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Example sentences for "connexions"

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connectors; connects; conned; connexion; connexional; conning; conniption; connivance; connive; connived
  1. The most noteworthy of these connexions are the Elbe Canal (14-1/4 m.

  2. On a larger scale several pencils are used to make the connexions between carbon blocks which form the end walls of the furnace, while the side walls are of fire-brick laid upon one another without mortar.

  3. He was not long there in forming acquaintances, and connexions with persons, whose advice and instruction were highly important to him, in the scenes in which he was destined to move.

  4. His connexions were of great respectability, his father and brothers being engaged in trade in the north of England of a similar character with that in which he had been concerned.

  5. The wretched young man was eventually transmitted to Sydney with other convicts; but here his fortune and the respectability of his connexions enabled him to obtain privileges not usually granted to persons in his situation.

  6. My apprentices have always been the sons of respectable persons, and have generally been the means of recommending each other, through their connexions with each other's families.

  7. It may be admitted, as an established fact, that no man who does not possess very considerable connexions can attempt to carry on the business of a "fence" with success.

  8. The town of Chautauqua is situated near the north end and is within easy reach by steamboat and electric car connexions with the main railways between the east and the west.

  9. If all the connexions are sound, the copper oxide is gradually heated from the end a, the gas-jets under the spiral d are lighted, and a slow current of oxygen is passed through the tube.

  10. The house connexions rapidly extended; and, in 1794, the Allgemeine Zeitung, of which Schiller was to be editor, was planned.

  11. He greatly extended the connexions of the firm by the purchase, in 1839, of the publishing business of G.

  12. I suspect Sir Gervais shrank from the unpleasant task of entering upon the low connexions of the family, and which, of course, gave me no manner of inconvenience.

  13. It was sustained by prejudices and feelings which grew without effort, and gained strength from the intimate connexions subsisting between a state and its citizens.

  14. Some difficulties arose on the subject of a boundary, but the principal obstacles to a peace were supposed to grow out of his personal interests, and his connexions with Spain.

  15. If e be an event, let us denote by q(e) the set of quantitative expressions defining its character including its connexions with the rest of nature.

  16. Thus connexions have been discovered between red as posited in sense-awareness and various other factors in nature.

  17. For each type 'situation' and 'ingression' have their own special meanings which are different from their meanings for other types, though connexions can be pointed out.

  18. There is however (in the current philosophy) a difference in the connexions of space with matter from those of time with matter, which I will proceed to explain.

  19. The discovery of these connexions constitutes the scientific explanation of our vision of colour.

  20. We may term these connexions of the component durations the 'extrinsic' properties of a moment; the 'intrinsic' properties of the moment are the properties of nature arrived at as a limit as we proceed along any one of its abstractive sets.

  21. This is a very useful concept in science especially in applied mathematics; but it is a very complex idea so far as concerns its connexions with the immediate facts of sense-awareness.

  22. We now pass to the investigation of possible connexions between abstractive sets.

  23. In connexion with this, I should mention that several parts were missing, including T-pieces for joints and connexions for burners.

  24. More "earths" (connexions by wire with the ground) were now put in from day to day, and on the 27th Sawyer noted an improvement.

  25. Another great evil arising out of the military system of levy, consists in the destruction of family connexions and ties.

  26. Mr. Temple said he was sure that all his relations and connexions would highly approve of an alliance with the Percy family.

  27. It is essential that certain reports respecting her accomplishments and connexions should have had time to circulate properly.

  28. In the mean time," said Alfred, "you have relations and connexions of your own who should be consulted.

  29. Yet during his long residence in Calais, the liberality of his own connexions in England enabled him to show a good face to poverty.

  30. Brummell's own account of this origin of his court connexions is, that when a boy at Eton he had been presented to the Prince, and that his subsequent intimacy grew out of the Prince's notice on that occasion.

  31. Her conduct is also highly honourable to the independence of her mind, for all her associations and connexions would lead to a different result.

  32. It is held that in the Miocene and Pliocene periods there were land connexions with the Philippines, Java and the Moluccas, and through the last with Australasian lands to the east and south-east.

  33. My connexions could not fail to make it succeed.

  34. With her connexions and education, I can have no objection to her as a companion to your cousins, and with a few advantages, though she will never be handsome, she might marry well.

  35. Dryden thus had connexions both on his father's and mother's side with that party, by deriding, defaming, and opposing which he afterwards gained much of his poetical glory.

  36. Ever in dread of assassins and conspirators, vexed by family-broils, his nearest connexions hostile to his views, without solace from public care, or sympathy in private distress.

  37. It was with a further view of securing this prize that Monthault visited the dying Lady Bellingham, to whom their party-connexions gave him free access.

  38. St. Paul's more immediate family connexions have also some light thrown upon them in the New Testament.

  39. In all probability Barnabas may have resorted to the Jewish schools of Tarsus, or may have had some other connexions with the Jewish colony of that city.

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