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  1. Among the laborers must also be included the families living on the rice and cane plantations, who work for cash wages but receive houses and such perquisites as do other tenants and whose permanence is more assured than an ordinary day hand.

  2. Wages vary according to the season, being much larger during autumn when the cane is being ground.

  3. The Alluvial Lands, which may be subdivided into the cotton and cane districts.

  4. For this or other reasons there has been quite an exodus to the cotton country in recent years, which has caused the cane planters much trouble and they will make many concessions to keep their tenants.

  5. South of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the alluvial district is largely given over to the growing of sugar cane with occasional fields of rice.

  6. Higher wages were offered if some cane were cut by the ton instead of by the day, but after a week the hands asked to return to the gang at the lower wage.

  7. In the rice fields along the river about the same wages prevail as for the field hands in the cane plantations.

  8. Going west from Alabama we cross the oak and hickory lands of Central Mississippi, which are separated from the alluvial district by the cane hills and yellow loam table lands.

  9. Molasses from cane or sorghum is added to the fat, making what is known as 'sap,' which is eaten with the corn bread.

  10. It is in effect a machete (a sugar cane chopping knife), shortened and made heavier.

  11. Again the message was taken, and this time it seemed as if Annabel, the gipsy, was not warm enough, for she gathered up her loops of cane and brought the chair she was mending a little way into the hall-kitchen itself.

  12. They brought her the old chairs; she seated herself on a box in the porch; and there she wove the strips of cane in and out, securing each one with a little wooden peg and a tap of her hammer.

  13. A current of cane juice was flowing from the mill in a long trunk to a vat in which it was clarified with lime; it was then made to pass successively from one seething cauldron to another, as it obtained a thicker consistence by boiling.

  14. As we approached Matanzas, we saw more extensive tracts of cane clothing the broad slopes with their dense blades, as if the coarse sedge of a river had been transplanted to the uplands.

  15. The broad fields below were waving with cane and maize, and cottages of the monteros were scattered among them, each with its tuft of bamboos and its little grove of plantains.

  16. The sugar cane is also planted, and quantities of sugar and molasses are often made sufficient to supply the plantations on which it is cultivated.

  17. The hammocks are chosen for plantations; here the cane is cultivated, and groves of the sweet orange planted.

  18. As soon as I got out of sight, I slipped the ring into my pocket, and walking rapidly to the Worcester depot I left the cane in charge of the baggage-master 'until called for.

  19. We have known a girl to spend a month's wages for a single article of this kind, and a young man to run in debt for a cane when he had scarcely clothing enough to appear respectable.

  20. The commotion startled a cane rat which was stealing down the path so that it bolted for the nearest cover with a loud patter of feet, heading straight for the Jaguar, of whose presence it was unaware.

  21. On her second food-hunt since the arrival of Warruk, the cub, Suma essayed to visit the margin of the swollen, raging river where the fat capybaras lived in the dense cane brakes.

  22. In the all but impenetrable cane thicket lay at least a measure of safety.

  23. A stout lame man, having the look of a Southern war veteran, stopped on his cane in the middle of the road, looked around carefully at the outlying country and the shadows, then took a calculating glance at the heavens.

  24. Our captain marched ahead of the second section, swinging a cane and contentedly puffing on his pipe.

  25. He leaned on his cane again and began dotting his way slowly and heavily through the dust toward the hotel.

  26. Mr. Cape was a very severe master, and he used the cane very freely; but to a boy who had lived under the tyranny of my father Mr. Cape's severity seemed a light affliction.

  27. Any failure of memory would cause him to dart a severe look at the delinquent, a false quantity made him scowl, and when he suspected real carelessness the cane was resorted to at once.

  28. The veranda, with its green blinds of cane hanging down, and its matting on the floor, and its easy-chairs and tables, made a pretty room to look at.

  29. A few days later the patient, able to sit for a while in the shade of the veranda, was lying in a long cane chair.

  30. I, scratching my feeble little cane into the earth, "is she that?

  31. Then," said I, grasping hard on my cane with my feeble hand, "as God wills!

  32. I dressed rather hurriedly in my working clothes, went inside, and spread myself dramatically on the old cane lounge and covered my face with my oldest hat, to show that it was comic and I took it that way.

  33. They shape curious figures in soft clay and clothe them with variegated petals, or build stiff porches of cane and cover them with green and purple Canna-leaves.

  34. The constable's arm struck the cane violently and it flew up and landed him in the eye.

  35. I gave my daughter two taps with a cane in a private house, for interfering with me for taking my wife home-- MAYOR.

  36. Is it your impression that the cane inflicted the injury?

  37. I am an individualist," he declared, strutting up and down and swinging the cane about.

  38. He wore a heavy black braided watch chain and carried a cane and he had a wife who after marriage had studied medicine and with whom he did not live.

  39. The skilled Grape-grower can tell by the looks of his cane (as he prunes it in winter) which buds will give rise to the Grape-producing wood the following season.

  40. If a cane is cut back to 2 or 3 buds, the stub-like part which remains is called a spur.

  41. The second year one cane should be cut back to the same number of eyes as the first year.

  42. The larger and stronger buds usually give best results; but if the cane itself is very big and stout, or if it is very weak and slender, he does not expect good results from any of its buds.

  43. A hard, well-ripened cane the diameter of a man's little finger is the ideal size.

  44. The black varieties are propagated by layers, the tip of a cane being laid in the soil in midsummer; by fall the tip will have taken root and may be separated.

  45. If a very vigorous growth has been made the first season two canes may be left for fruiting, but in the case of weak growth, only one cane should be allowed to fruit.

  46. To illustrate: A growing shoot, or cane of 1899, makes buds.

  47. At that moment a new sound cane on the air.

  48. They were by no means marksmen, but the hut was large and built of cane and branch work.

  49. The door was shut, and he fancied there was a sentry on guard outside it, but from where he sat he could look out through an unglazed window across the tall green cane towards the wooded ridge that shut the plantation in.

  50. The drum-major hurled his enormous cane with its large silver head into the air, and the soul-stirring notes of the "Marseillaise" resounded through the spacious street.

  51. He laughed and waved his cane towards the company with an ironic sense of his inappropriateness to an American domestic scene.

  52. He carried a thin cane and balanced a cigarette between his lips.

  53. Sugar cane is grown; fruits flourish; the staple products, however, are the natural woods of the colony.

  54. At the end of this time the cane appeared once more, and on this occasion I found that the linen bundle contained no less than forty crowns of Spanish gold, with a paper written in Arabic, at the top of which was a great cross.

  55. Soon the cane was let down from the window once more.

  56. But just as he came to it, the cane was drawn up and shaken to and fro sideways, as if in denial.

  57. The chief clerk listened attentively, his cane across his knees, his lean face serious.

  58. He put on his hat and he took his cane in his hand and as he started down the street he sought to put smartness and springiness into his gait.

  59. He walked downtown to the business district, always alone, a shy and unimpressive figure, and sat brooding and aloof in one of the tilted-back cane chairs under the portico of the old Richland House, facing the river.

  60. Switching his cane at the weed tops with strokes which he strove to make casual, he stopped to watch them, a half smile of approbation on his face.

  61. Back strutted the pompous, stained-glass, pitiful imitation of an Englishman, in a louder suit than ever, and with a big new cane that made the old one look flimsy.

  62. Jonas raised his cane and brought it down smartly on the young gardener's shoulder.

  63. Vainly he strove to keep his equilibrium, his arms waving wildly, and his gold-headed cane falling to the sidewalk.

  64. The great old fools of antiquity, as I used to call them; and then he would cane me, and laugh too, till he could not cane me for laughing.

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