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Example sentences for "chastise"

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chasteneth; chastening; chastens; chaster; chastest; chastised; chastisement; chastisements; chastiser; chastises
  1. He rejoined with increased insolence, drawing back, as he spoke, towards the ambuscade, while the incensed commander advanced to chastise him.

  2. And he warned them not to molest the Indian allies of the French, telling them, sharply, that he would chastise them for the least infraction of the peace.

  3. They were no longer confident about France's ability to chastise the arrogance of the King of Prussia.

  4. Captain Percy was dispatched with a party to chastise the Paspaheghs, for some depredations; they fled before the English, who burnt their cabins, captured their queen and her children, and shortly after barbarously slew them.

  5. Zobeide, the better to put her design in execution, has availed herself of the absence of the caliph, who went lately to put himself at the head of his troops, to chastise some neighbouring kings, who have formed a league of rebellion.

  6. I will chastise him myself as he deserves, if you do not, when he comes back.

  7. Do you not think the first person I should speak to would take me for a mad woman, and chastise me as I should deserve?

  8. According to Muhammedan law, a husband may chastise an obstinate wife, but he must not cause her great suffering, nor inflict on her a wound.

  9. The husband's right to chastise his wife, pp.

  10. According to the Jydske Lov, a husband was allowed to chastise his wife with a stick or rod, though not with a weapon; but he had to take care not to break any limb of her body.

  11. In Dahomey "the husband may not chastise or interfere with his wife whilst the fetish is 'upon' her, and even at other times the use of the rod might be dangerous.

  12. Among the Banaka and Bapuku in the Cameroons the master may chastise or send away a slave who has behaved badly, but is not allowed to sell him.

  13. Among the Ondonga a man is not allowed to chastise his wife.

  14. I will chastise him therefore and release him.

  15. But I chastise my body and bring it into subjection: lest perhaps, when I have preached to others, I myself should become a castaway.

  16. I will chastise him therefore and let him go.

  17. Only, when he makes this unfortunate Chronicle reflect suspicion on the other works of Cassiodorus, and especially on the Gothic History[38], the German scholar seems to me to chastise the busy Minister more harshly than he deserves.

  18. Then, in her fury and distress, Eve remembered that she was the mother, and that it was for her to chastise that unworthy daughter.

  19. However, he repeated that he would chastise his insulters, and that a statement of the truth would suffice for the purpose.

  20. Colonel Sevier served in the expedition under Colonel Christian to chastise the Indians for their numerous murders and depredations.

  21. It is probable that the negro was insolent, which the mate thought proper to chastise by throwing staves at the Krooman's head.

  22. The slaver of Gallinas then proceeded to comment upon my Quixotic expedition; and, in gentle terms, intimated a decided censure for my immature attempt to chastise the negroes.

  23. On several occasions, during our subsequent intimacy, I knew him to chastise with rods, even to the brink of death, servants who ventured to infringe the sacred limits of his seraglio.

  24. Here, with the exception of the distant Shawanoe settlements, they were all within reach of his hand, and he could readily chastise the first attempt at deceit or evasion.

  25. As I have no sort of dependence on the Assembly of Pennsylvania, I have taken such measures as will fully enable me to chastise any nation or tribe of Indians that dare to commit hostilities on his Majesty's subjects.

  26. Bouquet turned a deaf ear to their advice, and sent them to inform the Delawares and Shawanoes that he was on his way to chastise them for their perfidy and cruelty, unless they should save themselves by an ample and speedy atonement.

  27. Even in old days, you will admit, when Athens was mistress of the sea, our state was not powerless to benefit friends or chastise enemies.

  28. He resolved to chastise as well as to repulse the insolent barbarians who had dared to invade the territories of Rome.

  29. To chastise the insolent, or to plunder the defenceless, were alike causes of war.

  30. To chastise domestic tyrants, and to reunite the dismembered parts of the empire, was a task reserved for the second of those warlike emperors.

  31. The centurions were authorized to chastise with blows, the generals had a right to punish with death; and it was an inflexible maxim of Roman discipline, that a good soldier should dread his officers far more than the enemy.

  32. I fear that the Lord will chastise me at the time of my dear wife's confinement.

  33. May this my experience be a warning to believing readers, that the Lord may not need to chastise them, on account of their state of heart!

  34. Dominic wore a light iron cuirass, which he never put off except to chastise himself.

  35. You know I have always studied to live according to your direction; and if from ignorance or infirmity I have in any point failed, I have taken pains to chastise and amend my fault according to the decision of your will.

  36. He would not allow his officers to chastise this free speech, but answered, "Too true!

  37. In his latter days Constantine had to chastise the pride of the Goths, then led by Alaric, and spreading terror and desolation.

  38. If only those who were assembled in Lima were really loyal, they would suffice to chastise Gonzalo Pizarro and the traitors who had joined him.

  39. That the coming of the Viceroy, as I have already said many times, was a scourge of God, sent to chastise this kingdom for its sins.

  40. He said moreouer, that he would chastise others also, and vsed so euil sounding speeches, that honestie forbiddeth me to repeat them.

  41. While our regiment was stationed at Baton Rouge, the bushwhackers became so bold and aggressive that it was decided to chastise them.

  42. Shortly after this incident, two of our generals, Lucas and Franklin, decided to chastise the Confederate Generals, Green and Motaw who had a large force in the vicinity.

  43. The righteous Kshatriya, mindful of his duties, should chastise a Brahmana that may be a very master of the Vedas if he rushes to battle with an uplifted weapon.

  44. Like kings, O Janaka, all men in their own houses chastise and reward.

  45. The king should honour the righteous and chastise the unrighteous.

  46. If a king fails to chastise unrighteousness, the gods desert his mansion and he incurs obloquy among men.

  47. I bow to them and blessed be they that thus lay down their lives in seeking to chastise the enemies of Brahmanas.

  48. The life of a mendicant is equally fraught with the same (for mendicants also reward and chastise those they can).

  49. He replied that he meant to go in search of this clown and chastise him for such iniquitous conduct, and see Andres paid to the last maravedi, despite and in the teeth of all the clowns in the world.

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