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  1. The time of cooking given in the table means that the cereal is eatable after the shorter time mentioned, but is better if cooked the longer time.

  2. Cereal, as oatmeal, gruel; cereal water, as barley water.

  3. The most economical desserts and those best suited to the children are baked puddings made with milk and cereal, such as Indian pudding, rice pudding, and those made with cereal and fruit, such as Apple Betty or peach tapioca.

  4. Put the cereal in a deep saucer or small bowl, cover with a plate or saucer and rest on another plate.

  5. She is charged with the care and use of cereal foodstuffs all the way from corn on the cob to flap-jacks and "sinkers," and the cooking outfit and kitchen fire.

  6. Here, under State and Federal supervision, experiments are conducted in fruit production, dry land farming, and the raising of forage and cereal crops.

  7. In production of grain seeds and cereal crops, respectively, the United States Department of Agriculture ranks North Dakota third and seventh.

  8. This cereal has been grown with success at Fort Simpson for many years.

  9. Barley, which is the only cereal grown, is sown about May 20, and is usually ripe by September 20.

  10. A few stalks of Indian corn were also growing, though it is improbable that this cereal would ripen in this district.

  11. Margaret's father said he could not possibly manage without potatoes for breakfast, so sometimes Margaret let Bridget cook the cereal and meat, while she made something nice out of the cold potatoes she found in the cupboard.

  12. When you are to use a cereal made of oats or wheat, always begin to cook it the night before, even if it says on the package that it is not necessary.

  13. Margaret's mother used to have no cereal at breakfast sometimes, and have these croquettes as a last course instead, and every one liked them very much.

  14. The reduction of the cereal ration could not be avoided.

  15. From all sides came telegrams and messages to say that it was impossible to get the calories of nourishment necessary for a fighting man from the daily cereal ration, fixed at six hundred grammes of meal.

  16. It would not, however, be entirely safe to confine any kind of sheep to the straw of the cereal grains, unless it were some of those little hardy varieties of animals which would be of no use in this country.

  17. Riots resulted, and rice-merchants fearing to make purchases, the market price of the cereal fell again, so that farmers and samurai alike were plunged into their old difficulties.

  18. It is related that the osadame-soba was operative in name only, and that the merchants secretly dealt in the cereal at much lower prices than those officially fixed.

  19. Cereal Foods: Rice, wheat, oats, barley, are good when properly combined with fruits and vegetables and with dairy products.

  20. To those of our patients who desire a drink, we serve milk, buttermilk or cereal coffee.

  21. The chief religious sin of which the Tarahumare is conscious is that he has not danced enough and not made enough tesvino, his cereal intoxicant.

  22. Cereal crops for domestic use and exportable items, such as tobacco, fruits, and vegetables, most important.

  23. The chief risk of loss of nitrates is in connection with a cereal crop such as wheat.

  24. In common practice the manure used for the bean crop is farmyard manure, applied to the soil in autumn after the harvest of the wheat, barley, or other cereal crop grown.

  25. Experiments on cereal grains by Wollny show that not merely is the texture of the grain influenced, but that much moisture lessens the percentage of nitrogen.

  26. Of cereal crops barley deserves to be considered first, owing to the fact that it is, of all grain crops, the most widely distributed.

  27. We shall now consider individually a few of the more important cereal crops.

  28. Rice, sago, macaroni, or any cereal may be used as thickening; the amounts required being found under the different headings.

  29. It has been reported that the stems of grasses and cereal plants become stiffer in the presence of ample calcium, but this may be due to greater turgidity rather than to strengthened cell-walls.

  30. But large numbers of analyses have failed to show any direct correlation between the stiffness of straw of cereal plants and the percentage of silicon which they contain.

  31. The grains of the cereal crops become shrunken as a result of potassium starvation; and are plump and well filled with starch in the endosperm when sufficient potassium is available for the crop's needs.

  32. Inordinate production of straw in cereal crops and of leaves in root crops often results from liberal supplies of available nitrogen in the soil early in the growing season.

  33. Among the elements whose physiological effects upon higher plants, such as the cereal crops, etc.

  34. A considerable portion is occupied by orchards and vineyards, but the greater part is devoted to cereal crops.

  35. The next zone, which may be called that of the oak and beech, and cereal produce, extends from the limit above mentioned to the forty-eighth parallel.

  36. Barley is the only cereal that comes to maturity; turnips and potatoes thrive well.

  37. Having eaten breakfast, whether hot cereal or an alternative, we would often fall upon the task of washing and drying the morning dishes.

  38. Perhaps it would not have been so humorous if the cereal did not have such a nasty appearance, which in itself would seem to ward off any potential consumer.

  39. Moreover, hot cereal had quite a lengthy history between Norm and me.

  40. Although hot cereal had a personality all its own, sporting a slightly different appearance each day, certain mornings, it just didn't have the eye appeal to start the taste buds rolling.

  41. Because several hours had passed between Mom's preparation of the cereal and our reheating of the same, it usually molded itself into a solid bulk shaped exactly to the pan's dimensions.

  42. Since the family had recently acquired a microwave oven, the machine allowed a quick and thorough heating of the cereal if one simply transferred the contents of the pan into stoneware bowls.

  43. Further, so much of the cereal growing being in the hands of "colonists," too often anything but expert farmers, the yield is by no means what it would be if the farming were in more skilled hands.

  44. All cereal crops take from the soil mineral matter and nitrogen.

  45. Little attention is paid to methods of cultivation, and the farmer has no resources to help him if the cereal crops fail.

  46. As I have already observed, there were a great variety of the cereal grasses about Flood's Creek, but they merely occupied a small belt on either side of it.

  47. Although, as I have observed, the heat was now very great, the cereal grasses had not yet ripened their seed, and several kinds had not even developed the flower.

  48. Strawberries and cream and cereal and milk and eggs and toast and hashed brown potatoes--the hot things all on silver dishes and covered with big silver covers to keep them nice and hot while the fruit and cereal were being eaten.

  49. And as she talked she ate and ate--till all the fresh strawberries and all the egg and potatoes and coffee cake and milk and cereal that Cousin Louise had carried upstairs on the tray had vanished.

  50. No, indeed; I put on the things to heat, such as the cooked cereal out of the tireless stove; or I start the corn-meal mush in the kettle and put the muffins in the oven.

  51. The days we do not have fruit we often have cereal first; not always, mind, for we tire of it.

  52. In the morning they had first a pretty form of this cereal surrounded by red raspberries or sliced peaches, with sugar and cream; this, with toast and hot coffee, was all they wished for.

  53. Remove with a broad-bladed knife to cereal dishes.

  54. LAKE AND MYERS: The dietary deficiency of cereal foods with reference to their content in antineuritic vitamine.

  55. The cereal combinations are so constituted that all deficiencies of salts are covered and the proportions of the cereal are so selected as to provide the right proportions of protein, fat and carbohydrate.

  56. The value of the proteins of the cereal grains and milk for growth in the pig and the influence of the plane of protein intake on growth.

  57. McCollum's cereal testing combinations are illustrative of such methods applied to cereals.

  58. A good vitamine-rich cereal combination would form an excellent adjuvant to infant dietaries after they reach the age of tolerance to such a diet.

  59. On the twenty-first day the cereal was reduced from three times a day to twice a day.

  60. This worker has paid especial attention to the deficiencies of the cereal grains and in particular to their salt deficiencies.

  61. ADULT DIETS A study of the dietary habits of various sections of the United States shows that there is a very general tendency on the part of the majority of the people to confine their foods to a meat, potato, and cereal diet.

  62. In the absence of fruits or other high potency sources it is possible to develop this factor in cereal grains by the simple expediency of sprouting.

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