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Example sentences for "ghouls"

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ghostliness; ghostly; ghosts; ghoul; ghoulish; ghyll; giace; gialitis; giallo
  1. Now witness the effects of the grand illumination of the Cave of the King of Ice by us, his two ghouls of a thousand winters!

  2. Let us frighten those ghouls down there by rolling down boulders," said Rory.

  3. A number of ghouls had found a lot of fine groceries, among them a barrel of brandy, with which they were fairly stuffing themselves.

  4. Last night we arrested several ghouls that were wandering amid the wreck on evil intent, and they were promptly taken to the guard house.

  5. There were ghouls who robbed the bodies of the victims, stripping off their jewels--even cutting off fingers to obtain rings, and plundering pockets of their money.

  6. Rashîd made matters worse by dwelling on the risks we ran not only from abandoned men but ghouls and jinnis.

  7. The lugubrious call of a hyæna in the distance moved him to remark that ghouls assume that shape at night to murder travellers.

  8. We are told that a few of these ghouls were summarily dealt with; and under the circumstances the most conservative find it hard to condemn the grief-crazed men.

  9. Ghouls were quick to enter, snatching from the living, robbing the bodies of the dead.

  10. Mid stillness vaster than the tomb, Made equal with the ghouls who lurk On battlements where witches ease Their minds as rubic censers fume, A Fiend bubbles in ruddy bloom As turgid dyes the night-dwales shirk.

  11. Come from a dank and sunken womb All stranded ghouls on keels and decks Where Cyclops fought as Vellum told In cyphers bright, sprung from each flame, Make hideous eyes at the night.

  12. When beacons urticate each eye, Noctivagous ghouls haste to stroke Each goblin shank of hoary sage.

  13. To lie in vaults and chambers cold 'Mid tombs that ghouls in hatred wrought!

  14. Where restless hawks and chainless ghouls Blink bleary orbs at dust and stone; And glozing night-gnomes love the sight That geysers toss upon their crest, Feal afrites bathe in a pool And wash each harlot's bloody bone.

  15. Only by the caps could one be distinguished from the other, for the ghouls of the battlefield had already been there to strip, rob, and plunder.

  16. The ghouls of the battlefield are now at their wanton work.

  17. A terrible and revolting picture of the superstitious belief in ghouls which violate Christian tombs is given by Leo Allatius (who held it) in his tract De opinionibus quorundam Graecorum (Paris, 1646).

  18. Lastly, a primitive interment guards against the double risk of the ghost haunting the living and of ghouls or vampires taking possession of the corpse.

  19. The ghouls were too quick for us, however, and they ran away at a break-neck speed which we did not dare to imitate.

  20. Lucille spoke with a weird earnestness, and a far-away look in her eyes, as if she actually realized the presence of ghouls and goblins.

  21. The light of the lantern feebly glimmered in one direction, and the body-snatchers flitted about like restless ghouls preparing for a horrible banquet.

  22. And the first election for these officers may take place as soon as seven ghouls have been initiated for that purpose.

  23. The Grand Magi and the Grand Monk of Dens shall be elected annually by the Ghouls of Dens; and the first election for these officers may take place as soon as ten Ghouls have been initiated for the formation of a Den.

  24. Private members--Ghouls they were called--could have told more thrilling stories.

  25. He then turned to look for Mahbracca, and perceived her standing at some distance, surrounded by a crowd of ghouls and demons, who seemed to be greatly enjoying the scene.

  26. Scattered about over the blackish sward were many groups of ghouls and variously colored demons, some playing pitch-penny with ancient coins, and others lying asleep on the ground.

  27. The place smelt like a burial vault, and against the walls on each side, rows of ghouls sat on the floor, their knees drawn up to their chins.

  28. The Oriental wizards occasionally need the assistance of a magic candle, in their groping amid ancient tombs--a candle which burns with a fuming stench so foul, that hungry ghouls flee dismayedly away.

  29. These ghouls thy children are: nor these alone, O bounteous mother, hail thee as their own!

  30. And ghouls in hundreds every year stalk forth, To testify to all what thou art worth!

  31. As soon as it was possible to land, ghouls began to rob the bodies of the victims.

  32. Ghouls stripped the dead bodies of jewelry and articles of value.

  33. Ghouls either remain in spirit form or steal the bodies of living beings--living beings only--either human or animal.

  34. They were by now accustomed to the gloom, the dilated pupils taking in pictures of vague forms moving like ghouls in the shadows.

  35. Among the barbarians of the Mosquito Coast, we find, of course, a much lower order of belief, and one which calls to mind the ghouls and ghosts of Californian mythology.

  36. He, in turn, became the victim of the ghouls who urged him to this act of destruction.

  37. We lost it in Zingara, but we found your helmet in the forest below the border hills, where you had fought with the ghouls of the forests.

  38. There were panthers in the wood--or--ghouls ate beasts as well as men.

  39. Some of the Ghouls were arrested by the military authorities, but were released.

  40. Are we willingly carrying fuel for our own funeral pyres, there to be consumed by the greedy and relentless ghouls of Catholicism?

  41. The Arab superstition recorded by Al Masudi, that ghouls have asses' feet, may have some share in the notion, for in the East ghouls are still alive and have a natural history of their own.

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