire to vary the connective, or from uncertainty which of the two connectives is the more appropriate.

  11. Drew '01, who has also studied Nucula, believes that the lobes of the ganglion in Nucula are superficial and that the four connectives coming from the ganglion may be interpreted in another way.

  12. Reconstruction from serial sections of the cerebro-pleural mass nerves and connectives of Malletia faba.

  13. In section the pedal ganglion at one place seems to be made up of four parts which may correspond to four connectives from the cerebro-pleural although only one pair of connectives was clearly determined.

  14. The probable position of the connectives is shown and the proportionate distances between ganglia are given.

  15. Exercise: Insert within the parentheses all the connectives that might conceivably be used, and underscore the one which you consider to be most exact: 1.

  16. Connectives that accompany a parallel series should be repeated when clearness requires.

  17. In addition, relatives serve as connectives (the man who spoke), interrogatives ask questions (what man?

  18. Write twenty complex sentences whose clauses shall be joined by connectives of adjective clauses, and by connectives of adverb clauses of time, place, degree, and manner.

  19. Write twenty complex sentences whose clauses shall be joined by connectives of adverb clauses of real cause, evidence, purpose, condition, and concession, and by connectives of noun clauses.

  20. Study the lists above, and point out all the connectives in Lessons 80 and 81, telling which are relative pronouns, which are conjunctions proper, and which are conjunctive adverbs.

  21. Into what three classes are co-ordinate connectives subdivided?

  22. The pupils should he able to name the different groups, and some of the most common connectives of each group.

  23. Write twenty compound sentences whose clauses shall be joined by connectives named in the three subdivisions of co-ordinate connectives.

  24. The connectives of adverb clauses are subdivided into what classes?

  25. In analysis and parsing, we regard only the individual sentence and treat such connectives as introductory.

  26. In the fourth place, bind your argument together as a whole by connectives at the beginnings of the paragraphs and by brief summarizing paragraphs.

  27. In briefing the refutation always state first the assertion that is to be refuted, with such connectives as, "Although it is urged .

  28. Then use the explicit connectives in as much variety as you can.

  29. These connectives will vary with the nature of the assertion to be refuted; the important thing is to state the assertion so clearly that your critic can judge the relevancy and force of your refutation.

  30. Pronouns are the most effective connectives that we have; therefore recast your sentences so that there will be as little change of subject as possible.

  31. A cross connection between these connectives was not seen.

  32. Closely associated with the optic was the small oculomotor, and near the connectives the small second antennal.

  33. The connectives with the thoracic-abdominal ganglion were long and slender, with each its small ganglion a short distance from the brain.

  34. The most reliable test appears to be the nerve ganglia, which are more distinct from the intervening connectives than in other Annelids.

  35. In the latter, the segmentally arranged ganglia are more sharply marked off from the connectives than in other Chaetopods, where nerve cells exist along the whole ventral chain, though more numerous in segmentally disposed swellings.

  36. But, because they are not transitive, some of them become connectives to such words as are in the same case and signify the same thing.

  37. Connectives are words which unite words and sentences in construction.

  38. The third period, likewise, is a compound, having three parts, with the two connectives than and which.

  39. The use of connectives has been discussed when treating of emphasis secured by subdual of unimportant details.

  40. Proximity of related parts, parallel construction for parallel ideas, and connectives are the surest means of securing Coherence in a sentence.

  41. A series of words or a series of phrases, performing similar functions in a sentence, are separated from each other by commas, unless all the connectives are expressed.

  42. But, "shining and tall and fair and straight," because all the connectives are expressed.

  43. The tentorium separates the brain or supra-œsophageal ganglion from the sub-œsophageal, while the connectives traverse its central plate.

  44. The œsophagus passes between the connectives of the nerve-cord.

  45. Two long connectives issue from the top of the sub-œsophageal ganglion, and pass between the tentorium and the submentum on their way to the neck and thorax.

  46. The connectives consist almost entirely of nerve-fibres, which, as in Invertebrates generally, are non-medullated.

  47. The connectives to be used are: as, because, for, and since.

  48. These methods derive their names from the connectives that are used.

  49. Under the "therefore" method, the proof precedes the statement being established; the connectives are hence and therefore.

  50. Construct ten compound sentences in which no connectives are used, and the clauses are separated by semicolons.

  51. Sometimes this is called the and sentence or the so sentence, because these two connectives are so frequently used by inexperienced writers.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "connectives" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.