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Example sentences for "conned"

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  1. Well," she said impatiently, a flash of resentment in her fine eyes, "have you conned me over enough?

  2. Gameboy, drawing his breath, as he conned the matter hastily over.

  3. A composition is, as we know, not thoroughly conned by rote, until one attaches no meaning to the words.

  4. She conned him with a contemptuous curiosity, as he stood unnerved, trembling all through, before her.

  5. Montano stooping, elbow on knee, and rubbing his bristly chin, conned the speaker with sinister approval.

  6. She still conned him, with that frigid smile on her lips.

  7. Bell's mouth twitched at her words (I could just see his head and shoulders where he conned ship with a foot on the starboard rail and a hand in the shrouds of the mainmast), but he made no reply.

  8. Or, if she conned the daily task in vain, A word from Edmund made the lesson plain.

  9. One of that indomitable race on the gangway, one at the foremast, two at the wheel, conned and steered the great ship down on a hundred matchlocks, and a grinning broadside, just as they would have conned and steered her into a British harbor.

  10. Similar lists were on the wall over the oil-stove, and they were similarly conned while he was engaged in cooking or in washing the dishes.

  11. On the looking-glass were lists of definitions and pronunciations; when shaving, or dressing, or combing his hair, he conned these lists over.

  12. The doctor swiftly conned his list of cases.

  13. She prinked and preened herself just as industriously as she conned her morocco-bound books of devotion.

  14. The Major, holding the card almost at arm's length, conned it with a puzzled frown.

  15. Have you not been acquainted with goldsmiths' wives, and conned them out of rings?

  16. Thy speech of greeting was conned with much pains from the cold book of prior calculation, and so I answered you from a poet's play.

  17. Sam conned the farmer's wife into making coffee for the boys.

  18. Narvi conned the ship, working the verti-control expertly and the little craft whistled upward at a gentle speed.

  19. The ship was usually conned by Pennell and myself from the crow's-nest, and I took the ship very near one berg for Ponting to cinematograph it.

  20. Pennell conned the ship close under the cliffs and followed the boat along the coast.

  21. Whilst I conned the ship leadsmen sounded carefully, and I was able to work her close in to the coast near Cape Bird and avoid some heavy ice which we could never have forced.

  22. I see no more advertisement of it in Athenaeum and Academy--unless it appears in the last, which I have not conned over.

  23. Professor Norton had sent me his Carlyle-Emerson Correspondence, which we conned over together, and liked well on either side.

  24. Flattering, certainly," muttered Daly, as he conned over the lines to himself.

  25. Army lists were interrogated and conned over.

  26. The dark, keen eyes conned him more searchingly.

  27. She conned him searchingly, and the complete calm of him at such a time amazed her.

  28. As he stood there to don it, the little cunning eyes of the heavy father conned him in detail.

  29. Pantaloon's great countenance grew pale, his little eyes widened to their fullest extent as he conned the face of his companion.

  30. As Ralph conned the course of the plunging Fenique he likewise conned the problem of how to get rid of Conway Degger without inspiring in Lorna's breast a greater liking for the fellow than he believed she already sustained.

  31. That list of her perfections was given too readily not to have been conned over.

  32. His outward bearing was one of certainty, but his shrewd, slightly puckered eyes alternately conned the expression of his commander's face and watched the dog.

  33. He had conned his course and had it charted in his head.

  34. A sage stalked by, his ragged mantle bound About his brows; his eyes perused the ground; He conned the number of the cube and square Of the moon's orb; his horny feet and bare Trampled the lilies carpeting the stair.

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